Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Westmoreland County, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abbington, Abigail  Bef 1670Westmoreland County, Virginia I030438
2 Abbington, Brookes  Bef 1683Westmoreland County, Virginia I070454
3 Abbington, James  Abt 1688Westmoreland County, Virginia I070306
4 Abbington, Jane  Bef 1670Westmoreland County, Virginia I030439
5 Abbington, Joseph  Bef 1679Westmoreland County, Virginia I030433
6 Abbington, Lawrence  Abt 1656Westmoreland County, Virginia I030432
7 Abbington, Lydia  Bef 1661Westmoreland County, Virginia I030437
8 Abbington, Mary  Bef 1660Westmoreland County, Virginia I030429
9 Abbington, Mary  Bef 1686Westmoreland County, Virginia I074668
10 Alday, Mary  Abt 1665Westmoreland County, Virginia I016344
11 Alderson, Mary  Bef 1710Westmoreland County, Virginia I079661
12 Allerton, Frances  1668Westmoreland County, Virginia I024159
13 Allerton, Jane  Bef 1719Westmoreland County, Virginia I024781
14 Allerton, Mary  1666Westmoreland County, Virginia I024158
15 Allerton, Sarah  1671Westmoreland County, Virginia I024160
16 Allerton, Willoughby  1664Westmoreland County, Virginia I023410
17 Allison, Elizabeth  1699Westmoreland County, Virginia I070129
18 Allison, Thomas  Abt 1689Westmoreland County, Virginia I070130
19 Ancrum, Anne  Bef 1679Westmoreland County, Virginia I044597
20 Ancrum, Elizabeth  Bef 1679Westmoreland County, Virginia I044599
21 Ancrum, Richard  Abt 1681Westmoreland County, Virginia I009889
22 Ancrum, William  Abt 1677Westmoreland County, Virginia I025480
23 Anderson, Elizabeth  Abt 1702Westmoreland County, Virginia I034846
24 Anderson, George  Abt 1660Westmoreland County, Virginia I029001
25 Ariss, Elizabeth  Bef 1728Westmoreland County, Virginia I086361
26 Ariss, Elizabeth  Aft 1745Westmoreland County, Virginia I030890
27 Ariss, Frances  Bef 1728Westmoreland County, Virginia I086362
28 Ariss, John  Bef 1728Westmoreland County, Virginia I062117
29 Ariss, Spencer  Bef 1725Westmoreland County, Virginia I062050
30 Armsby, Anne  Between 1651 and 1655Westmoreland County, Virginia I074503
31 Arrington, Dorcas  Abt 1709Westmoreland County, Virginia I034847
32 Arrington, Jane  Abt 1709Westmoreland County, Virginia I049111
33 Arrington, John  Abt 1712Westmoreland County, Virginia I049113
34 Arrington, Mildred  Bef 1709Westmoreland County, Virginia I074697
35 Arrington, Thomas  1689Westmoreland County, Virginia I023742
36 Arrington, Thomas  Abt 1711Westmoreland County, Virginia I049112
37 Arrington, Wansford  Bef 1680Westmoreland County, Virginia I074696
38 Asbury, Benjamin  1695Westmoreland County, Virginia I028687
39 Asbury, Benjamin  Abt 1721Westmoreland County, Virginia I037002
40 Asbury, George  Abt 1720Westmoreland County, Virginia I068688
41 Asbury, Henry  1755Westmoreland County, Virginia I035116
42 Asbury, John  1720Westmoreland County, Virginia I029821
43 Asbury, Joseph  Abt 1743Westmoreland County, Virginia I068689
44 Asbury, Mary  Bef 1746Westmoreland County, Virginia I068694
45 Asbury, Thomas  1688Westmoreland County, Virginia I028788
46 Asbury, Thomas  1726Westmoreland County, Virginia I037001
47 Asbury, Thomas  25 Jan 1757Westmoreland County, Virginia I035117
48 Asbury, William  1724Westmoreland County, Virginia I037000
49 Ashman, Mary MNU  Abt 1707Westmoreland County, Virginia I030514
50 Ashton, Burditt  Abt 1716Westmoreland County, Virginia I029236

