Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Brunswick County, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brodnax, Elizabeth  1742Brunswick County, Virginia I114648
2 Brodnax, Henry  Abt 1735Brunswick County, Virginia I68105
3 Collier, Anne  6 Jan 1771Brunswick County, Virginia I131551
4 Jones, Molly  Abt 1768Brunswick County, Virginia I133461
5 Latimer, George  Bef 1770Brunswick County, Virginia I86229
6 Latimer, John  Bef 1770Brunswick County, Virginia I94755
7 Lenoir, Anne  28 Jun 1731Brunswick County, Virginia I94754
8 Lenoir, Elizabeth  19 Jul 1735Brunswick County, Virginia I86270
9 Lenoir, Robert  3 Mar 1733Brunswick County, Virginia I94753
10 Marshall, Dixon  10 Oct 1753Brunswick County, Virginia I115600
11 Marshall, Isaac  Bef 1728Brunswick County, Virginia I21915
12 Marshall, John  Bef 1728Brunswick County, Virginia I21917
13 Marshall, Samuel  Bef 1730Brunswick County, Virginia I23541
14 Martin, Delia  15 Dec 1721Brunswick County, Virginia I38360
15 Meade, Susan 'Ann'  Abt 1774Brunswick County, Virginia I41730
16 Mumford, Susannah  29 Mar 1734Brunswick County, Virginia I26052
17 Stith, Anne Dade  1780Brunswick County, Virginia I41937
18 Stith, Buckner  Abt 1752Brunswick County, Virginia I110887
19 Stith, Buckner  Abt 1759Brunswick County, Virginia I41942
20 Stith, Catherine  Bef 1774Brunswick County, Virginia I41932
21 Stith, Elizabeth  3 Jun 1754Brunswick County, Virginia I110876
22 Stith, Griffin  Jan 1765Brunswick County, Virginia I24789
23 Stith, John  24 Mar 1755Brunswick County, Virginia I24791
24 Stith, Robert  Abt 1752Brunswick County, Virginia I24793
25 Stith, Susannah  Abt 1757Brunswick County, Virginia I41940
26 Stith, Townshend  Abt 1783Brunswick County, Virginia I41938
27 Sturdivant, Nancy  Abt 1774Brunswick County, Virginia I133464
28 Tarpley, Charles  Abt 1750Brunswick County, Virginia I134174
29 Tarpley, John  Abt 1748Brunswick County, Virginia I134173
30 Tarpley, William  Abt 1752Brunswick County, Virginia I134175
31 Walker, Frances  1764Brunswick County, Virginia I114820
32 Wood, Susannah  Bef 1740Brunswick County, Virginia I118566
33 Young, Mary Ann Frances  22 Feb 1758Brunswick County, Virginia I93099


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alexander, Mary Dent  Aft 1796Brunswick County, Virginia I41939
2 Anderson, Elizabeth  Aft 1739Brunswick County, Virginia I114867
3 Baily, Holly  Aft 1801Brunswick County, Virginia I110882
4 Ball, Sarah  Aft 1767Brunswick County, Virginia I115114
5 Bolling, Agnes  1762Brunswick County, Virginia I42070
6 Cocke, Brazure  1770Brunswick County, Virginia I114109
7 Coppedge, Patience  Aft 1782Brunswick County, Virginia I30121
8 Dade, Anne  Brunswick County, Virginia I41936
9 Dameron, Alexander  1823Brunswick County, Virginia I115133
10 Dameron, Joseph  Aft 1782Brunswick County, Virginia I115111
11 Drury, Mary Anne  Aft 1751Brunswick County, Virginia I98317
12 Edmondson, Constant  Bef 1789Brunswick County, Virginia I115253
13 Howerton, James  Aft 1772Brunswick County, Virginia I117055
14 Jacob, Mary  Aft 1782Brunswick County, Virginia I41935
15 Jones, Molly  Aft 1825Brunswick County, Virginia I133461
16 Kennon, Martha  Abt 1754Brunswick County, Virginia I41934
17 Lambert, Mildred  Abt 1756Brunswick County, Virginia I33022
18 Malone, George Booth  Bef 22 Oct 1810Brunswick County, Virginia I5031
19 Marshall, Constant MNU  Aft 1733Brunswick County, Virginia I23544
20 Marshall, James  Aft 1789Brunswick County, Virginia I21240
21 Marshall, Lucy  25 Mar 1821Brunswick County, Virginia I5030
22 Oldham, Mary  Aft 1781Brunswick County, Virginia I91685
23 Powell, Thomas  1750Brunswick County, Virginia I31874
24 Sanders, Thomas  Bef 1808Brunswick County, Virginia I58179
25 Stith, Buckner  1800Brunswick County, Virginia I41942
26 Stith, Buckner  1800Brunswick County, Virginia I110887
27 Stith, Drury  16 Jul 1789Brunswick County, Virginia I110875
28 Stith, Drury  4 Feb 1843Brunswick County, Virginia I27046
29 Stith, Griffin  1829Brunswick County, Virginia I24789
30 Stith, John  Between 1740 and 1759Brunswick County, Virginia I114863
31 Sturdivant, Nancy  Bef 8 Jun 1805Brunswick County, Virginia I133464
32 Suggett, Benjamin  Brunswick County, Virginia I133462
33 Suggett, Edgecomb  Aft 1825Brunswick County, Virginia I115252
34 Tarpley, William  Bef 1786Brunswick County, Virginia I134175
35 Triplett, Samuel  Aft 1767Brunswick County, Virginia I136322
36 Walker, Freeman  22 Jun 1766Brunswick County, Virginia I47890


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Carter / Marshall  Abt 1760Brunswick County, Virginia F3913
2 Hawkins / Martin  1743Brunswick County, Virginia F23731
3 Latimer / James  Brunswick County, Virginia F41829
4 Latimer / Wilson  Bef 1790Brunswick County, Virginia F44229
5 Malone / Marshall  27 Jan 1777Brunswick County, Virginia F3914
6 Stith / Baily  5 Aug 1780Brunswick County, Virginia F35911
7 Stith / Jones  5 Dec 1762Brunswick County, Virginia F26038
8 Stith / Kennon  Abt 1747Brunswick County, Virginia F26037
9 Stith / Mumford  7 Oct 1751Brunswick County, Virginia F16483
10 Suggett / Jones  23 Jul 1789Brunswick County, Virginia F48711