Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Amherst County, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Banks, Elizabeth  Bef 1768Amherst County, Virginia I114945
2 Browne, Elizabeth  Bef 1777Amherst County, Virginia I049979
3 Browne, Sarah  1 Jul 1751Amherst County, Virginia I009377
4 Browne, Susannah  Bef 1778Amherst County, Virginia I049976
5 Carter, Elisha  Abt 1770Amherst County, Virginia I116787
6 Cox, Elizabeth  Abt 1770Amherst County, Virginia I047117
7 Dent, William Joseph  26 Dec 1773Amherst County, Virginia I108540
8 Durrett, Paul H.  Abt 1805Amherst County, Virginia I036034
9 Guffey, Anne  Abt 1729Amherst County, Virginia I032620
10 Hill, Anne  Bef 1767Amherst County, Virginia I114948
11 Hudson, Joshua  Bef 1764Amherst County, Virginia I114946
12 Ownbey, Elizabeth  Bef 1722Amherst County, Virginia I036514
13 Ownbey, Mary  Bef 1722Amherst County, Virginia I036525
14 Peyton, Ephraim  25 Aug 1755Amherst County, Virginia I113718
15 Peyton, John  25 Aug 1755Amherst County, Virginia I067144
16 Rose, Susannah  1772Amherst County, Virginia I038718
17 Scott, Judith  1766Amherst County, Virginia I064959
18 Stennett, Lindsey  Abt 1782Amherst County, Virginia I036489
19 Taliaferro, Frances  21 Jul 1773Amherst County, Virginia I058960


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Banks, Mary  Amherst County, Virginia I114903
2 Banks, Rachel  Aft 1780Amherst County, Virginia I114900
3 Banks, Thomas  Aft 1773Amherst County, Virginia I114902
4 Boutwell, Mary  1798Amherst County, Virginia I058961
5 Bowling, Jean  23 Jan 1816Amherst County, Virginia I037006
6 Brockman, Elizabeth  1793Amherst County, Virginia I036408
7 Brockman, John  Bef Jul 1795Amherst County, Virginia I036394
8 Burch, John  Bef 1801Amherst County, Virginia I018416
9 Burch, Leonard  Abt 1816Amherst County, Virginia I019712
10 Camp, Samuel  Amherst County, Virginia I114943
11 Carter, Charles  1 Dec 1766Amherst County, Virginia I033190
12 Carter, Dale  Aft 1766Amherst County, Virginia I061347
13 Carter, Daniel  Bef 1788Amherst County, Virginia I033168
14 Carter, Elizabeth  Aft 1766Amherst County, Virginia I061472
15 Carter, George  Aft 1788Amherst County, Virginia I033170
16 Carter, Job  8 Nov 1782Amherst County, Virginia I033162
17 Carter, John  Aft 1766Amherst County, Virginia I061474
18 Carter, Susannah  Aft 1766Amherst County, Virginia I061473
19 Cartwright, John  Aft 1779Amherst County, Virginia I002837
20 Childress, Mary Ann  12 Jan 1821Amherst County, Virginia I062927
21 Coleman, Hawes  27 Dec 1840Amherst County, Virginia I126039
22 Crawford, David  6 Sep 1762Amherst County, Virginia I084994
23 Crawford, David  4 Aug 1766Amherst County, Virginia I110437
24 Crawford, Mary  16 May 1794Amherst County, Virginia I110438
25 Dent, Sybil  Aft 1769Amherst County, Virginia I009337
26 Dillard, Joseph  Aft 1780Amherst County, Virginia I123934
27 Gatewood, Keziah  Bef 1799Amherst County, Virginia I041502
28 Gatewood, Richard  Aft 1778Amherst County, Virginia I125318
29 Harden, Rachel Anne  Bef 1781Amherst County, Virginia I123702
30 Harris, Mary  Amherst County, Virginia I018415
31 Harrison, Battaile  Bef 7 Oct 1776Amherst County, Virginia I053819
32 Hawkins, Mildred  Aft 1758Amherst County, Virginia I036293
33 Higginbotham, John  1814Amherst County, Virginia I114944
34 Hudson, Joshua  1793Amherst County, Virginia I114946
35 Lee, Susannah  Bef 1779Amherst County, Virginia I008149
36 Milstead, Joseph  18 Jul 1803Amherst County, Virginia I013860
37 Morgan, Lucy  Aft 1766Amherst County, Virginia I033191
38 Munford, Elizabeth  Aft 1778Amherst County, Virginia I038941
39 Pendleton, Philip  1753Amherst County, Virginia I030625
40 Penn, Gabriel Fleming  Aft 1764Amherst County, Virginia I047500
41 Penn, Sarah MNU  Aft 1764Amherst County, Virginia I125147
42 Plunkett, Sarah  Amherst County, Virginia I036984
43 Pollard, Elizabeth  1751Amherst County, Virginia I089110
44 Redd, Lucy  1790Amherst County, Virginia I090291
45 Rucker, Isaac  Aft 1758Amherst County, Virginia I036983
46 Sanders, Sarah  Aft 1781Amherst County, Virginia I115839
47 Sandidge, John  21 Feb 1803Amherst County, Virginia I081975
48 Smith, Elizabeth  5 Aug 1747Amherst County, Virginia I038371
49 Smith, Thomas  Aft 1785Amherst County, Virginia I056414
50 Street, Anthony  7 Jun 1790Amherst County, Virginia I036409

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Banks / Hill  4 Nov 1783Amherst County, Virginia F45558
2 Banks / Landrum  24 Oct 1775Amherst County, Virginia F08762
3 Calvert / Cox  3 Jan 1791Amherst County, Virginia F04418
4 Camp / Banks  12 Nov 1776Amherst County, Virginia F45554
5 Dent / Browne  26 Dec 1773Amherst County, Virginia F06115
6 Durrett / Digges  8 Feb 1800Amherst County, Virginia F14570
7 Higginbotham / Banks  9 Jul 1767Amherst County, Virginia F45555
8 Hudson / Banks  1 Nov 1784Amherst County, Virginia F45557
9 Hudson / Bourne  Aft 1775Amherst County, Virginia F19283
10 Pendleton / Banks  1 Jan 1786Amherst County, Virginia F45552
11 Stamper / Parks  1750Amherst County, Virginia F20783
12 Waugh / Browne  26 Jul 1794Amherst County, Virginia F26267
13 Waugh / Browne  20 Dec 1794Amherst County, Virginia F26265