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Abbington, Abigail  Bef 1698Westmoreland County, Virginia I030438
2 Abbington, Frances MNU  1716Westmoreland County, Virginia I070455
3 Abbington, James  Aft 1717Westmoreland County, Virginia I070306
4 Abbington, Jane  Bef 1698Westmoreland County, Virginia I030439
5 Abbington, Lydia  Bef 1698Westmoreland County, Virginia I030437
6 Adams, John  Aft 1654Westmoreland County, Virginia I071403
7 Addington, Benjamin  Bef 28 Jun 1692Westmoreland County, Virginia I070667
8 Addington, Susannah  Aft 1692Westmoreland County, Virginia I070668
9 Alday, Mary  17 Apr 1720Westmoreland County, Virginia I016344
10 Alexander, Elizabeth {Unproven}  Aft 1686Westmoreland County, Virginia I029131
11 Alexander, Robert  Aft 1664Westmoreland County, Virginia I063957
12 Allen, Mary  Bef 1721Westmoreland County, Virginia I025478
13 Allerton, Elizabeth  1762Westmoreland County, Virginia I023531
14 Allerton, Matilda  Aft 1705Westmoreland County, Virginia I034162
15 Allison, Elizabeth  Aft 1706Westmoreland County, Virginia I070129
16 Allison, Thomas  Aft 1717Westmoreland County, Virginia I070130
17 Ancrum, John  Aft Feb 1663/64Westmoreland County, Virginia I025481
18 Anderson, Abraham  25 Mar 1719Westmoreland County, Virginia I070500
19 Anderson, Robert  Bef 1728Westmoreland County, Virginia I010242
20 Ariss, John  Aft 1761Westmoreland County, Virginia I062117
21 Armsby, Anne  Aft 1722Westmoreland County, Virginia I074503
22 Armsby, Anne MNU  Aft 1661Westmoreland County, Virginia I074502
23 Arnold, Julia  Aft 1770Westmoreland County, Virginia I027607
24 Arnold, Susannah "Molly"  Aft 1791Westmoreland County, Virginia I032280
25 Arnold, Weedon  1791Westmoreland County, Virginia I037553
26 Arrington, Thomas  Aft 1656Westmoreland County, Virginia I072148
27 Arrington, Thomas  Aft 1715Westmoreland County, Virginia I049112
28 Ashland, Peter  Aft 1661Westmoreland County, Virginia I070617
29 Ashton, Burditt  8 Mar 1814Westmoreland County, Virginia I023869
30 Ashton, Dorothy  Westmoreland County, Virginia I023816
31 Ashton, Hannah  Abt 1744Westmoreland County, Virginia I032964
32 Ashton, Henry  25 Apr 1757Westmoreland County, Virginia I035907
33 Ashton, Margaret Blair  1781Westmoreland County, Virginia I071836
34 Ashton, Sarah  Aft 1813Westmoreland County, Virginia I023675
35 Attaway, Sarah  Aft 1761Westmoreland County, Virginia I024573
36 Atwell, Francis  1723Westmoreland County, Virginia I029047
37 Atwell, Francis  Aft 1770Westmoreland County, Virginia I029684
38 Atwell, Honora  Bef 1700Westmoreland County, Virginia I029044
39 Atwell, Mary MNU  1725Westmoreland County, Virginia I029072
40 Atwell, Susannah  Bef 1708Westmoreland County, Virginia I029076
41 Atwell, Susannah MNU  Abt 1735Westmoreland County, Virginia I029101
42 Atwell, Youell  30 May 1791Westmoreland County, Virginia I029105
43 Atwood, Jane MNU  Aft 1714Westmoreland County, Virginia I070403
44 Awbrey, Dorothy  1739Westmoreland County, Virginia I034250
45 Awbrey, Elizabeth  Aft 1709Westmoreland County, Virginia I029149
46 Awbrey, Hannah  Aft 1756Westmoreland County, Virginia I086312
47 Awbrey, John  28 Sep 1692Westmoreland County, Virginia I034246
48 Awbrey, Sarah  Aft 1750Westmoreland County, Virginia I034249
49 Aylett, Benjamin  Bef 1744Westmoreland County, Virginia I029182
50 Ayres, Anne  Aft 1731Westmoreland County, Virginia I082692

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Washington, Robert  15 May 1765Westmoreland County, Virginia I023669


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Appleton / Gerard  1672Westmoreland County, Virginia F02040
2 Armsby / Armsby  Bef 1650Westmoreland County, Virginia F00236
3 Berryman / Gilson  Abt 1720Westmoreland County, Virginia F02409
4 Booth / Gilson  10 Oct 1727Westmoreland County, Virginia F02410
5 Browne / Hall  1 Jan 1725/26Westmoreland County, Virginia F02870
6 Burt / Davis  Bef 1671Westmoreland County, Virginia F01499
7 Gilson / Newton  Abt 1698Westmoreland County, Virginia F02411
8 Hardidge / Gerard  Between 17 Apr 1678 and 27 Feb 1678/79Westmoreland County, Virginia F02041
9 Luttrell / Churchill  Bef 1704Westmoreland County, Virginia F00287
10 Marshall / Luttrell  Abt 1730Westmoreland County, Virginia F01000
11 Nash / Nash  Abt 1750Westmoreland County, Virginia F02668
12 Newton / Blackistone  Bef 1696Westmoreland County, Virginia F01977
13 Newton / Newton  Abt 1698Westmoreland County, Virginia F02480
14 Peyton / Gerard  Bef 11 Oct 1662Westmoreland County, Virginia F02039
15 Price / King  Westmoreland County, Virginia F00242
16 Rust / Crabb  Abt 1768Westmoreland County, Virginia F00756
17 Sanford / Franklin  Abt 1695Westmoreland County, Virginia F01572
18 Speke / Gerard  Bef 1658Westmoreland County, Virginia F02038
19 Spence / Youell  Abt 1680Westmoreland County, Virginia F00183
20 Storke / Gilson  Bef 1686Westmoreland County, Virginia F02479
21 Taylor / Darnall  1685Westmoreland County, Virginia F01779
22 Tucker / Allerton  26 Oct 1645Westmoreland County, Virginia F02028
23 Vincent / Vincent  Abt 1650Westmoreland County, Virginia F02329
24 Washington / Gerard  10 May 1676Westmoreland County, Virginia F02035