Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Elizabeth City County, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Armistead, Anthony  Bef 1647Elizabeth City County, Virginia I078067
2 Armistead, Anthony  1672Elizabeth City County, Virginia I078720
3 Armistead, Hannah  Abt 1682Elizabeth City County, Virginia I114877
4 Armistead, Hannah  1705Elizabeth City County, Virginia I115848
5 Armistead, Judith  Bef 1682Elizabeth City County, Virginia I045395
6 Armistead, Robert  Abt 1667Elizabeth City County, Virginia I078684
7 Armistead, Robert  Abt 1710Elizabeth City County, Virginia I078682
8 Armistead, William  Abt 1673Elizabeth City County, Virginia I078722
9 Boulton, Anne  Bef 1634Elizabeth City County, Virginia I057804
10 Bowles, Joane  Bef 1650Elizabeth City County, Virginia I076669
11 Bowles, William  Abt 1640Elizabeth City County, Virginia I009380
12 Burbridge, Thomas  Bef 1684Elizabeth City County, Virginia I123723
13 Bush, Abraham  1622Elizabeth City County, Virginia I037040
14 Cary, Anne  Abt 1706Elizabeth City County, Virginia I113992
15 Cary, Mary  1704Elizabeth City County, Virginia I113987
16 Cary, Wilson  Dec 1702Elizabeth City County, Virginia I086605
17 Chambers, John  Bef 1685Elizabeth City County, Virginia I069424
18 Chapman, Anne MNU  Dec 1624Elizabeth City County, Virginia I044051
19 Copeland, Mary  Bef 1717Elizabeth City County, Virginia I094731
20 Curle, Nicholas  1679Elizabeth City County, Virginia I108745
21 Foster, Elizabeth  Abt 1670Elizabeth City County, Virginia I035852
22 Foster, John  Abt 1645Elizabeth City County, Virginia I035853
23 Hand, Hannah  1670Elizabeth City County, Virginia I016889
24 Hand, Martha  Abt 1680Elizabeth City County, Virginia I074086
25 Hinde, Hannah  1 Jul 1673Elizabeth City County, Virginia I078723
26 Latimer, Anne  Aft 1753Elizabeth City County, Virginia I094740
27 Latimer, Edward  Bef 1733Elizabeth City County, Virginia I094748
28 Latimer, Elizabeth  Aft 1753Elizabeth City County, Virginia I094741
29 Latimer, George  Bef 1755Elizabeth City County, Virginia I094745
30 Latimer, James  Bef 1713Elizabeth City County, Virginia I094747
31 Latimer, James  Aft 1753Elizabeth City County, Virginia I094744
32 Latimer, John  Bef 1750Elizabeth City County, Virginia I094750
33 Latimer, John  Aft 1753Elizabeth City County, Virginia I094742
34 Latimer, Samuel  Aft 1753Elizabeth City County, Virginia I094746
35 Latimer, Thomas  Abt 1704Elizabeth City County, Virginia I094737
36 Latimer, Thomas  Aft 1753Elizabeth City County, Virginia I094743
37 Latimer, William  Bef 1753Elizabeth City County, Virginia I094739
38 Lowry, Frances  Elizabeth City County, Virginia I074088
39 Lowry, Margaret  Abt 1692Elizabeth City County, Virginia I032054
40 Lowry, William  Bef 1654Elizabeth City County, Virginia I074085
41 Lowry, William  Abt 1690Elizabeth City County, Virginia I074101
42 Lowry, William  Abt 1722Elizabeth City County, Virginia I074089
43 Marshall, Euphene MNU  Abt 1758Elizabeth City County, Virginia I017976
44 Marshall, Mary  Abt 1684Elizabeth City County, Virginia I113862
45 Mason, Frances  1623Elizabeth City County, Virginia I060478
46 Mason, Francis  1630Elizabeth City County, Virginia I060482
47 Moore, Anne  Abt 1654Elizabeth City County, Virginia I035854
48 Moore, Augustine  Bef 1650Elizabeth City County, Virginia I083616
49 Moore, Augustine  Abt 1684Elizabeth City County, Virginia I047110
