Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Thomas Gosling

Male Bef 1674 - 1745  (> 71 years)

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  • Name Thomas Gosling 
    Born Bef 1674 
    Gender Male 
    Died 21 Feb 1744/45  St. Mary's County, Maryland - Probate Find all individuals with events at this location 
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    Family Elizabeth Hunton,   b. Bef 1678, Calvert County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 10 Mar 1761, St. Mary's County, Maryland - Probate Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age > 83 years) 
    Married Bef 1694  Calvert County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location 
     1. Anne Gosling,   b. Bef 1705, Calvert County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 4 Apr 1767, Calvert County, Maryland - Inventory Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age > 62 years)
    Last Modified 15 Feb 2020 
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      GOLFLING, THOS., St. Mary's Co. 27 Apr, 1740 21 Feb, 1744
      Wife ELIZABETH, extx., all my estate.
      Wit: John Adams, Philip Scirven, Roger Copsey, David Hughes 24. 18
      Mr. Thomas Gosling 30.303 SM £707.15.6 Feb 26 1744 Mar 6 1744
      Appraisers: Clement Gardiner, Thomas Mattingly.
      Creditors: Roger Copse Philip Key.
      Next of kin: William Tiler.
      Administrator/Executor: William Fowler.
      Thomas Gosling 22.348 A SM £707.15.6 £189.3.5 Sep 10 1746
      Received from: Benjamin Reeder.
      Payments to: Stephen Edwards, Mr. Philip Key, Mrs. Ann Greenfield, Mr. William Cartwright, Mr. Thomas Aisquith, Roger Copsey, Daniel Dulany, Esq., Thomas Mattingly.
      Administrator: William Fowler.
      Gardner, Richard, Calvert County, 15th Jan., 1693; 18th Apr., 1694.
      To William Wickam and Thomas Stone and their hrs., 230 A. (unnamed).
      To sisters, viz., Jone Benett and Mary Gardner, living at William Scott's in Oxfordshire, Eng., to goddaus. Eliza: Hall and Cibby Jowles, and to James Crook and Thomas Gosling, personalty.
      To wife Margery, extx., and hrs., residue of estate, real and personal, including 300 A., "The Parting Path," 80 A., "The Garden Spot," and 100 A., "Hopewell" in St. Mary's Co.
      Test: Chas. Ashcom, Jas. Keeth, Luke Gardner, Chas. Carles. 2. 265
      Joseph Hartley 17.104 I SM Apr 25 1698
      Appraisers: Nathaniel Owen, Thomas Hall.
      Mentions; Ann Hartley (widow).
      List of debts: Mr. Tanny, Thomas Goslin, Nathaniell Ureers, Thomas Hall, James Reach.
      Wood, Edward, Calvert Co., 13th Feb., 1697; 31st Mch., 1698.
      To wife Sarah, extx., dau. Eliza: and son Edward, 160 A., home plantation, jointly.
      Guardians: Ignatius Sewell, Thos. Gosling.
      Test: Thos. Gosling, Eliza: Gosling, Dorothy Avery. 7, 372.
      Hugh Ellis 18.143 A CA £143.15.2 May 12 1699
      Payments to: Symon Wooten, Col. John Bigger, executor of William Moss, Mr. George Lingan, Mr. William Turner, Mr. Hugh Jones, Jonathon Willson assigned to John Maccall, John Siennett, Mr. Thomas Greenfield, Mr. Jones for funeral sermon for a child (unnamed) of the deceased.
      Distribution to: Ignatius Sewell who married a daughter (unnamed), Thomas Goslin who married a daughter (unnamed), Charles Fowler who married a daughter (unnamed) of Mordecai Hinton.
      Executrix: Ruth Manning, wife of John Manning.
      Sewell, Ignatius, Calvert Co., 16th Mar., 1703-4; 20th May, 1704.
      Estate to be divided according to law among wife and child. (all unnamed).
