Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Berkeley County, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Berry, Mary  Bef 1790Berkeley County, Virginia I79809
2 Briscoe, Alexander Magruder  25 Apr 1785Berkeley County, Virginia I106117
3 Briscoe, Courtney Ann  12 Oct 1797Berkeley County, Virginia I106123
4 Briscoe, Elizabeth Harrison  Abt 1803Berkeley County, Virginia I106126
5 Briscoe, Fanny E.  1800Berkeley County, Virginia I106124
6 Briscoe, Henry Tyler  22 Mar 1805Berkeley County, Virginia I106125
7 Briscoe, Hezekiah  26 Jun 1774Berkeley County, Virginia I49010
8 Briscoe, John Dr.  2 Jul 1752Berkeley County, Virginia I8121
9 Briscoe, John Dr.  28 Jan 1789Berkeley County, Virginia I106119
10 Briscoe, Maria Harrison  13 May 1794Berkeley County, Virginia I106122
11 Briscoe, Susannah Lamar  27 Jan 1793Berkeley County, Virginia I106121
12 Briscoe, Thomas  20 Feb 1791Berkeley County, Virginia I114796
13 Greenfield, Thomas Gerrard Truman  1783Berkeley County, Virginia I103699
14 Harrison, Obediah Richardson  Abt 1768Berkeley County, Virginia I39670
15 Huffman, Rachel  Bef 1776Berkeley County, Virginia I79817
16 Kirby, Robert Boggers  Bef 1783Berkeley County, Virginia I110277
17 Matheny, Jonah  1770Berkeley County, Virginia I79982
18 Miller, James  25 Mar 1798Berkeley County, Virginia I39647
19 Miller, John  1 Jan 1784Berkeley County, Virginia I39645
20 Oldham, William H.  17 Jun 1753Berkeley County, Virginia I25786
21 Payne, Joseph  31 Mar 1781Berkeley County, Virginia I7309
22 Rankins, Mary  Abt 1766Berkeley County, Virginia I105225
23 Russell, Albert  1755Berkeley County, Virginia I46405
24 Russell, James  Aft 1760Berkeley County, Virginia I65129
25 Steadman, David  1765Berkeley County, Virginia I79807
26 Steadman, James  1760Berkeley County, Virginia I79806
27 Steadman, Thomas  1758Berkeley County, Virginia I79804
28 Steadman, William  1770Berkeley County, Virginia I79808
29 Strother, John  18 Nov 1792Berkeley County, Virginia I110827
30 Strother, Margaret  13 Aug 1788Berkeley County, Virginia I110820
31 Strother, Mary  1790Berkeley County, Virginia I110826
32 Tabb, Edward  6 Feb 1780Berkeley County, Virginia I134519
33 Tabb, George  4 Feb 1782Berkeley County, Virginia I134508
34 Tabb, George  6 Nov 1794Berkeley County, Virginia I134520
35 Tabb, John  2 Oct 1785Berkeley County, Virginia I134502
36 Tabb, Ruth Virginia Walker  14 May 1834Berkeley County, Virginia I110140


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bartlett, William  Aft 1775Berkeley County, Virginia I61430
2 Bate, Anne  Aft 1807Berkeley County, Virginia I59967
3 Beckett, Priscilla  Bef 1790Berkeley County, Virginia I60985
4 Briscoe, John Dr.  7 Dec 1788Berkeley County, Virginia I34486
5 Briscoe, Maria Harrison  1 Aug 1794Berkeley County, Virginia I106122
6 Briscoe, Susannah Lamar  28 Apr 1795Berkeley County, Virginia I106121
7 Chesley, Elizabeth  Aft 1767Berkeley County, Virginia I63386
8 Clayton, William  Aft 1780Berkeley County, Virginia I125747
9 Conn, James  26 Mar 1798Berkeley County, Virginia I21165
10 Cornelius, Jesse  Aft 1777Berkeley County, Virginia I135511
11 Cornwell, Samuel  Aft 1793Berkeley County, Virginia I63829
12 Crawford, William  Between 1736 and 1738Berkeley County, Virginia I48587
13 Cross, Basil  Aft 1792Berkeley County, Virginia I52225
14 Cross, Rachel MNU  Aft 1792Berkeley County, Virginia I110814
15 Davenport, Abraham  Aft 1780Berkeley County, Virginia I44463
16 Downs, Henry  Feb 1820Berkeley County, Virginia I53943
