Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Thomas Blackman

Male Bef 1679 - 1738  (> 59 years)

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  • Name Thomas Blackman 
    Born Bef 1679  St. Mary's County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender Male 
    Died 23 Jan 1737/38  St. Mary's County, Maryland - Admin Find all individuals with events at this location 
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    Last Modified 7 Mar 2021 

    Father William Blackman,   b. Bef 1659,   d. 2 Mar 1711/12, St. Mary's County, Maryland - Probate Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age > 53 years) 
    Mother Cecily MNU Blackman,   d. 30 Nov 1715, St. Mary's County, Maryland - Inventory Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Married St. Mary's County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Family ID F31334  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

    Family Anne Brewer,   b. Bef 1711, St. Mary's County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Aft 1740, St. Mary's County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age > 31 years) 
    Married Bef 1727  St. Mary's County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location 
     1. Thomas Blackman,   b. Bef 1727,   d. 1 Dec 1747, St. Mary's County, Maryland - Inventory Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age > 20 years)
    Last Modified 7 Mar 2021 
    Family ID F31333  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

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      Thomas Blackman 24.51 SM 66.19.7 Jan 23 1738 Mar 8 1738
      Appraisers: Samuel Abell, Charles Joy.
      Next of kin: minors.
      Administratrix/Executrix: Ann Blackman.
      Thomas Blackman 17.528 A SM 66.19.7 94.13.5 Jun 14 1740
      Received from: James Stark, John Bould, Enoch Joy, John Railey.
      Payments to: Mr. John Cartwright.
      Distribution to: widow (unnamed, 1/3).
      Residue to (orphans): Thomas Blackman, William Blackman, Mary Blackman.
      Administratrix: Ann Blackman
      Daniel Richman 19-1/2.154 I 4.15.0 Oct 11 1698
      Appraisers: Mich Rely, Peter Joys.
      Mentions: Thomas Blackman.
      John Sewell 19.58 A SM 28.0.0 19.1.10 Jun 14 1699
      Payments to: Mr. Robert Mason per Arthur Thompson, Mr. John Hance per James Sewell, William Norris, John Wad, Capt. Holland per Ignatius Sewell, Thomas Blackman.
      Mentions: 5 orphans (unnamed).
      Administratrix: Ann Head (relict), wife of Adam Head.
      Peacock, Paul, St. Mary's Co., 9th June, 1709; 13th Aug., 1709.
      To wife Eleanor, extx., dwelling plantation during life.
      Toeld. dau. Mary, atsd. plantation at decease of wife and during life of Ignatius, son of Richard Renwick, Sr.
      To son Paul, 47 A., , on w. side Napkin branch during life of Ignatius Fenwick afsd. Son to be of age at 18 if wife shall marry.
      child. (undesignated), personal estate.
      Test: Thomas Blackman, John Abell, Thos. King, John Miles.
      Part 2-12.. 157.
      Elinor Peacock 31.12 I SM 49.13.0 Dec 22 1709
      Appraisers: Thomas Blackman, Ja. Bright.
      Creditors: John Bell, John Miles.
      Samuel Harris 33A.180 I SM 6.11.3 Jan 16 1711
      Appraisers: Thomas Blackman, Richard Winsett.
      Approvers: James Greenhill, John Brown.
      Thomas Davies 338.12 I SM 26.7.6 Apr 9 1712
      Administrator of Eleanor Peacoke.
      Appraisers: Thomas Blackman, John Miller.
      Creditors & Next of kin: Samuell Abell, Mary Peacoke.
      William Steward 34.174 I SM 7.12.6 Apr 7 1713
      Appraisers: Robert Ford, Thomas Blackman.
      Creditors: Henry Nowell, Henry Lowe, Jr.
      Next of kin: none.
      William Steward 3513.108 A SM 7.12.6 10.8.10 Jul 29 1713
