Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Madison County, Kentucky



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Howard, Eleanor  30 Jan 1792Madison County, Kentucky I1004
2 Payne, George M.  Abt 1806Madison County, Kentucky I133821


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Askin, Grace  14 Aug 1876Madison County, Kentucky I38321
2 Barnett, Sarah  1797Madison County, Kentucky I123511
3 Broaddus, Andrew  24 Dec 1872Madison County, Kentucky I38320
4 Broaddus, John  1799Madison County, Kentucky I38309
5 Browning, Sarah  1824Madison County, Kentucky I38853
6 Bruce, John  Aft 1791Madison County, Kentucky I62309
7 Burrus, Sarah  15 Dec 1830Madison County, Kentucky I62714
8 Catlett, Nancy  Madison County, Kentucky I43813
9 Covington, Robert  10 Aug 1847Madison County, Kentucky I121331
10 Duncan, Mary  Abt 1841Madison County, Kentucky I134844
11 Estill, Mary 'Nancy'  Aft 1805Madison County, Kentucky I38312
12 Field, Daniel  1830Madison County, Kentucky I135019
13 Fowler, Jeremiah  Between 1792 and 1804Madison County, Kentucky I13035
14 Gholston, Lucy  5 May 1795Madison County, Kentucky I35675
15 Hawkins, Joseph  Between 1803 and 1805Madison County, Kentucky I40720
16 Holloday, Sarah  1822Madison County, Kentucky I135960
17 Howard, Benjamin  15 Apr 1835Madison County, Kentucky I10461
18 Howard, Joseph  Aft 1833Madison County, Kentucky I100878
19 Hume, Charles  7 Apr 1821Madison County, Kentucky I38743
20 Isaac, Drusilla  Aft 1800Madison County, Kentucky I15276
21 James, Hannah  15 May 1815Madison County, Kentucky I38740
22 Kidwell, John  1835Madison County, Kentucky I54097
23 Lanham, Thomas  1840Madison County, Kentucky I108617
24 Lewis, Sarah  7 Jul 1867Madison County, Kentucky I43674
25 Marshall, Mary  1820Madison County, Kentucky I5009
26 Naylor, George  Aft 23 Nov 1836Madison County, Kentucky I65672
27 Newcombe, Jane  Aft 1793Madison County, Kentucky I65674
28 O'Rear, Jeremiah  Dec 1798Madison County, Kentucky I43595
29 Owsley, Thomas  1 Nov 1796Madison County, Kentucky I27139
30 Powell, William  Aft 1810Madison County, Kentucky I37542
31 Sampson, Rhoda  28 Apr 1855Madison County, Kentucky I125956
32 Sappington, John  5 Oct 1790Madison County, Kentucky I101546
33 Simpson, Elizabeth  1813Madison County, Kentucky I8142
34 Stapp, James  4 Nov 1794Madison County, Kentucky I35679
35 Swink, Mary  14 Jan 1835Madison County, Kentucky I54101
36 Tinsley, Sarah  Feb 1825Madison County, Kentucky I135994
37 Trible, Andrew Rev.  22 Dec 1822Madison County, Kentucky I115963
38 Turner, Rebecca  11 Nov 1837Madison County, Kentucky I12446
39 Vernon, Mary  Feb 1825Madison County, Kentucky I124918
40 Walker, James  Aft 1805Madison County, Kentucky I38313
41 Watts, John  4 Feb 1796Madison County, Kentucky I123500
42 Yager, Elizabeth MNU  Bef 1800Madison County, Kentucky I135967


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Black / Howard  13 Oct 1812Madison County, Kentucky F134
2 Broaddus / Askin  8 Apr 1819Madison County, Kentucky F24211
3 Howard / Turner  1792Madison County, Kentucky F616
4 Stephens / Glackin  12 Dec 1810Madison County, Kentucky F10362
5 Stephens / Glackin  23 Dec 1810Madison County, Kentucky F10363
6 Walker / Estill  27 Jan 1798Madison County, Kentucky F24207