Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Perquimans County, North Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bailey, Sarah  Abt 1708Perquimans County, North Carolina I105249
2 Layden, Francis  Bef 1698Perquimans County, North Carolina I105260
3 Snowden, George  24 Jan 1717Perquimans County, North Carolina I105257
4 Snowden, John  29 Jul 1707Perquimans County, North Carolina I105246
5 Snowden, Joseph  7 Dec 1703Perquimans County, North Carolina I105258
6 Snowden, Lemuel  26 Feb 1727Perquimans County, North Carolina I105259
7 Snowden, Rebecca  22 Nov 1706Perquimans County, North Carolina I105254
8 Snowden, Samuel  6 Feb 1721Perquimans County, North Carolina I105242
9 Snowden, Soloman  26 Aug 1724Perquimans County, North Carolina I105245
10 Snowden, Thomas  18 Apr 1711Perquimans County, North Carolina I105256
11 Snowden, William  24 Dec 1713Perquimans County, North Carolina I105248
12 Stiball, Constance  1687Perquimans County, North Carolina I105244
13 Swann, Elizabeth  26 Jun 1699Perquimans County, North Carolina I86838


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Fendall, Josias  4 Nov 1692Perquimans County, North Carolina I2491
2 Fendall, Robert  Perquimans County, North Carolina I2707
3 Gooch, Mary  4 Sep 1691Perquimans County, North Carolina I30561
4 Hassold, Thomas  Bef 13 Jan 1697Perquimans County, North Carolina I105253
5 Mercer, Thomazin  Abt 1728Perquimans County, North Carolina I105255
6 Perkins, Elizabeth  Aft 1694Perquimans County, North Carolina I105252
7 Snowden, George  Bef 15 Oct 1743Perquimans County, North Carolina I105257
8 Snowden, John  Aft 1740Perquimans County, North Carolina I105246
9 Snowden, Joseph  Jan 1740Perquimans County, North Carolina I105258
10 Snowden, Soloman  7 Jul 1758Perquimans County, North Carolina I105245
11 Stiball, Constance  Bef Jul 1705Perquimans County, North Carolina I105244
12 Swann, Samuel  14 Sep 1707Perquimans County, North Carolina I51711


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Hanby / Attaway  1 Jul 1688Perquimans County, North Carolina F18564
2 Hassold / Perkins  Bef 1694Perquimans County, North Carolina F46408
3 Layden / Wilson  Bef 1721Perquimans County, North Carolina F46404
4 Snowden / Bailey  Abt 1724Perquimans County, North Carolina F46400
5 Snowden / Holloway  Perquimans County, North Carolina F46405
6 Snowden / Mercer  18 Jul 1705Perquimans County, North Carolina F46401
7 Snowden / Stiball  Bef 11 Apr 1704Perquimans County, North Carolina F46402
8 Snowden / Wilson  Abt 1729Perquimans County, North Carolina F46403
9 Swann / Lillington  19 May 1698Perquimans County, North Carolina F29905