      Exs.: Wife (unnamed) and brother Thomas Goslln.
      Test: Geo. Gray, Chas. Fowler, Sarah Fowler. 3.253.
      John Willymott 32C.141 A CA £13.13.2 £12.15.9 Jun 20 1711
      The amount of the inventory also included #1500.
      Payments to: David Brown, Thomas Goslin, John Smith of Cox Town, John Webb, Capt.
      John Hyde per William Young.
      Administratrix: Anne Willymott.
      Thomas England (taylor) 36A.104 I CA £23.9.3 Nov 8 1711
      Appraisers: Thomas Edmonds, Thomas Goslin.
      List of debts: John Chittam, Bryan Macdaniell, Jeremiah Sherydine, John
      Godsgrace, Adam Crawford, Thomas Edmonds, William Edmonds, George Price, John West, William Morgan, Patrick Kelley, Symon Gray, Michall Wilse, John Wilkinson, Col. Bigger, Thomas Tucker, John Smith, Thomas Hix, James Lamb, Thomas Jones, Charles Fowler, Elisabeth Mauldin, Thomas Gauslin, John Stinnett
      Administrator: George Gray.
      Josuah Suttcliff 36B.190 I £34.1.6 Feb 2 1714
      Appraisers: Thomas Edmonds, Thomas Goslin.
      William Billingly 37C.7 I CA £28.11.4 Aug 9 1716
      Appraisers: Thomas Edmonds (also Thomas Edmons), Thomas Goslin.
      Parker, George, Calvert County, 1st Mar.,1710; 5th Apr., 1711.
      To wife Susanna, during life, land "Clahammon," she paying yearly to Joseph Tilley money due on same; also to wife land adjoining bought from Jonah Wilson and that land ---- at the landing, bought from John Parker.
      To son Gabriel, land afsd. bequeathed wife at her decease, also lot in Hunting Towne and "Clarke's Inheritance" in A. A. Co. where Richd. Clarke lived.
      To dau. Eliza: and hrs., land ---- bought of Thos. Atterberry.
      To dau. Susanna and hrs., 250 A., part of "Swin S (illegible) Rest," near branches of Fishing Creek.
      To dau. Mary (Marie) and hrs., "Clarke's Walkes" on branches of Patuxent, also part of "Roper Gray" nr. head of South R., bought of "Old" Wm. Roper and his son Henry, and 100 A., part of "Johnson's Farm," in freshes of Patuxent, bought of Robert Sawel.
      To dau. Sarah and hrs., land ---- near Buzzard's Island, bought of Thos. Gosling.
      To eld. son of Robert Spickernell, personalty.
      Brother Preston and Bryan Mackdaniel to have 3 yrs. to pay certain indebtedness.
      Indenture of Jno. Conaway and Evan Evans to be 4 yrs. from their arrival.
      Wife Susannah, extx., and also to act in testator's place in administration of estate of her father, Gabriel Parrot; she and child. afsd., residuary legatees, excepting dau. Eliza:, who is to have only what is specified above.
      Test: Elias Poleman, William Elt, Elinor Elt. 13. 201.
      Mr. George Parker 34.1 A £1825.15.7 £592.10.2 Jun 19 1713
      Mentions: Adam Crawford, Jacob Gross.
      Received from: William Creed, Jr., John Stutciett, Thomas Goslin, Charles Fowler, Capt. Jenifer, James Dorsey, Thomas King for self & John Lackland, Daniell Imboe, Michael Devarighan, Richard Freeman, John Wilkinson, William Meads, Jr., John Smith of Cox Towne, Thomas Hicks, John Vance, Edward Dorm, Richard Dallam, Robert Hall, William Wadsworth, Sampson Waring, William Turner, John Brooke, Richard Harrison, Mary Johns, Joseph Harriss, Jos. Baker, Elias Poleman, Col. Walter Smith, John Bowling, Walter Smith of St. Leonard, Roger
      Brooke, Jos. Cecell, Peter Madrin, Evan Evance, Luke Gardner & John Brooke, Robert Skinner, Richard Rake, Adderton Skinner, Henry Cope, James Carroll, George Freeman, Michael Wilde.
