Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Kent Island, Maryland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barnes, Alice  Bef 1650Kent Island, Maryland I070979
2 Barnes, Dorothy  Aft 1654Kent Island, Maryland I070978
3 Barnes, Francis  Bef 1660Kent Island, Maryland I010082
4 Barnes, Mary  Aft 1652Kent Island, Maryland I070977
5 Barnes, Thomas  Aft 1653Kent Island, Maryland I077384
6 Bashawe, Jane  Abt 1641Kent Island, Maryland I071974
7 Bashawe, Margaret  Abt 1645Kent Island, Maryland I071709
8 Bashawe, William  1641Kent Island, Maryland I071708
9 Berry, Elizabeth  1624Kent Island, Maryland I072655
10 Browne, Richard  Bef 1645Kent Island, Maryland I082292
11 Claiborne, Jane  Abt 1638Kent Island, Maryland I051295
12 Claiborne, John  Abt 1641Kent Island, Maryland I045601
13 Claiborne, Leonard  Abt 1643Kent Island, Maryland I114060
14 Claiborne, William  1636Kent Island, Maryland I114051
15 Hardidge, William  Abt 1640Kent Island, Maryland I009504
16 Keene, Matthew  Abt 1647Kent Island, Maryland I027211
17 Keene, Sarah  Bef 1632Kent Island, Maryland I082926
18 Keene, Susannah  Dec 1646Kent Island, Maryland I039487
19 Keene, Thomas  1644Kent Island, Maryland I027216
20 Keene, William  10 Mar 1641/42Kent Island, Maryland I027214
21 Kirby, Benjamin  Bef 1700Kent Island, Maryland I098832
22 Kirby, James  Bef 1700Kent Island, Maryland I098861
23 Kirby, John  Bef 1700Kent Island, Maryland I098862
24 Kirby, Mary  Bef 1700Kent Island, Maryland I098863
25 Kirby, Matthew  Bef 1700Kent Island, Maryland I098829
26 Kirby, Rebecca  Bef 1700Kent Island, Maryland I098864
27 Kirby, William  Bef 1694Kent Island, Maryland I098859
28 Knott, Elizabeth Anne  Abt 1644Kent Island, Maryland I071702
29 Knott, George  Abt 1640Kent Island, Maryland I083000
30 Knott, John  Abt 1642Kent Island, Maryland I071700
31 Knott, William  Abt 1637Kent Island, Maryland I071701
32 Morgan, Frances  1 Oct 1656Kent Island, Maryland I093260
33 Philpott, Margaret  Abt 1641Kent Island, Maryland I068424
34 Philpott, Rebecca  Bef 1648Kent Island, Maryland I083084
35 Philpott, Robert  Bef 1636Kent Island, Maryland I071713
36 Smith, Gertrude  Abt 1636Kent Island, Maryland I046193
37 Smith, Jane  Abt 1637Kent Island, Maryland I076333
38 Stevens, Francis  Bef 1667Kent Island, Maryland I070980
39 Stevens, John  Bef 1716Kent Island, Maryland I094446
40 Thompson, Elizabeth  1642Kent Island, Maryland I027299
41 Thompson, Richard  1648Kent Island, Maryland I120398
42 Thompson, Sarah  Bef 1644Kent Island, Maryland I013878
43 Tolson, Susannah  Bef 1720Kent Island, Maryland I094443


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barnes, Isabella MNU  Aft 1667Kent Island, Maryland I070976
2 Butler, Thomas  Abt 1645Kent Island, Maryland I070628
3 Carter, Elizabeth  Aft 1716Kent Island, Maryland I068906
4 Goldsborough, Nicholas  Bef 1672Kent Island, Maryland I076842
5 Hewitt, Thomas  Aft 1642Kent Island, Maryland I067048
6 Kirby, John  Kent Island, Maryland I098862
7 Kirby, Mary  Kent Island, Maryland I098863
8 Kirby, Rebecca  Kent Island, Maryland I098864
9 Smith, Thomas  Bef 20 Jun 1638Kent Island, Maryland I046192
10 Sweatnam, William  Aft 1685Kent Island, Maryland I090774
11 Thompson, Female MNU  Bef 1641Kent Island, Maryland I047866
12 Warren, Radcliffe  12 Feb 1634/35Kent Island, Maryland I057140
13 Wright, Catherine MNU  Aft 1676Kent Island, Maryland I080922


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Barnes / Barnes  Bef 1650Kent Island, Maryland F06615
2 Bashawe / Thorley  Bef 1641Kent Island, Maryland F32694
3 Browne / James  Between 1638 and 1645Kent Island, Maryland F02949
4 Claiborne / Butler  Bef 1635Kent Island, Maryland F23061
5 Fouch / Fouch  Bef 1650Kent Island, Maryland F32660
6 Keene / Thorley  1639Kent Island, Maryland F13732
7 Knott / Berry  Abt 1640Kent Island, Maryland F22392
8 Morgan / Cox  Kent Island, Maryland F12096
9 Perry / Thorley  Bef 1647Kent Island, Maryland F35735
10 Philpott / Philpott  1640Kent Island, Maryland F15177
11 Smith / Fenwick  Bef 1635Kent Island, Maryland F20256
12 Stevens / Barnes  Bef 1666Kent Island, Maryland F32474
13 Wright / Wright  Bef 1675Kent Island, Maryland F35255