      Received from: Thomas Cooper.
      Payments to: Mr. Henry Lowe, Henry Nowell, Thomas Blackman, John Katch, William Arthur, Robert Ford, John Attaway.
      Administratrix: relict (unnamed), now wife of John Jones.
      William Walker 36A.103 I SM 10.14.4 Mar 20 1713/4
      Appraisers: John Miles, Thomas Blackman.
      Creditors: Thomas Reasey, John Jones.
      Next of kin: Thomas Walker (brother), Richard Walker (brother).
      Benjamin Bucklar 36A.101 I SM 5.4.1 Apr 3 1714
      Appraisers: Thomas Blackman, Thomas King.
      Creditors: Edward Coleboth, Cornelius Manley.
      Next of kin: John Goldsbery, William Goldsbery.
      Benjamin Buckler 363.266 A SM 7.5.11 7.8.2 Jan 20 1714
      Payments to: Edward Cole, Mr. Henry Lowe, William Gouldsberry, Thomas Blackman. Administrator: John Miles.
      Micheall Realy 36A.100 I SM 28.4.0 Jun 8 1714
      Appraisers: Richard Wimsat, Thomas Blackman.
      Creditors: John Abel, John Brown.
      Next of kin: John Realy, John Neavil.
      Michael Reyley, Sr. 38B.5 A SM 8.10.0 7.7.7 Oct 4 1716
      Payments to: Richard Vowell, Mr. Henry Lowe, Thomas Blackman, Francis Dillon.
      Administrator: Henry Reyley.
      John Nuthall, Jr. 37A.138 A SM 2238.2.5 2175.16.5 Sep 3 1716
      Received from: Hector Macklean of Peter Ivy, Mr. Robert Newstop.
      Payments to: Mr. Wornell Hunt, Mr. Thomas Sprigg, Thomas Coope, Hector Macklain, William Marea Farthing, William Combs, John Read, James Makin, Martha Welman, John Sewell, Thomas Blackman, Lewis Hassell, Col. Henry Lowe. Executrix: Ellianor Nuthall.
      John Silence 1.51 SM 9.6.8 Mar 11 1717/8
      Appraisers: Thomas Blackman, John Mills.
      Creditors: John Abell.
      Approvers: Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer, Henry Lowe.
      Simon Scott 1.28 SM 4.9.6 Feb 26 1717/8
      Appraisers: Thomas Blackman, John Reley.
      Creditors: Cul. Sawell, George Brewer.
      Simon Scott 1.30 A SM 4.9.6 10.11.8 Jun 3 1718
      Payments to: Mr. James Bowls, Thomas Blackman & John Ryley, Cudbert Sewall, Adam Head.
      Administratrix: Ann Scott.
      Goldsberry, John, planter, St. Mary 's Co., 29th Mar., 1718.
      To son Robert, lease of 60 A. and personalty.
      To son William, personalty.
      To Margaret Goldsberry, grandson Edward Goldsberry and John (son of William Goldsberry), personalty.
      Residue of estate to sons Robert and William, equally.
      Test: Thos. Blackman, Thos. Thornley, Margaret Goldsberry (Gouldsberry). 14. 640.
      John Goldsberry 1.313 SM 23.3.8 May 7 1718
      Appraisers: Thomas Blackman, John Miles.
      Creditors: Thomas Blackman, John Reley.
      George Brewer 18.327 SM 49.5.9 Feb 5 1733 Jun 6 1734
      Appraisers: Samuel Abell, Jonathon Seal.
      Creditors: Samuell Abell, John Brewer.
      Next of kin: Thomas Blackman, John Brewer.
      Administratrix/Executrix: Christian Brewer.
      John Jones (innholder) 11.89 SM 53.10.3 May 3 1725 Aug 6 1725
      Appraisers: M. Jenifer, Thomas Blackman.
      Creditors: Robert Elliott for Richard Webster, Richard Hopewell.
      Next of kin: Mary Jones.
      Administratrix: Ann Jones.
      John Jones 7.369 A SM 53.10.3 116.4.5 May 20 1726
      Received from: Thomas Gardiner, Mathew Mason, Capt. Hopewell, Robert Elliott. Payments to: securities (unnamed) for deceased in judgement obtained by George Forbes, Mr. Hopewell for use of Mr. William Cumming, John Abell, Mr. Craghill, Ma. Farthing, William Kennedy, Thomas Blackman.
      Administratrix: Ann Jones.
      John Buttler (innholder) 11.7 SM 30.5.6 May 4 1725 Aug 4 1725
      (also John Butler)
      Appraisers: M. Jenifer, Thomas Blackman.
      Creditors: Richard Hopewell, J. Abell.
      Next of kin: "minors".
      Administratrix: Joannah Butler.