      Payments to: Christopher Beans, William Morgan, Francis Dalahide, Thomas Gassaway, William Bladen, Edward Lloyd, Esq., William Sturmy, John Smith, Mr. Poleman, Richard Dallam, William Elt, estate of Gabriel Parrott (deceased was executor), Evan Evance, John Conaway, John Welch, Peter Madrin, George Freeman, John Wilkinson for Jos. Cecell, Mr. Samuel Peeler Creditors John Godwin, Mr. Thomas Bordley, Mr. D'Emillians, Mr. William Bladen, Katherine McGomery, administrator of Jos. Blake, Richard Dallam, Deane Cooke (merchant in London), Mary Chambers, Gabriel Packer per Dean Cock.
      Legatees: accountant, Mathew Spicknell.
      Executrix: Madam Susannah Parker.
      Sewell, Mordecai, St. Mary 's Co 11th Jan., ; 18th Jan 1721
      To Thomas Gosling Hutchins (son of John Hutchins) and hrs., 170 A. "Mackgrinday," Calvert County, where his father now lives; shd. he die without issue, to Elizabeth Waters and hrs.
      Ex.: Uncle Thomas Gosling.
      Test: Thomas Hall, Thomas Eberdine, Henry Gibbins (Gibbens). 17, 90.
      George Parker 14.210 A CA £8.17.9 Apr 3 1736
      Received from: Thomas Goslin, John Lodin, Michaell Devan, Wornell Hunt, William Kidd, John Preveil.
      Payments to: Danniell Dulany, Esq.
      Mentions: parties interested are of age.
      Executrix: Susanna Mackall, wife of John Mackall, Esq.
      Mrs. Martha Dansey 10.1 £374.18.2 Jun 30 1724 Jul 21 1724
      Appraisers: James Keech, Thomas Goslin.
      Next of kin: two minor daughters (unnamed) of Mr. James Greenfield.
      Executor: Mr. Charles Ashcom.
      Charles Ascomb 34.156 A SM £1532.11.3 £1843.12.5 Mar 23 1712
      Received from: Capt. John Hide, Mr. Nathaniel Rouse.
      Payments to: Maj. William Dent, William Taylard, Abraham Downey Willis
      Aisquith, George Muschamp, Jacob Morland„ George Plater, Esq., Mr. Willis Bladen, Mr. Henry Fernley, Luke Gardner, Commissary Brooke.
      Mentions: Thomas Gosling.
      Distribution to: widow (unnamed, 1/3rd), 4 children (unnamed).
      Administratrix: Martha Dansey, wife of John Dansey, Esq.
      Mr. James Keech 11.522 SM £219.0.11 Jul 6 1726 Jul 4 1726
      Appraisers: Charles Ashcom, Thomas Goslin.
      Creditors: John Cade, Rand. Morris,
      Next of kin: Elisabeth Keach, Margerett Seager.
      Executrix: Mrs. Mary Keech (widow).
      Francis Sweales 14.8 SM £26.18.8 Feb 5 1728 Apr 7 1729
      Appraisers: Thomas Goslin, Thomas Hall.
      Creditors: Hans Beech, William Bullock.
      Next of kin: John Attway, William Bullock.
      Administrator: Thomas Fish.
      Cosmos Parsons 13.319 A SM £75.13.6 £48.8.1 Sep 13 1735
      Received from: John Langly, William Spalding, Isaca Shamel, Thomas Taney, Thomas Hutchinson, William Eliot,. Thomas Fish, Robert Caplet', Nicholas Whitehorne.
