Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Josias {Land Records} Fendall

Male Abt 1630 - 1692  (~ 62 years)

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  • Name Josias {Land Records} Fendall 
    Born Abt 1630  England Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender Male 
    Died 4 Nov 1692  Perquimans County, North Carolina Find all individuals with events at this location 
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    Father Family Fendall 
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      Charles County Circuit Court Liber D, Page 75
      Acknowledgment by Edward Swan and Susanna Swan to Wm. Ward:
      17 Aug 1658; John Lugar, late sec'y to the Province, for transporting several persons, due land which was granted to James Walker, assignee of John Lugar, son of John Lugar; a parcel of land on the west side of Wicomico; called WALKER'S RUNN; containing 200 acres; /s/ Josias Fendall; recorded, Philip Calvert, Sec'y
      Charles County Circuit Court, Liber A; 11 December 1660, Page 116
      295; 24 Oct 1660; George Thompson, Gent., empowers "my true and loving friend" Mr. Thomas Hussey to assign over to Josias Fendall, Esq. an order by Mr. Hennery Adames against Walter Ges for 1100# of tobacco provided Fendall deliver my bill for 850# of tobacco and for the remainder will vouch safe; 22 Oct 1660; /s/ George Thompson; wit. Tho. Allanson, Henry Addames
      Liber A, Page 116, folio 296; Charles County Circuit Court, Microfilm Cr 35,689, Court 12 Nov 1660.
      296. Henry Adames of Portobacco assigns George Thompson an Order of Court against Walter Ges for 1100# of tobacco and cask; 22 Oct 1660; /s/ Hennery Addames; wit. Tho. Allanson, Tho. Hussey
      Liber A, Page 116, folio 297; Charles County Circuit Court, Microfilm Cr 35,689, Court 12 Nov 1660.
      Thomas Hussey, atty. to Mr. George Thompson, assigns the full sum of tobacco unto Josias Fendall, Esq.; 24 Oct 1660; /s/ Tho. Hussey; wit. Tho. Allanson, Steaphen Monntague 12 November 1660
      Liber A, Page 116, folio 298; Charles County Circuit Court, Microfilm Cr 35,689, Court 12 Nov 1660.
      Josias Fendall, Esq., Gov., enters caveat to administer estate of William Warren, dec'd; debt 2500# of tobacco
      Liber A, Page 116, folio 299; Charles County Circuit Court, Microfilm Cr 35,689, Court 12 Nov 1660. Humphrey Atwickes enters caveat to be next creditor satisfied from estate of William Warren; debt of 688# of tobacco
      [George Thompson returning to office at the restoration of Proprietary rule]

      Liber A, Page 117, folio 301; Charles County Circuit Court, Microfilm Cr 35,689, Court 12 Nov 1660.
      Proclamation regarding death of his Sovereign Lord, King Charles and the succession of Charles the Second; 19 Nov 1660; "God Save the King and Lord Proprietor"; /s/ Philip Calvert
      Liber A, Page 117, folio 302; Charles County Circuit Court, Microfilm Cr 35,689, Court 12 Nov 1660. To the Governor and Council of Virginia and all Captains and Masters of ships trading to Maryland and to all Magistrates and officers and other subjects in these parts: Josias Fendall, late governor under Lord Baltimore, has raised a faction within the Province against Lord Baltimore; 3 July 1660; By his Majesties Command /s/ Edward Nicholas; Jo. Daniell, notary public 1660
      Liber A, Page 118, folio 303; Charles County Circuit Court, Microfilm Cr 35,689, Court 12 Nov 1660
      A Proclamation by the Governor of Maryland regarding Josias Fendall's sedition and asking for loyalty to the Proprietary and Crown; given at the Indian Quarter near Newtowne on 19 Nov 1660; /s/ Philip Calvert
      Liber A, Page 118, folio 304; Charles County Circuit Court, Microfilm Cr 35,689, Court 27 Nov 1660 Proclamation by the Governor and Council of Maryland: Whereas Josias Fendall, late governor of this Province, has contrary to his oath and trust raised sedition against the Right Honorable Lord Proprietor and whereas the King's most excellent Majesty in protection of his Lordship ... by letters directed to the Governor and Council of Virginia and to all Captains, masters of ships trading to Maryland, and to all Magistrates and officers and other his Majesties Loyal Subjects in their parts ... to assist in quelling the insurrection hear for avoiding of bloodshed, and least apprehension of guilt and punishment...I do hereby decree a free and general pardon to all persons ... in Charles County who were endaged in the last mutiny and sedition .... except Josias Fendall and John Hatch .... provided they do immediately submit unto his Lordship's government .... St. Maries, 27 Nov 1660; God Save the Lord Proprietor; /s/ Philip Calvert.
      Liber A, Page 118-119, folio 305; Charles County Circuit Court, Microfilm Cr 35,689, Court 27 Nov 1660
      Philip Calvert, Esq., Lt. and Chief Governor of the Province of Maryland, to: James Langworth, Thomas Stone, Hennerie Addames, Francis Pope, James Linsey, Christopher Russell, Thomas Baker, Gentlemen, greeting:
      Taking into serious consideration the distracted condition of this Province for the present and that justice may not be delayed to the endamagment of any person these are the names of the Lord Proprietary to impower you or any four or more of you whereof the said James Langworh, Thomas Stone or Hennery Addames to be always one to take into your custody the old Commission for the peace and government of Charles County together with the records of the said County and by the rules and orders in the said commission prescribes justice to all persons to administer within the said County until further orders from me given under my hand and seat of the Council this 12 Jan 1660; /s/ Philip Calvert