17 Duke, Andrew  Aft 1783Berkeley County, Virginia I98914
18 Emerson, Leonard  1822Berkeley County, Virginia I53939
19 Hamilton, Thomas  Aft 1801Berkeley County, Virginia I53227
20 Hite, Jacob O'Bannon  Aft 1777Berkeley County, Virginia I127626
21 House, Henry  Aft 1799Berkeley County, Virginia I111124
22 House, Priscilla  Aft 1799Berkeley County, Virginia I111126
23 House, Sarah  Aft 1799Berkeley County, Virginia I111125
24 Isaac, Ruth  Aft 1793Berkeley County, Virginia I21163
25 Key, Humphrey  1793Berkeley County, Virginia I25001
26 Lamar, Anne  1812Berkeley County, Virginia I7857
27 Lewis, Elizabeth  22 Apr 1775Berkeley County, Virginia I42515
28 Locke, John Donaldson  Aft 1807Berkeley County, Virginia I59969
29 McMillion, Elizabeth H.  5 Jul 1774Berkeley County, Virginia I8123
30 Moore, Cato  1797Berkeley County, Virginia I110821
31 Naylor, Lettice  Aft 1788Berkeley County, Virginia I89875
32 Oden, Elias  Aft 1803Berkeley County, Virginia I59958
33 Pendleton, William  31 Mar 1817Berkeley County, Virginia I114458
34 Pile, Richard  1780Berkeley County, Virginia I63387
35 Poston, Sophia  Aft 1803Berkeley County, Virginia I102286
36 Poston, Urscilla  Aft 1803Berkeley County, Virginia I102285
37 Rankins, Judith MNU  Aft 1787Berkeley County, Virginia I91441
38 Rankins, Mary  Aft 1787Berkeley County, Virginia I105225
39 Ridgway, John  1793Berkeley County, Virginia I39777
40 Simms, Mary  Aft 1780Berkeley County, Virginia I18334
41 Steadman, James  1789Berkeley County, Virginia I79816
42 Tabb, Edward  1813Berkeley County, Virginia I134515
43 Tabb, George  8 Aug 1794Berkeley County, Virginia I134508
44 Tabb, George  19 Mar 1869Berkeley County, Virginia I134520
45 Tabb, John  4 Dec 1847Berkeley County, Virginia I134502
46 Tenaly, Mary  10 Oct 1809Berkeley County, Virginia I39776
47 Thomas, Thomas  Aft 1788Berkeley County, Virginia I110259
48 Thornbury, Benjamin  Aft 1777Berkeley County, Virginia I63263
49 Throckmorton, Gabriel  Abt 1788Berkeley County, Virginia I127285
50 Turner, Arabella  9 Oct 1863Berkeley County, Virginia I134507

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ashcraft / Lewis  1735Berkeley County, Virginia F23228
2 Briscoe / McMillion  Abt 1777Berkeley County, Virginia F5582
3 Colston / Marshall  May 1814Berkeley County, Virginia F3703
4 Cox / Austin  18 Sep 1790Berkeley County, Virginia F43940
5 Games / Curren  28 Dec 1793Berkeley County, Virginia F45604
6 Games / Dunn  27 Dec 1797Berkeley County, Virginia F47205
7 Lovejoy / Boggess  13 Mar 1797Berkeley County, Virginia F33908
8 Miller / Powell  Jan 1783Berkeley County, Virginia F17435
9 Moore / Strother  26 Apr 1814Berkeley County, Virginia F47652
10 Perrill / McFarland  17 Dec 1829Berkeley County, Virginia F4782
11 Perrill / Pitzer  29 May 1832Berkeley County, Virginia F4511
12 Rankins / Reid  Abt 1790Berkeley County, Virginia F14739
13 Romney / Smallwood  31 Mar 1789Berkeley County, Virginia F20242
14 Smith / Bull  10 Feb 1781Berkeley County, Virginia F48891
15 Steadman / Huffman  Abt 1792Berkeley County, Virginia F39726
16 Steadman / Pemberton  Abt 1757Berkeley County, Virginia F39723
17 Tabb / Turner  7 Feb 1805Berkeley County, Virginia F52965
18 Tabb / Turner  5 Jan 1807Berkeley County, Virginia F47518
19 Tabb / Walker  1806Berkeley County, Virginia F31134
20 Tongue / Tabb  15 Jun 1854Berkeley County, Virginia F47517
21 Trigg / Bronaugh  10 Sep 1794Berkeley County, Virginia F47112
22 Washington / Perrin  1780Berkeley County, Virginia F13447
23 Washington / Steptoe  1766Berkeley County, Virginia F16954