Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Hanover County, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Armistead, Mary Bowles  1783Hanover County, Virginia I115855
2 Bell, George  Abt 1731Hanover County, Virginia I110479
3 Beverley, Ursula  Oct 1698Hanover County, Virginia I124309
4 Bickerton, Alice  1730Hanover County, Virginia I124537
5 Bickerton, John Todd  Bef 1740Hanover County, Virginia I046858
6 Blackwell, John  Bef 1742Hanover County, Virginia I115702
7 Blackwell, Mary  11 Jan 1770Hanover County, Virginia I115701
8 Bradley, John  Bef 1719Hanover County, Virginia I032238
9 Bullock, Edward  Bef 1710Hanover County, Virginia I114667
10 Bullock, James  23 Feb 1734/35Hanover County, Virginia I114670
11 Burnley, Elizabeth  Abt 1742Hanover County, Virginia I128557
12 Burnley, Garland  5 Jan 1753Hanover County, Virginia I101965
13 Burnley, Keziah  Hanover County, Virginia I128561
14 Burnley, Richard  Abt 1726Hanover County, Virginia I101963
15 Chiles, Agnes  1728Hanover County, Virginia I125385
16 Chiles, Anne  Hanover County, Virginia I104522
17 Chiles, Henry  Bef 1730Hanover County, Virginia I125387
18 Chiles, Susannah  7 Aug 1738Hanover County, Virginia I125382
19 Chiswell, Elizabeth  24 May 1737Hanover County, Virginia I025348
20 Chiswell, Lucy  3 Aug 1752Hanover County, Virginia I033754
21 Chiswell, Mary  1748Hanover County, Virginia I025303
22 Chiswell, Susanna  1740Hanover County, Virginia I045608
23 Coles, Lucy  1746Hanover County, Virginia I060153
24 Coles, Walter  1740Hanover County, Virginia I060155
25 Cosby, Barbara  Bef 1750Hanover County, Virginia I113616
26 Cosby, Charles  1726Hanover County, Virginia I124523
27 Cosby, Louisa  Bef 1754Hanover County, Virginia I124525
28 Cosby, Mary  Bef 1735Hanover County, Virginia I111556
29 Crawford, Mary  3 Mar 1702/03Hanover County, Virginia I110438
30 Crump, Lucy  1715Hanover County, Virginia I101931
31 Dabney, George  1671Hanover County, Virginia I038498
32 Dabney, John  25 Dec 1726Hanover County, Virginia I038500
33 Dabney, Mary  1684Hanover County, Virginia I114165
34 Dabney, Mary Elizabeth  25 Dec 1726Hanover County, Virginia I038501
35 Dabney, Mary Frances  Abt 1744Hanover County, Virginia I038503
36 Dabney, William  Abt 1730Hanover County, Virginia I038502
37 Dandridge, Dorothea Spotswood  25 Sep 1757Hanover County, Virginia I034408
38 Dandridge, Martha 'Patty'  20 Sep 1748Hanover County, Virginia I060137
39 Darricot, Mary  Bef 1753Hanover County, Virginia I060156
40 Davenport, Charles  1738Hanover County, Virginia I028183
41 Day, Anne  18 Mar 1753Hanover County, Virginia I005242
42 Day, William  Abt 1730Hanover County, Virginia I101953
43 Doswell, William  Abt 1748Hanover County, Virginia I115705
44 Dudley, Anne Beverley  4 Nov 1734Hanover County, Virginia I125305
45 Dudley, Ursula  20 Sep 1720Hanover County, Virginia I125304
46 Duke, Amy  Abt 1725Hanover County, Virginia I131467
47 Duke, Anne  Bef 1778Hanover County, Virginia I128552
48 Duke, Elizabeth  1773Hanover County, Virginia I128551
49 Duke, James  Hanover County, Virginia I128560
50 Duke, John  Abt 1738Hanover County, Virginia I128554

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ball, Elizabeth  Hanover County, Virginia I122296
2 Bates, Benjamin  Bef 1813Hanover County, Virginia I112591
3 Bickerton, Alice  16 Jun 1773Hanover County, Virginia I124537
4 Bickerton, John  1770Hanover County, Virginia I124538
5 Bickerton, John Todd  Aft 1770Hanover County, Virginia I046858
6 Blackwell, John  Hanover County, Virginia I115702
7 Booth, Thomas  2 Sep 1756Hanover County, Virginia I044616
8 Boucher, William  1733Hanover County, Virginia I035857
9 Bradley, Elizabeth  Bef 1743Hanover County, Virginia I131127
10 Brame, Kerenhappuch  Aft 1759Hanover County, Virginia I129634
11 Breechin, James  Bef 1696Hanover County, Virginia I110444
12 Brockenbrough, William  10 Dec 1838Hanover County, Virginia I063630
13 Bullock, Edward  Hanover County, Virginia I114667
14 Bullock, Richard  Aft 1731Hanover County, Virginia I078728
15 Burnley, Hardin  Aft 1766Hanover County, Virginia I101956
16 Burnley, Hardin  Aft 1778Hanover County, Virginia I130948
17 Burnley, Sarah Garland  27 Nov 1815Hanover County, Virginia I101918
18 Carr, Anne  Abt 1725Hanover County, Virginia I131666
19 Chamberlayne, Anne Kidley  Aft 1800Hanover County, Virginia I129700
20 Chambers, Edward  1734Hanover County, Virginia I069435
21 Clayton, Elizabeth MNU  Aft 1760Hanover County, Virginia I125067
22 Clayton, John  Aft 1760Hanover County, Virginia I125066
