Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Charles City County, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Aston, Mary  1629Charles City County, Virginia I060558
2 Bayley, Temperance  1618Charles City County, Virginia I107664
3 Bland, John  8 Feb 1667/68Charles City County, Virginia I037893
4 Bland, Ruth  Abt 1644Charles City County, Virginia I030803
5 Bolling, Agnes  30 Nov 1700Charles City County, Virginia I042070
6 Bolling, Anne  12 Jul 1690Charles City County, Virginia I114548
7 Bolling, Drury  21 Jun 1695Charles City County, Virginia I042076
8 Bolling, Edward  1 Oct 1687Charles City County, Virginia I114547
9 Bolling, Elizabeth  17 Dec 1709Charles City County, Virginia I110891
10 Bolling, Frances  Abt 1722Charles City County, Virginia I067855
11 Bolling, Mary Anne  25 Jan 1707/08Charles City County, Virginia I116221
12 Bolling, Robert  25 Jan 1685/86Charles City County, Virginia I042074
13 Bolling, Robert  12 Jun 1730Charles City County, Virginia I041930
14 Bolling, Thomas  30 Mar 1698Charles City County, Virginia I114549
15 Byrd, Mary Willing  Abt 1810Charles City County, Virginia I025332
16 Carter, Bernard Moore  7 Nov 1780Charles City County, Virginia I059751
17 Cocke, Frances MNU  Abt 1677Charles City County, Virginia I114106
18 Coke, Richard C.  Abt 1798Charles City County, Virginia I025333
19 Douthat, Fielding Lewis  1826Charles City County, Virginia I025319
20 Fontaine, Aaron  Bef 1753Charles City County, Virginia I125761
21 Fowler, Richard  Bef 1684Charles City County, Virginia I032089
22 Gregory, Thomas  Abt 1654Charles City County, Virginia I088388
23 Haile, John Dr.  Abt 1676Charles City County, Virginia I128672
24 Haile, Jonathan  Aft 1696Charles City County, Virginia I129813
25 Haile, Mary {Unproven}  Bef 1656Charles City County, Virginia I111893
26 Haile, Richard  Bef 1671Charles City County, Virginia I116709
27 Hamilton, Henrietta  13 May 1781Charles City County, Virginia I088407
28 Harwood, Joseph  Abt 1678Charles City County, Virginia I114082
29 Harwood, Samuel  Abt 1670Charles City County, Virginia I114083
30 Hawkins, John  8 Apr 1720Charles City County, Virginia I037386
31 Hawkins, Philemon  28 Sep 1717Charles City County, Virginia I037382
32 Howard, Anne Eleanor  Abt 1694Charles City County, Virginia I116484
33 Howell, Mary  1678Charles City County, Virginia I024342
34 Jones, Peter  1634Charles City County, Virginia I114067
35 Jones, Peter  Abt 1691Charles City County, Virginia I114070
36 Lightfoot, Francis  Abt 1725Charles City County, Virginia I037981
37 Marshall, John  Bef 1707Charles City County, Virginia I021597
38 Moody, Henry  1715Charles City County, Virginia I001141
39 Moody, Thomas  9 Nov 1757Charles City County, Virginia I093098
40 Moseby, Edward  1665Charles City County, Virginia I038059
41 Parker, Richard  Abt 1660Charles City County, Virginia I040343
42 Stith, Mary  1715Charles City County, Virginia I046742
43 Stith, Rebecca  1695Charles City County, Virginia I091060
44 Stith, William  Abt 1697Charles City County, Virginia I114296
45 Stith, William Rev.  1707Charles City County, Virginia I088462
46 Wilson, John  1637Charles City County, Virginia I114062


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ashton, Walter  Aft 1635Charles City County, Virginia I071793
2 Aston, Hannah MNU  Aft 1666Charles City County, Virginia I060574
3 Aston, Mary  1693Charles City County, Virginia I060558
4 Baker, John  Aft 1637Charles City County, Virginia I072619
5 Bathurst, Susannah  Abt 1746Charles City County, Virginia I042080
6 Bayley, Thomas  Abt 20 Sep 1620Charles City County, Virginia I107683
7 Bolling, Drury  24 Sep 1726Charles City County, Virginia I042076
8 Brayne, Richard  Aft 1653Charles City County, Virginia I068450