      I do likewise appoint Nicholas Guither High Sheriff of the Charles County and George Thompson clerk of said County for the time being; Is/ Philip Calvert
      Liber A, Page 119, folio 306; Charles County Circuit Court, Microfilm Cr 35,689, Court 27 Nov 1660
      The Oath of the Commissioners of Charles County; to do equal right to the poor and the rich to the best of your cunning wit and power and after the presidents and customs of this Province and Acts of Assembly thereof .... to hold sessions and courts as directed ... collect all fines ....
      Liber A, Page 120; Charles County Circuit Court, Microfilm Cr 35,689, Court 12 Feb 1660/1
      William Barton, Jr. demands warrant against Josias Fendall in action of the case; subpoena William Robisson, John Morris and Gils Tomkinson
      Charles County Circuit Court, Liber A; 24 Sep 1661, Page 154 - 155 - 156
      Mrs. Mary Vanderdunke, Plt.; Mr. Thomas Lomax, atty. of Capt. Josias Fendall, Def.; Capt. Fendall sent a servant man to her house with an injured leg and a carpenter and another man with a canker in his mouth which she cured and was denied payment

      Capt. Fendall appoints Thomas Lomax as his atty.; 24 Sep 1661; /S/ Josias Fendall; wit. Henry Jaques (mark), Christopher Russell; defendant appeals to Provisional Court; plaintiff produces a note send by Fendall dated 4 Jul 1661 asking her to treat his servant; James Walker, age ca 40 years, swears plaintiff did treat the servant and took good care of him; Richard Morrice, age ca 24 years, said he was at Mr. Vanderdunkes when Capt. Fendall desired to have his man Hennery home and deponent was asked to notice the condition of the leg; Thomas Crakson, age ca 22 years, swore that when Capt. Fendall sent the man to Mrs. Vanderdunkes the leg was in very bad condition; mentions Mr. Gerrard; Defendant appealing to Provincial Court; granted
      Charles County Circuit Court, Liber A; 4 Nov 1662, Page 259 - 260
      Mrs. Margerie Batten, relict of Capt. William Battin, merchant, lately deceased appoints Capt. Josias Fendall, Gent. as her attorney /s/ Margery Battin (mark); wit. George Newman, Thomas Lomax, Edmond Pinson, Josias Fendall, Gent., appoints Thomas Lomax as his attorney; dated 18 Nov 1662; /s/Josias Fendall; wit. John Legat, Edmond Pinson

      Received 11 Dec 1661 of Richard Dodd one hogshead of tobacco for the use of Capt. Batten; /s/ Fran. Batchelor

