Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Lancaster (Middlesex) County, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Blaze, Grace  Bef 1658Lancaster (Middlesex) County, Virginia I090191
2 Chowning, Catherine  Aft 1662Lancaster (Middlesex) County, Virginia I090195
3 Chowning, Thomas  1657Lancaster (Middlesex) County, Virginia I090196
4 Dale, Mary  Bef 1653Lancaster (Middlesex) County, Virginia I041779
5 Daniel, Robert  Bef 1666Lancaster (Middlesex) County, Virginia I090106
6 Daniel, William  Abt 1661Lancaster (Middlesex) County, Virginia I090128
7 Jones, Humphrey  Bef 1644Lancaster (Middlesex) County, Virginia I082080
8 Jones, Mary  Abt 1662Lancaster (Middlesex) County, Virginia I090184
9 Moseley, Marvill  Bef 1654Lancaster (Middlesex) County, Virginia I090134
10 Obert, Agatha  Abt 1649Lancaster (Middlesex) County, Virginia I073558
11 Obert, Lettice  Abt 1658Lancaster (Middlesex) County, Virginia I090129
12 Owen, Edmund  Bef 1662Lancaster (Middlesex) County, Virginia I090185
13 Owen, Eleanor  Abt 1663Lancaster (Middlesex) County, Virginia I082678
14 Payne, Thomas  Abt 1662Lancaster (Middlesex) County, Virginia I051194
15 Price, Catherine  6 Jan 1683/84Lancaster (Middlesex) County, Virginia I090179
16 Price, Elizabeth  7 Nov 1681Lancaster (Middlesex) County, Virginia I090178
17 Price, Jane  10 Jul 1676Lancaster (Middlesex) County, Virginia I090176
18 Price, John  29 Jan 1671/72Lancaster (Middlesex) County, Virginia I017159
19 Price, Margaret  14 Aug 1670Lancaster (Middlesex) County, Virginia I090126
20 Price, Mary  3 May 1679Lancaster (Middlesex) County, Virginia I090177
21 Price, Robert  19 Nov 1674Lancaster (Middlesex) County, Virginia I090105
22 Segar, Randolph  Bef 1655Lancaster (Middlesex) County, Virginia I082666
23 Smith, Jane  Bef 1689Lancaster (Middlesex) County, Virginia I061616
24 Smith, Robert  Bef 1641Lancaster (Middlesex) County, Virginia I072375
25 Vause, Constant  Bef 1670Lancaster (Middlesex) County, Virginia I116244
26 Vause, Diana  9 Apr 1662Lancaster (Middlesex) County, Virginia I116240
27 Vause, Elizabeth  Abt 1660Lancaster (Middlesex) County, Virginia I035621
28 Vause, John  Abt 1666Lancaster (Middlesex) County, Virginia I116140


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Brice, Martha MNU  29 Sep 1658Lancaster (Middlesex) County, Virginia I072176
2 Gibson, Dorothy  Bef 1689Lancaster (Middlesex) County, Virginia I024410
3 Gibson, Dorothy MNU  Aft 1698Lancaster (Middlesex) County, Virginia I073341
4 Jones, Female MNU  Abt 1663Lancaster (Middlesex) County, Virginia I073145
5 Partridge, Mary  Bef 1685Lancaster (Middlesex) County, Virginia I082682
6 Payne, Ralph  Aft 1655Lancaster (Middlesex) County, Virginia I022660
7 Thompson, Mary MNU  Aft 1667Lancaster (Middlesex) County, Virginia I082709
8 Warwick, John  Bef 8 Mar 1670/71Lancaster (Middlesex) County, Virginia I082736
9 White, William  29 Sep 1658Lancaster (Middlesex) County, Virginia I082649
10 Willis, Thomas  1668Lancaster (Middlesex) County, Virginia I038867


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Brice / Brice  Bef 1650Lancaster (Middlesex) County, Virginia F32873
2 Gibson / Gibson  Bef 1667Lancaster (Middlesex) County, Virginia F14943
3 Jones / Jones  Bef 1648Lancaster (Middlesex) County, Virginia F33182
4 Jones / Segar  Bef 13 Feb 1663/64Lancaster (Middlesex) County, Virginia F23426
5 Mountague / Matthews  1657Lancaster (Middlesex) County, Virginia F21452
6 Owen / Segar  Abt 14 Jan 1659/60Lancaster (Middlesex) County, Virginia F35726
7 Price / Price  Abt 1670Lancaster (Middlesex) County, Virginia F10948
8 Price / Smith  Abt 14 Jul 1664Lancaster (Middlesex) County, Virginia F35736
9 Robinson / Obert  Abt 1665Lancaster (Middlesex) County, Virginia F27697
10 Segar / Segar  Bef 1655Lancaster (Middlesex) County, Virginia F32994
11 Smith / Buckner  Bef 1664Lancaster (Middlesex) County, Virginia F14967
12 Smith / Wormley  Aft 1657Lancaster (Middlesex) County, Virginia F14969
13 Vause / Obert  Bef 1686Lancaster (Middlesex) County, Virginia F46038
14 Vause / Vause  Bef 1662Lancaster (Middlesex) County, Virginia F46039
15 White / Brice  Bef 19 May 1657Lancaster (Middlesex) County, Virginia F32874
16 Willis / Gibson  Abt 1683Lancaster (Middlesex) County, Virginia F14942