9 Breeden, Enoch  Between 1771 and 1781Charles City County, Virginia I098380
10 Carter, Robert  1804Charles City County, Virginia I059752
11 Chiles, Elizabeth MNU  Aft 1638Charles City County, Virginia I114034
12 Clay, William  Oct 1663Charles City County, Virginia I044647
13 Douthat, Robert  1828Charles City County, Virginia I025312
14 Glassell, Robert Alexander  6 Oct 1814Charles City County, Virginia I113521
15 Gregory, Thomas  Aft 1664Charles City County, Virginia I088388
16 Haynie, Elizabeth MNU  Aft 1635Charles City County, Virginia I041701
17 Haynie, John  Aft 1635Charles City County, Virginia I041700
18 Jones, Peter  Jan 1726/27Charles City County, Virginia I114069
19 Jones, Peter  1756Charles City County, Virginia I114070
20 Kennon, Richard  1736Charles City County, Virginia I042069
21 Kennon, Sarah  Jul 1748Charles City County, Virginia I113684
22 Major, John  1737Charles City County, Virginia I124720
23 Marshall, Henry  Aft 1638Charles City County, Virginia I023536
24 Marshall, Thomas  Bef 1706Charles City County, Virginia I023796
25 Meriwether, Elizabeth  Bef 1732Charles City County, Virginia I042082
26 Merryman, Sarah MNU  Bef 1637Charles City County, Virginia I080820
27 Moore, Anne Butler  1809Charles City County, Virginia I047086
28 Nelson, Lucy  Charles City County, Virginia I059753
29 Palmer, Priscilla  Bef 1637Charles City County, Virginia I072620
30 Perry, Henry  Aft 1637Charles City County, Virginia I072626
31 Randolph, Mary  Aft 1724Charles City County, Virginia I088384
32 Rolfe, Jane  1676Charles City County, Virginia I042086
33 Sanders, William  Aft 1639Charles City County, Virginia I072102
34 Stith, John  Between 1723 and 1724Charles City County, Virginia I088389
35 Stith, William  1749Charles City County, Virginia I114296
36 Taylor, Anne  Aft 1642Charles City County, Virginia I031906
37 Wheeler, Thomas  Aft 1637Charles City County, Virginia I072618
38 Wilson, John  1686Charles City County, Virginia I044645
39 Wilson, John  Aft 1686Charles City County, Virginia I114062
40 Woodward, Christopher  Aft 1637Charles City County, Virginia I072615


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bayley / Bayley  1617Charles City County, Virginia F42569
2 Bland / Bennett  1660Charles City County, Virginia F19925
3 Bolling / Cocke  27 Jan 1705/06Charles City County, Virginia F23546
4 Bolling / Meriwether  Abt 1715Charles City County, Virginia F23607
5 Bolling / Rolfe  1675Charles City County, Virginia F21846
6 Bolling / Stith  1681Charles City County, Virginia F23604
7 Byrd / Carter  14 Apr 1748Charles City County, Virginia F15608
8 Byrd / Taylor  9 May 1724Charles City County, Virginia F15594
9 Byrd / Willing  29 Jan 1761Charles City County, Virginia F19931
10 Christian / Stith  Bef 1730Charles City County, Virginia F37653
11 Dabney / Smith  11 Oct 1791Charles City County, Virginia F43256
12 Haile / Awbrey  Bef 1656Charles City County, Virginia F03738
13 Harrison / Burwell  1695Charles City County, Virginia F18430
14 Harrison / Carter  1721Charles City County, Virginia F14970
15 Hawkins / Howard  1714Charles City County, Virginia F46177
16 Howell / Lane  Abt 1672Charles City County, Virginia F14911
17 Jordan / Bayley  Bef 10 Dec 1620Charles City County, Virginia F42570
18 Markham / Greenleafe  Bef 20 Nov 1735Charles City County, Virginia F33913
19 Merryman / Merryman  Bef 1635Charles City County, Virginia F19031
20 Munford / Bolling  Charles City County, Virginia F43878
21 Page / Byrd  1784Charles City County, Virginia F20332
22 Parker / Parker  Abt 1650Charles City County, Virginia F22861
23 Stith / Randolph  Bef 1698Charles City County, Virginia F37010
24 Worsham / Littleberry  Abt 1643Charles City County, Virginia F00539