      Richard Wimsett (planter) 11.139 SM 37.1.0 Oct 28 1725 Nov 4 1725
      Appraisers: John Miles, Thomas Blackman.
      Creditors: Michaell Raley, John Silence.
      Next of kin: Richard Wimsett, John Wimsett.
      Administratrix: Sarah Wimsett.
      John Butler 7.372 A SM 30.5.8 45.7.7 Jun 2 1726
      Received from: Capt. Hopewell.
      Payments to: Capt. Hopewell, Mr. Key, Mr. George Bowles, Mr. Michael Jenifer Thomas Blackman, Thomas Jolley.
      Administratrix: Johannah Butler.
      William Goldsberrey 11.334 SM 12.9.5 Apr 8 1726 Jun 7 1726
      (also William Gouldsbery)
      Appraisers: John Miles, Thomas Blackman.
      Creditors: John Vowles, Samuel Abell.
      Next of kin: Robert Gouldsberrey, John Gouldsberey.
      Administratrix: Sarah Goldbary.
      Administratrix/Executrix: Sarah Covington.
      Henry Miles 12.139 SM 19.0.0 Jun 22 1727 Jun 29 1727
      Appraisers: John Abell, Thomas Blackman.
      Next of kin: Mary Miles, Mary Mils.
      Administrator: John Miles.
      William Abell 17.328 SM 23.2.10 May 24 1733 Aug 8 1733
      Appraisers: Thomas Blackman, Jonathon Seale.
      Creditors: George Plater, John Patchall.
      Administratrix/Executrix: Ann Abell.
      William Abell 13.136 A SM 23.2.10 23.8.6 Jun 9 1735
      Sureties: Richard Halsell, John Edwards (St. Mary's Hundred).
      Received from: Robert Phillips.
      Payments to: Richard Walker, George Plater, Esq., John Patshall, Thomas Thomson, John Abell, John Gibbins, Capt. John Hucks, Capt. John Hicks, Daniel Evans, Thomas Blackman.
      Distribution to: widow (unnamed, 1/3). Residue to: William Abell, Richard Abell. Administratrix: Ann Abell.
      Hugh Williams 12.279 A SM 25.5.10 29.0.6 Apr 29 1734
      Sureties: Samuel Abell, Christopher Sener.
      Received from: William Stone, William Dunkon.
      Payments to: James Smith, Thomas Spalding, William Mafarthing, Robert Allen, Thomas Blackman, Robert Ford, Thomas Lowe, Martin Yates, Samuel Abell. Administratrix: Isabell Williams.
      Robert Scott (clerke) 13.18 A SM Apr 16 1735
      Received from: Capt. John Hicks, William Letherland, Thomas Blackman, Thomas Crafte, Robert Clarke, John Chesley, Thomas Reader, Thomas Hill, John Howard, John Harp on, Rice Jenkins, Nicholas Miles, John Smith, James Wood, Benjamin Fendall (Charles County), Thomas Green, James Clark, Samuel Johnson.
      Payments to: Thomas Brooke, Alexander Bail, James Warwick, John Rousby, Esq., John Walker, Robert Elliot, Cornelius Wildman, Charles Hodgkin, Mrs. Calvert (administratrix of Charles Calvert, Esq. (gentleman)), Benjamin Tasker & Daniel Dulany, Esq., William Shelley, Betty who Mr. Scott aforesaid to Mr. Greenfield, Benjamin Tasker, Esq.
      Legatees: Susanna Murray (niece).
      Executor: Philip Key.
      George Brower 13-161 A SM 49.5.9 65.1.11 Jun 3 1735
      Sureties: Michael Raley, Richard Hassell.
      Received from: William Howard, Jude Gatton, Thomas Williams, Paul Peacock.
      Payments to: Samuel Abell, John Goddard, Jonathon Seale & Samuell Abell, Capt. John Hicks, Edward Oeggs due to Lord Baltimore.
      Distribution to: widow (unnamed, 1/3).
      Residue to: John Brower, George Brower, Ann Blackman, Susannah Brower, Mary Brower.
      Administratrix: Christian Browed.
      Joy, Peter, St. Mary's County, 13th Aug., 1733, 12th Apr., 1740.
      To wife (unnamed) dwelling plantation.
      To sons Charles, Ignatius, Enoch, John Baptist and Anthanasius and their hrs., "Bebergham" in Talbot Co.
      To son Enoch, personalty.
      To child, viz., Charles, Ignatius, John Baptist, Athanaslus,
      Sarah, Mary and Ellinor, residue of estate.
      Ex.: Son Ignatius.
      Test: Thomas Blackman, Robert Elliott, William Moor. MCW 22.166.

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