Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Harford County, Maryland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Armstrong, Leonard  24 Feb 1778Harford County, Maryland I012154
2 Balch, Stephen Bloomer  5 Apr 1747Harford County, Maryland I106765
3 Beaven, Charles Calvert  23 Dec 1795Harford County, Maryland I056754
4 Beaven, Thomas Horatio  21 Mar 1792Harford County, Maryland I056753
5 Boarman, Robert  1803Harford County, Maryland I105172
6 Carman, Amos  28 Feb 1796Harford County, Maryland I039071
7 Carman, Andrew  3 Apr 1756Harford County, Maryland I039072
8 Carman, John  7 May 1784Harford County, Maryland I039069
9 Davis, Mary  Abt 1764Harford County, Maryland I039073
10 Grindall, John Gibson  1783Harford County, Maryland I106111
11 Marshall, Elizabeth  Abt 1787Harford County, Maryland I039067
12 Marshall, Jane  Abt 1800Harford County, Maryland I039070
13 Marshall, Mary  Jun 1786Harford County, Maryland I039066
14 Maxwell, Elizabeth  3 Jun 1727Harford County, Maryland I052366
15 Maxwell, George  1725Harford County, Maryland I052358
16 Maxwell, George {Land Records}  1725Harford County, Maryland I058444
17 Maxwell, Mary  6 Apr 1724Harford County, Maryland I052365
18 Maxwell, Phillisyanna  3 Mar 1722/23Harford County, Maryland I052364
19 McAtee, Mary Anne  27 May 1782Harford County, Maryland I105182
20 Richardson, Harriett  Harford County, Maryland I126961
21 Wheeler, Bennet  11 Jan 1784Harford County, Maryland I105179
22 Wheeler, Eleanor  1790Harford County, Maryland I082417
23 Wheeler, Elizabeth A.  1805Harford County, Maryland I105174
24 Wheeler, Mary Anne  1787Harford County, Maryland I105180
25 Yellott, Coleman  19 Jan 1821Harford County, Maryland I054176


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Addison, Eleanor  Aft 1775Harford County, Maryland I010071
2 Allein, Joseph  8 Mar 1736/37Harford County, Maryland I076601
3 Amos, Mordecai  10 Oct 1788Harford County, Maryland I054860
4 Austin, Margaret  28 Feb 1786Harford County, Maryland I108600
5 Boarman, Robert  Aug 1825Harford County, Maryland I105171
6 Boarman, Robert  24 Mar 1886Harford County, Maryland I105172
7 Browne, Catherine Scott  7 Aug 1851Harford County, Maryland I055396
8 Carman, Andrew  25 Feb 1832Harford County, Maryland I039072
9 Chew, Sarah  1772Harford County, Maryland I055785
10 Coleman, Rebecca Ridgely  11 Feb 1853Harford County, Maryland I054178
11 Davis, Mary  10 May 1800Harford County, Maryland I039073
12 Everist, Joseph  24 May 1795Harford County, Maryland I108605
13 Gibson, Henrietta  Bef 1800Harford County, Maryland I106108
14 Gibson, John Lee  Aft 1792Harford County, Maryland I021904
15 Green, Benedict  Aft 1796Harford County, Maryland I047555
16 Green, Clement  1796Harford County, Maryland I014936
17 Green, Henrietta  16 Apr 1808Harford County, Maryland I014933
18 Hanson, John  5 Feb 1793Harford County, Maryland I101456
19 Harmer, Mary  Aft 1750Harford County, Maryland I052363
20 Jenkins, Anne  31 Dec 1795Harford County, Maryland I056746
21 Marshall, Samuel  Abt 1823Harford County, Maryland I039065
22 Maxwell, Female MNU  Bef 1722Harford County, Maryland I052379
23 Maxwell, Phillisyanna  21 Mar 1759Harford County, Maryland I052364
24 Maynadier, William Murray  1 Aug 1854Harford County, Maryland I055395
25 McAtee, Henry John  1 Sep 1852Harford County, Maryland I105183
26 McAtee, Mary Anne  1 Aug 1855Harford County, Maryland I105182
27 Preston, Benard  Aft 14 Oct 1794Harford County, Maryland I032566
28 Ricketts, Samuel  Aft 1777Harford County, Maryland I105455
29 Rozer, Elizabeth  Bef 1814Harford County, Maryland I105176
30 Scott, Elizabeth  7 Mar 1791Harford County, Maryland I054852
31 Scott, Mary  28 Nov 1795Harford County, Maryland I054859
32 Smith, Alexander Lawson  Jan 1802Harford County, Maryland I112136
33 Stallings, Kent  Apr 1787Harford County, Maryland I097516
34 Thomas, Elizabeth  23 Nov 1803Harford County, Maryland I016560
35 Thomas, Hannah  Bef 1791Harford County, Maryland I047531
36 Wheeler, Bennet  7 Jul 1866Harford County, Maryland I105179
37 Wheeler, Elizabeth A.  16 Jun 1896Harford County, Maryland I105174
38 Wheeler, Ignatius  1786Harford County, Maryland I024031
39 Wheeler, Mary  Aft 1803Harford County, Maryland I105173
40 Wheeler, Teresa  30 Nov 1815Harford County, Maryland I105178
41 Young, Frances  Sep 1763Harford County, Maryland I070568


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Addison / Leitch  11 Oct 1792Harford County, Maryland F34681
2 Boarman / Wheeler  13 Oct 1835Harford County, Maryland F40957
3 Carman / Davis  27 Aug 1781Harford County, Maryland F22365
4 Carman / Marshall  8 Feb 1809Harford County, Maryland F22363
5 Carman / Marshall  Abt 1816Harford County, Maryland F22366
6 Grindall / Wheeler  17 Nov 1807Harford County, Maryland F41343
7 Hopkins / Howell  1768Harford County, Maryland F43781
8 McAtee / Wheeler  28 Jan 1799Harford County, Maryland F40960
9 Thomas / Wheeler  1 Feb 1731/32Harford County, Maryland F07124
10 Wheeler / Green  4 Jan 1793Harford County, Maryland F28281
11 Wheeler / McAtee  4 Jul 1814Harford County, Maryland F40958
12 Wheeler / Rozer  Abt 1802Harford County, Maryland F40961
13 Wilson / Marshall  Abt 1803Harford County, Maryland F22364
14 Yellott / Coleman  1 May 1806Harford County, Maryland F27528