50 Moore, Martha  Bef 1659Elizabeth City County, Virginia I085749

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Armistead, Anthony  Bef 26 Oct 1726Elizabeth City County, Virginia I078067
2 Baynham, John  9 Feb 1628/29Elizabeth City County, Virginia I075758
3 Burroughs, Anne  Aft 1636Elizabeth City County, Virginia I075778
4 Burroughs, Christopher  Aft 1636Elizabeth City County, Virginia I075776
5 Burroughs, William  Aft 1636Elizabeth City County, Virginia I075777
6 Bush, John  5 Sep 1624Elizabeth City County, Virginia I037042
7 Cary, Anne  Bef 1749Elizabeth City County, Virginia I113992
8 Cary, Mary  1775Elizabeth City County, Virginia I113987
9 Chandler, John  Aft 1634Elizabeth City County, Virginia I075748
10 Croshaw, Raleigh  Aft 1623Elizabeth City County, Virginia I075746
11 Curle, Nicholas  15 Aug 1714Elizabeth City County, Virginia I108745
12 Dickman, Mary  Abt 1624Elizabeth City County, Virginia I071662
13 Draper, Elizabeth  1624Elizabeth City County, Virginia I023423
14 Gundry, John  Aft 1637Elizabeth City County, Virginia I072617
15 Hand, Richard  1689Elizabeth City County, Virginia I074083
16 Harvey, John  Aft 1639Elizabeth City County, Virginia I083350
17 Jennings, Elizabeth  Elizabeth City County, Virginia I113990
18 Latimer, Anne  Elizabeth City County, Virginia I094740
19 Latimer, Anne MNU  Aft 1774Elizabeth City County, Virginia I094738
20 Latimer, Elizabeth  Elizabeth City County, Virginia I094741
21 Latimer, George  11 Nov 1789Elizabeth City County, Virginia I094745
22 Latimer, James  Aft 1774Elizabeth City County, Virginia I094744
23 Latimer, John  Aft 1774Elizabeth City County, Virginia I094742
24 Latimer, Samuel  Aft 1774Elizabeth City County, Virginia I094746
25 Latimer, Thomas  23 Apr 1767Elizabeth City County, Virginia I094737
26 Latimer, Thomas  Aft 1774Elizabeth City County, Virginia I094743
27 Latimer, William  Elizabeth City County, Virginia I094739
28 Lawson, Sarah  Abt 1828Elizabeth City County, Virginia I057488
29 Lenoir, Anne  8 Nov 1774Elizabeth City County, Virginia I094749
30 Lowry, William  13 May 1724Elizabeth City County, Virginia I074085
31 Marshall, Euphene MNU  Aft 1810Elizabeth City County, Virginia I017976
32 Mason, Frances  1642Elizabeth City County, Virginia I060478
33 Matthews, Female MNU  Bef 1628Elizabeth City County, Virginia I048480
34 Moore, Augustine  Aft 1666Elizabeth City County, Virginia I072557
35 Moore, Elizabeth MNU  Elizabeth City County, Virginia I085795
36 Moore, Martha  Aft 1697Elizabeth City County, Virginia I085749
37 Moryson, Charles  1688Elizabeth City County, Virginia I050312
38 Moseley, Hannah MNU  Aft 1735Elizabeth City County, Virginia I114655
39 Parry, William  Aft 1639Elizabeth City County, Virginia I072639
40 Piersey, Abraham  8 Feb 1627/28Elizabeth City County, Virginia I046489
41 Purefoy, Female MNU  Aft 19 Jun 1675Elizabeth City County, Virginia I074099
42 Purefoy, Frances  Elizabeth City County, Virginia I074084
43 Purefoy, Lucy MNU  Bef 1656Elizabeth City County, Virginia I074097
44 Purefoy, Thomas  Bef 1656Elizabeth City County, Virginia I074098
45 Purefoy, Thomas  Bef 19 Jun 1675Elizabeth City County, Virginia I074096
46 Selden, John  21 Aug 1752Elizabeth City County, Virginia I040388
47 Selden, Joseph  1727Elizabeth City County, Virginia I113988
48 Slaughter, George  Aft 1637Elizabeth City County, Virginia I072621
49 Slaughter, Robert  Aft 1637Elizabeth City County, Virginia I072622
