Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Halifax County, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bailey, Anne  Aft 1749Halifax County, Virginia I097318
2 Bailey, John Guinn  Aft 1749Halifax County, Virginia I097313
3 Bailey, Joseph  Aft 1749Halifax County, Virginia I097315
4 Bailey, Letitia  Oct 1763Halifax County, Virginia I097317
5 Bailey, Mary  Aft 1749Halifax County, Virginia I097316
6 Brumfield, Rachel  Bef 1775Halifax County, Virginia I070927
7 Brumfield, William  15 Jun 1778Halifax County, Virginia I070911
8 Carter, Francis Jackson  Jun 1774Halifax County, Virginia I061302
9 Carter, Robert  1 Jan 1769Halifax County, Virginia I061301
10 Clouds, Isaac  Abt 1700Halifax County, Virginia I037198
11 Cooksey, Vincent  1791Halifax County, Virginia I065815
12 Foushee, William  1751Halifax County, Virginia I059756
13 Hampton, Richard  25 Dec 1752Halifax County, Virginia I079507
14 Hampton, Wade  1752Halifax County, Virginia I079500
15 Harrison, James  20 Jul 1748Halifax County, Virginia I079509
16 Irby, Sarah  1760Halifax County, Virginia I031110
17 Mustain, Anna  Abt 1742Halifax County, Virginia I038153
18 Pannell, Susan W.  Aft 1783Halifax County, Virginia I114895
19 Street, Sarah  Bef 1716Halifax County, Virginia I089216
20 Wade, Sarah  Bef 1743Halifax County, Virginia I114885
21 Wright, Evans  1762Halifax County, Virginia I000420
22 Wright, John  1759Halifax County, Virginia I000417
23 Wright, Peter  1754Halifax County, Virginia I000418
24 Wright, Richard  1757Halifax County, Virginia I000284
25 Wright, William  25 Mar 1761Halifax County, Virginia I000419


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adams, John  Aft 26 Oct 1795Halifax County, Virginia I037689
2 Aldin, Martha  1784Halifax County, Virginia I127829
3 Banks, William Bruce  4 Aug 1852Halifax County, Virginia I114899
4 Barker, Kenelm  Aft 1819Halifax County, Virginia I102363
5 Bland, Anna  Aft 1750Halifax County, Virginia I033724
6 Cason, Thomas  Aft 1776Halifax County, Virginia I125923
7 Currie, George  Aft 1750Halifax County, Virginia I033773
8 Daniel, Sarah  9 Jan 1761Halifax County, Virginia I079511
9 DeJarnette, James Pemberton  9 Dec 1826Halifax County, Virginia I038927
10 Dickens, Joseph  1803Halifax County, Virginia I049816
11 Dodson, Joseph  Abt 1773Halifax County, Virginia I103620
12 Fairfax, Martha Anne  Abt 1773Halifax County, Virginia I073220
13 Gholston, Elizabeth  1779Halifax County, Virginia I035674
14 Haley, Ambrose  Aft 1757Halifax County, Virginia I124851
15 Haley, Humphrey  Dec 1787Halifax County, Virginia I125784
16 Hardin, Bethania  Halifax County, Virginia I059168
17 Harrelson, Anne  Aft 1758Halifax County, Virginia I114046
18 Harrison, John  Bef 16 Jul 1761Halifax County, Virginia I125998
19 Hubbard, Judith  Between 1801 and 1820Halifax County, Virginia I097284
20 Lunsford, Hannah  Aft 1777Halifax County, Virginia I049815
21 Mason, Susannah  1797Halifax County, Virginia I128358
22 Miller, Harman  1772Halifax County, Virginia I004232
23 Mills, Rebecca  Aft 1752Halifax County, Virginia I089665
24 Oakes, Isaac  3 May 1807Halifax County, Virginia I128361
25 Oldham, Tabitha  8 Oct 1833Halifax County, Virginia I123160
26 Pannell, John  Halifax County, Virginia I114897
27 Petty, Francis Moore  Sep 1816Halifax County, Virginia I027623
28 Pickett, Reuben  19 Oct 1823Halifax County, Virginia I004874
29 Pinn, Averilla MNU  Aft 1813Halifax County, Virginia I125786
30 Pinn, David  Bef 1797Halifax County, Virginia I125785
31 Sandidge, Mary  Aft 1798Halifax County, Virginia I035680
32 Smith, Samuel  1797Halifax County, Virginia I119823
33 Stokes, William  Aft 1759Halifax County, Virginia I114886
34 Wade, Robert  Abt 1770Halifax County, Virginia I038948
35 Wade, Sarah  Aft 1759Halifax County, Virginia I114885
36 Warren, Roxanna  24 Dec 1774Halifax County, Virginia I081989
37 Wood, Susannah  Aft 26 Oct 1795Halifax County, Virginia I118566
38 Younger, Alexander  Aft 1752Halifax County, Virginia I089666


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Banks / Pannell  17 Sep 1812Halifax County, Virginia F45560
2 Brumfield / Berry  Abt 1774Halifax County, Virginia F32642
3 Lewis / Fauntleroy  1752Halifax County, Virginia F21182
4 Pannell / Wimbish  Aft 1783Halifax County, Virginia F45556
5 Stokes / Wade  19 Apr 1759Halifax County, Virginia F22398
6 Street / Bailey  Abt 1779Halifax County, Virginia F39136
7 Turner / Irby  27 Jun 1779Halifax County, Virginia F18682
8 Wade / Hampton  Abt 1736Halifax County, Virginia F22341