Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Cumberland County, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Carrington, Edward  11 Feb 1747/48Cumberland County, Virginia I104182
2 Carrington, Elizabeth Griffin  1 Oct 1790Cumberland County, Virginia I104103
3 Carrington, George Mayo  5 Apr 1792Cumberland County, Virginia I104104
4 Carrington, Mayo  1 Apr 1753Cumberland County, Virginia I104187
5 Carrington, Richard Adams  29 Sep 1793Cumberland County, Virginia I104099
6 Clay, Elizabeth  13 Jan 1755Cumberland County, Virginia I065048
7 Clay, Henry  19 Sep 1736Cumberland County, Virginia I065051
8 Clay, Rebecca  14 Nov 1752Cumberland County, Virginia I000148
9 Fleming, John  Bef 1757Cumberland County, Virginia I114554
10 Hix, Jesse 'Hicks'  Abt 1765Cumberland County, Virginia I036493
11 Marshall, Alexander  1746Cumberland County, Virginia I000906
12 Marshall, Capt. Francis  8 Nov 1750Cumberland County, Virginia I000905
13 Marshall, William  1768Cumberland County, Virginia I000985
14 Prewitt, Frances  1760Cumberland County, Virginia I123830
15 Prewitt, Isham  1753Cumberland County, Virginia I123831
16 Price, Polly  14 Mar 1774Cumberland County, Virginia I133446
17 Price, William  3 May 1776Cumberland County, Virginia I133447
18 Woodson, Susannah  1754Cumberland County, Virginia I022442
19 Wright, Sarah  30 Oct 1784Cumberland County, Virginia I133448


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Boulware, Stark  Aft 1764Cumberland County, Virginia I133444
2 Bowker, Ralph  Aft 1767Cumberland County, Virginia I124155
3 Browne, James  6 Aug 1814Cumberland County, Virginia I129562
4 Carr, Eleanor MNU  Aft 1762Cumberland County, Virginia I086704
5 Cary, Mary  26 Jan 1797Cumberland County, Virginia I057339
6 Chambers, George  23 Sep 1782Cumberland County, Virginia I069442
7 Clopton, Elizabeth  Bef 1772Cumberland County, Virginia I115606
8 Coleman, Grizzell  Aft 1827Cumberland County, Virginia I126758
9 Daniel, John  Aft 1765Cumberland County, Virginia I116744
10 Daniel, William  Aft 1765Cumberland County, Virginia I116741
11 DeJarnette, Anne  13 Jun 1787Cumberland County, Virginia I038928
12 Edwards, William  1784Cumberland County, Virginia I126756
13 Guthrey, Alexander King  20 Jul 1817Cumberland County, Virginia I131082
14 Harrison, Benjamin  Aft 1762Cumberland County, Virginia I034705
15 Hobart, Daniel Campbell  1776Cumberland County, Virginia I054479
16 Meador, Jonas  5 May 1768Cumberland County, Virginia I044056
17 Meador, Thomas  1776Cumberland County, Virginia I084045
18 Price, Catherine  Cumberland County, Virginia I133443
19 Price, John  Cumberland County, Virginia I038498
20 Randolph, Beverley Gov  1797Cumberland County, Virginia I033770
21 Smith, Martha  Aft 1760Cumberland County, Virginia I114852
22 Spearman, Mary  6 Aug 1823Cumberland County, Virginia I129565
23 Thornton, William Mynne  1856Cumberland County, Virginia I067153
24 Watkins, Edward  1765Cumberland County, Virginia I048884
25 Watkins, John  10 Mar 1785Cumberland County, Virginia I061523


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bradley / Harrison  Bef 1793Cumberland County, Virginia F42190
2 Clay / Povall  9 Apr 1753Cumberland County, Virginia F30597
3 Edwards / Coleman  27 Mar 1750Cumberland County, Virginia F42085
4 Fleming / Fleming  Abt 1748Cumberland County, Virginia F45295
5 Page / Nelson  1799Cumberland County, Virginia F08188
6 Prewitt / Brumfield  1774Cumberland County, Virginia F32458
7 Prewitt / Brumfield  19 Feb 1778Cumberland County, Virginia F32457
8 Randolph / Randolph  11 Sep 1794Cumberland County, Virginia F45284
9 Wright / DeJarnette  Between 1783 and 1784Cumberland County, Virginia F22214