50 Smallwood, Mathew  Aft 1634Elizabeth City County, Virginia I030757

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Mason, Francis  15 Nov 1648Elizabeth City County, Virginia I060467


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Armistead / Ellyson  Bef 1667Elizabeth City County, Virginia F24667
2 Armistead / Hinde  20 Nov 1696Elizabeth City County, Virginia F34772
3 Armistead / Nutting  Abt 1728Elizabeth City County, Virginia F34760
4 Armistead / Westwood  Bef 21 Nov 1722Elizabeth City County, Virginia F34771
5 Armistead / Westwood  Abt 1752Elizabeth City County, Virginia F34676
6 Booker / Hand  1694Elizabeth City County, Virginia F10806
7 Bowles / Bowles  Abt 1639Elizabeth City County, Virginia F06113
8 Cary / Armistead  Abt 1721Elizabeth City County, Virginia F45969
9 Cary / Wilson  13 Apr 1702Elizabeth City County, Virginia F21866
10 Chapman / Chapman  Abt 1640Elizabeth City County, Virginia F46229
11 Curle / Wilson  Abt 1708Elizabeth City County, Virginia F43037
12 Elliott / Armistead  Bef 1665Elizabeth City County, Virginia F27780
13 Elliott / Thompson  Elizabeth City County, Virginia F22030
14 Foster / Moore  Abt 1670Elizabeth City County, Virginia F20890
15 Hand / Purefoy  Bef 1670Elizabeth City County, Virginia F10807
16 Latimer / Bushell  Abt 1690Elizabeth City County, Virginia F38535
17 Latimer / Copeland  Bef 1733Elizabeth City County, Virginia F38534
18 Latimer / Latimer  Elizabeth City County, Virginia F38537
19 Latimer / Lenoir  Abt 1724Elizabeth City County, Virginia F38536
20 Latimer / Lenoir  Bef 1770Elizabeth City County, Virginia F36564
21 Latimer / Marshall  Bef 28 Mar 1782Elizabeth City County, Virginia F11400
22 Lowry / Purefoy  Abt 1690Elizabeth City County, Virginia F33535
23 Marshall / Hand  1686Elizabeth City County, Virginia F10805
24 Matthews / Greville  Aft 24 Mar 1627/28Elizabeth City County, Virginia F22863
25 Matthews / Hinton  Abt 1634Elizabeth City County, Virginia F22859
26 Moore / Moore  Elizabeth City County, Virginia F33091
27 Moore / Wooley  Bef 1670Elizabeth City County, Virginia F25211
28 Piersey / Greville  Between 1625 and 1626Elizabeth City County, Virginia F24995
29 Porter / Dorsey  1649Elizabeth City County, Virginia F43814
30 Purefoy / Purefoy  Elizabeth City County, Virginia F33536
31 Ricketts / Wilson  Abt 1715Elizabeth City County, Virginia F43038
32 Roscow / Wilson  Bef 1700Elizabeth City County, Virginia F21867
33 Selden / Cary  Abt 1720Elizabeth City County, Virginia F43287
34 Selden / Jennings  1755Elizabeth City County, Virginia F43289
35 Shelton / Armistead  10 Dec 1698Elizabeth City County, Virginia F45513
36 Stafford / Mason  1639Elizabeth City County, Virginia F29194
37 Sweeney / Moore  Elizabeth City County, Virginia F36471
38 Tabb / Hand  Abt 1696Elizabeth City County, Virginia F33537
39 Tabb / Moore  Bef 1676Elizabeth City County, Virginia F26045
40 Theobald / Mason  Abt 1645Elizabeth City County, Virginia F29191
41 Wakelin / Purefoy  Bef 19 Jun 1675Elizabeth City County, Virginia F33544
42 Walker / Tucker  6 Nov 1723Elizabeth City County, Virginia F15166
43 Wallace / Westwood  Abt 1757Elizabeth City County, Virginia F12502
44 West / Armistead  15 Oct 1698Elizabeth City County, Virginia F24666
45 Westwood / Wallace  Bef 1730Elizabeth City County, Virginia F12503
46 Willoughby / Brewster  Abt 1630Elizabeth City County, Virginia F14248
47 Wilson / Lane  Abt 1696Elizabeth City County, Virginia F43033