23 Coles, Walter  Apr 1769Hanover County, Virginia I060155
24 Crew, Talitha  Aft 1812Hanover County, Virginia I112606
25 Crump, Lucy  1742Hanover County, Virginia I101931
26 Dandridge, Nathaniel West  16 Jan 1786Hanover County, Virginia I123880
27 Day, Anne  12 Jul 1835Hanover County, Virginia I005242
28 Eggleston, Edmund  Bef 1782Hanover County, Virginia I114673
29 Fox, Elizabeth  19 Apr 1814Hanover County, Virginia I115294
30 Garland, Elizabeth  19 Nov 1739Hanover County, Virginia I061106
31 Garland, Martha  Hanover County, Virginia I124519
32 Goodall, Charles  1766Hanover County, Virginia I126860
33 Graham, Duncan  Aft 1750Hanover County, Virginia I077796
34 Graves, William  Aft 1760Hanover County, Virginia I089235
35 Hardy, Thomas  Aft 1734Hanover County, Virginia I051778
36 James, Phoebe  Abt 1759Hanover County, Virginia I057345
37 Johnson, Thomas  1734Hanover County, Virginia I039826
38 Jones, Jekyll  Abt Oct 1737Hanover County, Virginia I122095
39 Jones, Thomas  21 May 1757Hanover County, Virginia I037726
40 Jones, William  1784Hanover County, Virginia I051259
41 Kercheval, Thomas Berry  2 Jan 1849Hanover County, Virginia I035511
42 Kimbrough, John  1743Hanover County, Virginia I131126
43 Lewis, John  1726Hanover County, Virginia I110430
44 Meriwether, Anne  Aft 1734Hanover County, Virginia I114340
45 Meriwether, Mildred  1764Hanover County, Virginia I039014
46 Mills, Charles  Bef 1782Hanover County, Virginia I115624
47 Mills, Charles  1828Hanover County, Virginia I115629
48 Mills, Elizabeth  22 Nov 1853Hanover County, Virginia I115631
49 Nelson, Edward  Hanover County, Virginia I124518
50 Nelson, Francis  1833Hanover County, Virginia I057333

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Anderson / Marshall  17 Sep 1797Hanover County, Virginia F04557
2 Breechin / Crawford  1687Hanover County, Virginia F43698
3 Bullock / Wingfield  Abt 1755Hanover County, Virginia F48734
4 Chiswell / Randolph  Aft 1731Hanover County, Virginia F05044
5 Coles / Darricot  27 Nov 1768Hanover County, Virginia F29073
6 Coles / Winston  Hanover County, Virginia F29057
7 Cosby / Overton  Abt 1726Hanover County, Virginia F29377
8 Dabney / Jennings  Hanover County, Virginia F45197
9 Dabney / Jennings  17 Apr 1721Hanover County, Virginia F22076
10 Dabney / Swann  Aft 1674Hanover County, Virginia F14386
11 Dandridge / Pollard  2 Aug 1779Hanover County, Virginia F18406
12 Dandridge / Spotswood  18 Jun 1747Hanover County, Virginia F20020
13 Davenport / Hamner  Abt 1733Hanover County, Virginia F17087
14 Day / Harris  Hanover County, Virginia F39830
15 Dudley / Beverley  Abt 1714Hanover County, Virginia F49135
16 Duke / Burnley  Hanover County, Virginia F50310
17 Duke / Burnley  Aft 1758Hanover County, Virginia F50305
18 Gilliam / Skelton  1751Hanover County, Virginia F31613
19 Henry / Dandridge  9 Oct 1777Hanover County, Virginia F45169
20 Jones / Skelton  Abt 1746Hanover County, Virginia F18039
21 Lewis / Martin  Abt 1738Hanover County, Virginia F22012
22 Luck / Phillips  Abt 1727Hanover County, Virginia F19132
23 Mills / Terrill  Aft 1730Hanover County, Virginia F41624
24 Minor / Berkeley  Abt 1787Hanover County, Virginia F15904
25 Nelson / Page  16 May 1770Hanover County, Virginia F15604
26 Nelson / Page  1792Hanover County, Virginia F28325
27 Nicholas / Cary  1751Hanover County, Virginia F15578
28 Overton / Carr  Abt 1705Hanover County, Virginia F51557
29 Overton / Garland  Abt 1708Hanover County, Virginia F26567
30 Overton / Overton  Aft 1744Hanover County, Virginia F51559
31 Ragland / Dudley  1759Hanover County, Virginia F49136
32 Randolph / Nicholas  29 Aug 1776Hanover County, Virginia F15615
33 Shackelford / Baker  1735Hanover County, Virginia F49200
34 Smith / Waddy  Abt 1725Hanover County, Virginia F03656
35 Syme / Meriwether  Hanover County, Virginia F41867
36 Syme / Winston  1729Hanover County, Virginia F45171
37 Taylor / Burnley  29 Aug 1805Hanover County, Virginia F39821
38 Taylor / Crump  Abt 1731Hanover County, Virginia F39824
39 Taylor / Day  1772Hanover County, Virginia F39823
40 Taylor / Marshall  20 Sep 1819Hanover County, Virginia F03782
41 Terrill / Mills  29 Sep 1767Hanover County, Virginia F45838
42 Terrill / Overton  Bef 1746Hanover County, Virginia F11182
43 Thomas / Chiles  Hanover County, Virginia F40699
44 Underwood / Pollard  Abt 1787Hanover County, Virginia F37219
45 Winston / Bickerton  3 Feb 1745/46Hanover County, Virginia F48827
46 Winston / Dabney  1701Hanover County, Virginia F45095