Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties




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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Armstrong, Francis  Bef 1629Ireland I067018
2 Atkinson, Guy  Bef 1787Ireland I077863
3 Atkinson, John  Bef 1724Ireland I044241
4 Bagge, John Rev {addl records}  Abt 1658Ireland I128512
5 Bagge, John Rev.  Abt 1658Ireland I023835
6 Black, Isabella  Bef 1789Ireland I096889
7 Black, Margaret  Bef 1789Ireland I096877
8 Black, Margaret MNU  Bef 1769Ireland I096887
9 Black, Samuel  Abt 1785Ireland I096886
10 Black, Unknown  Bef 1765Ireland I096888
11 Breckenridge, Robert  1720Ireland I078711
12 Browne, James  Bef 1640Ireland I031773
13 Browne, Janet  Abt 1705Ireland I042279
14 Browne, Joanna  Abt 1694Ireland I019892
15 Browne, Rosamond  Abt 1660Ireland I011028
16 Browne, Valentine  Bef 1680Ireland I088522
17 Bryan, John  14 Jul 1763Ireland I103127
18 Buchanan, James  1709Ireland I013953
19 Butler, Thomas  6 Apr 1720Ireland I032931
20 Campbell, Anne  1704Ireland I113317
21 Carberry, John Baptist  Bef 1647Ireland I090880
22 Carroll, Anthony [Aghagurty]  Ireland I019889
23 Carroll, Anthony [Lisheenboy]  1660Ireland I019891
24 Carroll, Charles  Ireland I019855
25 Carroll, Charles Dr.  1691Ireland I016854
26 Carroll, Charles [Chancellor's Point]  Ireland I019893
27 Carroll, Daniel  1708Ireland I054243
28 Carroll, Daniel [Aghagurty]  1642Ireland I019890
29 Carroll, Daniel [Killecregane]  Ireland I019901
30 Carroll, Dominick  1707Ireland I019849
31 Carroll, Dorothy  Ireland I019858
32 Carroll, Female  Abt 1668Ireland I019906
33 Carroll, James [Ballycrenode]  Abt 1664Ireland I019907
34 Carroll, James [Fingaul]  1679Ireland I016853
35 Carroll, Joanna  Ireland I019896
36 Carroll, John  Between 1662 and 1688Ireland I019904
37 Carroll, Joyce  Bef 1694Ireland I015970
38 Carroll, Margaret  Abt 1688Ireland I015969
39 Carroll, Michael [Lisheenboy]  1690Ireland I016181
40 Carroll, Sister of James [Ballycrenode]  Abt 1664Ireland I015971
41 Carroll, Thomas  Abt 1663Ireland I019902
42 Clare, Isabella  Bef 1629Ireland I023939
43 Clarke, Eleanor  9 Sep 1806Ireland I025584
44 Cleland, Thomas  Bef 1706Ireland I017648
45 Coffey, Edward  20 Oct 1670Ireland I077873
46 Cooke, John  Bef 1704Ireland I041071
47 Croshaw, Katherine  1586Ireland I002232
48 Croxall, Richard  1685Ireland I019897
49 Daniel, Michael  Bef 1692Ireland I093954
50 Doyne, Rebecca  Abt 1650Ireland I006689

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Browne, Joanna  Ireland I019892
2 Carroll, Anthony [Aghagurty]  Abt 1652Ireland I019889
3 Carroll, Anthony [Lisheenboy]  1724Ireland I019891
4 Carroll, Charles  Bef 1712Ireland I019855
5 Carroll, Daniel [Killecregane]  1724Ireland I019901
6 Carroll, Dorothy  Ireland I019858
7 Carroll, Female  Ireland I019906
8 Carroll, James [Ballycrenode]  Ireland I019907
9 Carroll, John  Bef 1748Ireland I019857
10 Carroll, Keane [Aghagurty]  Aft 1700Ireland I019887
11 Carroll, Michael [Lisheenboy]  Bef 8 Aug 1762Ireland I016181
12 Carroll, Sister of James [Ballycrenode]  Ireland I015971
13 Dunn, Clare  Aft 1712Ireland I019856
14 Randolph, Richard  1671Ireland I070687
15 Welsh, Thomas  Aft 1692Ireland I084137


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Black / Black  Bef 1785Ireland F38979
2 Carroll / Browne  Bef 1707Ireland F10455
3 Carroll / Dunn  Abt 1690Ireland F10773
4 Carroll / O'Bryan  1660Ireland F02379
5 Green / Duff  Ireland F20965
6 Noland / Noland  1675Ireland F09954
7 Smith / Smith  Ireland F51115
8 Stuart / Browne  Abt 1722Ireland F23696