      Payments to: John Brady, John Parnham, Mrs. Ann Greenfield, Martha White, Thomas Tippet, Thomas Walters, Thomas Winard, Charles Strong, Joseph Patchall, John Seager, Luke Barber, George Bowles, Thomas Goslin, John Bready, Isaac Shamell, William Albort, Capt. John Hicks, Sarah Queen, Thomas Hutchinson.
      Legatees: Grace Clark.
      Executor: John Parsons.
      Phillip Briscoe 7.216 A CH £459.15.0 £181.12.7 Dec 3 1725
      Received from: John Bucknam, Ralph Bayley, William Kingsland, William Ward, Sr., Samuel Love, George Witter, Anne Short, Robert Parker, John Chunn, Jr., George Dement, Sr., Richard Burroughs, Jacob Morriss, Robert Luddall, Robert Lovell, John Edwards, Thomas Birch, John Burroughs, James Swann, John Magrah, Hans Dollar, John Dyson, Margarett Maddox, Giliham Wood, Edward Davis, Jr., James Keech, Thomas Dyson, Mary Gardiner, John Rye, William Theobalds, Samuel Turner, John Scott, Sr., James Watersforrest, John Poslon, John Clarke, John Davie, John Graves, William Huntington, Jos. Allen, Jr., Thomas Hunt, Daniel Morphey, Mary Lattimar, Samuel Chunn, John Fairfax, Robert Clare, Thomas Beech, Francis Clarke, Thomas Alpin, Samuel Johnson, Patrick Fanell, Thomas
      Gosling, Samuel Mahoney, Joseph Douglass, Jos. Pile, William Cooke, Francis Wheatly, John Birch, William Harris, Daniel Short, Sarah Carter, John Tippett Benjamin Douglass, Thomas Allstone, Samuel Maddox, Sr., John Sympson, John Williams, Sarah Douglas, Michael Branson, John Chunn, Sr., John Parry, Benjamin Reeder, Timothy Dunaway, Charles Smith, Robert Cull, George Scroggen, Wiliam Cage, John Noe, Sr., Benjamin Shoks, John Cartwright, Charles Phillpott, John Rayfield, Nicholas Farrell, Justiniah Birch, Mary Baley, William Throne, Gilbert Lewis, Oliver Birch, John Attaway, Charles Yates, Edward Loyd, Percival Pearson, Matt. Barnes, Maddox, John Johnson, Barton Smoot, Thomas Douglas, Robert Yates.
      Legatees: Susannah Briscoe (wife), Susannah Compton, Anne Wood, Mr. Charles Ashcomb, William Howard.
      Executor: John Briscoe.
      John Patchal 21.236 SM £17.19.6 Dec 9 1735 Mar 3 1735
      Appraisers: Clement Gardner, Thomas Gosling.
      Creditors: Peter Davis, Thomas Fish.
      Next of kin: "one minor".
      Administratrix/Executrix: Sarah Patchall.
      Col. Thomas Truman Greenfield 24.175 SM £69.0.0 May 4 1739
      Appraisers: Clement Gardiner, Thomas Gosling.
      Creditors: T. T. Greenfield.
      Will of ANTHONY WILLIAMS. I Anthony Williams of Stafford County in Virginia being sick & weak .. give & bequeath unto my wife ANN & Daughter ROSE all my whole estate that was properly my own before I married her to be equally divided between them both and in case thereof my daughter should dye before she comes to the age of fifteen years then to be divided between my son in law JOHN SHARP & THOMAS GOSLING I give to SIMON GOSLING a gun .. to my daughter Rose 340 acres of land lying and being near the head of Quanticott Creek in case whereof she should dye to be divided equally between John Sharp and Thomas Gosling. I give to SAML. JAMES one hundred pounds of Tobo. I appoint JOHN PEAK & EDWD. BARTON my sole Executors .. this 29th day December 1699.
      Signed and sealed in presence of us (no signature)
      Thomas Kent Junr., Ann x Morise,
      August 15th 1700 then recorded.

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