Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

London, Middlesex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Asbury, Francis  Abt 1630London, Middlesex, England I025827
2 Boulware, James  1643London, Middlesex, England I068530
3 Buckerfield, Henry  Aug 1658London, Middlesex, England I008333
4 Buckland, Walter  Bef 1740London, Middlesex, England I098606
5 Custis, John  1630London, Middlesex, England I035227
6 Ewell, Charles  1665London, Middlesex, England I029567
7 Hansford, John  1608London, Middlesex, England I068494
8 Hansford, Richard  Bef 1620London, Middlesex, England I068493
9 Harding, Thomas  1639London, Middlesex, England I049786
10 Jackson, Christopher Dominick  1690London, Middlesex, England I116234
11 Lee, George  18 Aug 1714London, Middlesex, England I029370
12 Lemon, Edward  Bef 1667London, Middlesex, England I117134
13 Lemon, Mary  Bef 1692London, Middlesex, England I028390
14 Lightfoot, John  22 Mar 1645/46London, Middlesex, England I083928
15 Lightfoot, Philip  Abt 1650London, Middlesex, England I032959
16 Longmire, William  Between 1704 and 1705London, Middlesex, England I080434
17 Muscoe, Salvator  28 Dec 1674London, Middlesex, England I068631
18 Muscoe, Salvator {addl records}  28 Dec 1674London, Middlesex, England I130494
19 Offley, Sarah  16 Apr 1609London, Middlesex, England I003242
20 Orley, Thomas  Bef 1630London, Middlesex, England I072517
21 Selden, Samuel  1660London, Middlesex, England I115841
22 Smith, Hannah  1587London, Middlesex, England I037882
23 Tailor, Elizabeth  1619London, Middlesex, England I132900
24 Tilghman, Maria  1653London, Middlesex, England I066788
25 Tilghman, Rebecca  1661London, Middlesex, England I066753
26 Tilghman, Richard  3 Sep 1626London, Middlesex, England I066754
27 Tilghman, Samuel  11 Dec 1650London, Middlesex, England I066787
28 Tilghman, William  16 Feb 1655/56London, Middlesex, England I066789
29 Tomlin, Mary  6 Jan 1630/31London, Middlesex, England I050496
30 Tomlin, Matthew  24 Feb 1627/28London, Middlesex, England I030082
31 Tomlin, Richard  15 Dec 1624London, Middlesex, England I000482
32 Tomlin, Robert  27 Aug 1626London, Middlesex, England I072372
33 Tomlin, Robert {Addl Records1}  27 Aug 1626London, Middlesex, England I116416
34 Tomlin, Robert {Addl Records2}  27 Aug 1626London, Middlesex, England I117003
35 Tomlin, Roger  Bef 1600London, Middlesex, England I082471
36 Walthall, William  Abt 1615London, Middlesex, England I107678
37 Wentworth, Thomas {1st Earl of Strafford}  13 Apr 1593London, Middlesex, England I009819
38 Wentworth, William  Abt 1595London, Middlesex, England I095510
39 Wentworth, William  Abt 1636London, Middlesex, England I095515


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bennett, Jasper  1638London, Middlesex, England I060583
2 Bristow, Robert  Bef 29 Nov 1707London, Middlesex, England I116254
3 Digges, Thomas  24 Aug 1595London, Middlesex, England I083843
4 Harding, George  Aft 1674London, Middlesex, England I115452
5 Lemon, Edward  Aft 1692London, Middlesex, England I117134
6 Mynne, Anne (Lady)  Aug 1622London, Middlesex, England I034614
7 Orley, Mary  Aft 1674London, Middlesex, England I048909
8 Sewell, Jane  Bef 17 May 1692London, Middlesex, England I015868
9 Tailor, Elizabeth  Abt 1683London, Middlesex, England I132900
10 Tilghman, Samuel  1651London, Middlesex, England I066787


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Allanson / Roberts  18 Sep 1662London, Middlesex, England F02197
2 Asbury / Powell  25 Apr 1645London, Middlesex, England F15923
3 Harding / Orley  Abt 1638London, Middlesex, England F45720
4 Orley / Orley  Bef 1650London, Middlesex, England F44935
5 Pearsall / Brent  Abt 1619London, Middlesex, England F16611
6 Tilghman / Foxley  5 Nov 1648London, Middlesex, England F12277