      Charles County Circuit Court, Liber B, 28 Jul 1663, Page 134 - 135
      Mr. Arthur Turner, Plt.; James Boulin by his atty. Capt. Josias Fendall, Def.; referred till tomorrow morning; defendant requests oaths be given; Thomas Lomax swore that George Thompson bought 2 sow pigs of Humphery Atwicks to be delivered to James Smalwood, servant of Capt. Fendall; James and another boy came on the Sunday night and this deponent saw Humphrey deliver them; the next night the pigs came home with the sow; Humphery Atwickes swore that he sold 2 pigs to Mr. George Thompson which he gave to Capt. Fendall's servant, James Smalwood and that he saw the pigs and they were marked with Mr. Arthur Turner's mark; James Smalwood swore that Mr. George Thompson gave this deponent 2 pigs which Humphery Atwickes was to deliver to him; he brought them a way and they ran away again on Monday night and returned to Humphery's house; Mr. Humphery Warren swore that in the year 1661 before December that he had a hogshead of tobacco received of Mr. Arthur Turner; about the 6th or 7th of December and the tobacco was gone
      Charles County Circuit Court, Liber B, 10 Aug 1665, Page 479 to 482
      Mr. Daniel Johnson acknowledge the ensuing conveyance of land to Mr. Samuell Fendall, Gent. Indenture 8 Aug 1665 from Daniell Johnson, planter, and Samuell Fendall, Gent.; for 10,000# of tobacco and cask; two parcels of land; one parcel on the west side of Wicokomeco River and the west side of Zachia Swamp called Daniell's Mount;of 100 acres; another parcel called the Lion's Den on the west side of the main fresh at the head of Wicokomeco River bounding land of Capt. Josias Fendall; laid out for 300 acres; /s/ Daniell Johnson; wit. Josias Fendall, Benjamin Rozer
      Charles County Circuit Court Liber F, Page 150
      8 Nov 1675; Indenture from William Jenkinson, planter, and Mary his wife, to Henry Hawkins, farmer; for 5,000# tobacco; a parcel of land formerly known at Goate's Lodge; bounded by Zachia Swamp, and Capt. Josias Fendall; containing 150 acres; /s/ William Jenkinson; wit. James Smallwood (mark), Robert Hart (mark)
      Charles County Circuit Court Liber I, Page 214
      30 Nov 1681; Indenture from Josias Fendall to Henry Hawkins, farmer; for 30,000# tobacco a parcel called Fair Fountaine on the west side of the main fresh at the head of Wicomico River; laid out for 1,000 acres; /s/ Josias Fendall, Henry Hawkins; wit. William Gwyther, Anthony Evans
      Charles County Circuit Court Liber K, Page 170; 28 Apr 1683;
      Indenture from Josias Fendall, Gent., and Mary his wife to William Digges of St. Mary's Co.; for 60,000# tobacco 14,000 acres on Wicomico River; two tracts both in possession of Walter Bayne and conveyed from Walter Bayne to Henry Fendall; also 50 acres granted John Franson, planter, with landing and liberty to build boats upon 40 acres; /s/ Josias Fendall, Mary Fendall; wit. William Dent, Richard Beaumont

      Prince George's County Land Records, Folio 26; Indenture, 25 May 1701
      From: Joseph Duglace of Charles County, Gent.
      To: Francis Collier of Calvert County
      For 50£a 100 acre parcel of the 1,050 acre Cook Spring Manner in Fendall's fresh; originally granted to Capt. Josias Fendell now occupied by Duglass
      Signed: Joseph Duglace
      Witnessed: William Hollyday and Joshua Hall
      Endorsement: 28 May 1701 signed Rob't Tyler and James Stoddart
      Alienation: 25 Jun 1701 Francis Collier paid the sum of 2s, 100 acres of land for use of Rich'd Bennett and James Heath
      Prince George's Land Records 1730-1733 - Liber Q, Page 206
      Enrolled at request of Samuel Breshears, Sr. 23 Jan 1730:
      Indenture, 16 Sep 1730; Between William Mills, planter, and Samuel Breshears, planter; for £21.2.6; westernmost part of a tract called Letchworth taken up by Thomas Letchworth of Calvert Co. on the west side of the Patuxent River between land of Josias Fendall and called Mount Pleasant; containing 95 acres; /s/ William Mills (mark); wit. Jere. Belt, Edw. Sprigg; ack. William Mills 16 Sep 1730
      Prince George's Land Records 1739-1743 - Liber Y - Page 282.
      May 11, 1741 from Francis Collier of PG, planter, son and heir of Charles Collier of PG, decd, which sd Charles Collier was heir at law to Francis Collier of PG, Gent., his uncle, decd, to James Edmonston of PG, Gent. Whereas by deed dated Mar 27, 1714 between Benjamin Dowglass of Charles County, planter, grandson & heir at law of John Dowglass, late of the same county, Gent., of the one part, and the sd Francis Collier (the uncle of the sd Charles Collier, which sd Charles Collier was father to the now Francis Collier, party to these presents), by which deed it was recited that whereas the sd John Dowglass, in his lifetime, was seized of a parcel of land lying in the Freshes of Petuxent River in PG called Cold Spring Manor, containing 1050 acres & by his will dated Dec 14, 1678, devised to his son, John Dowglass, father to the sd Benjamin, 550 acres of land, being part of Cold Spring Manor, when he arrived at age 21, with all the privileges belonging to the Lord of a Manor and to his heirs, which parcel of 550 acres the sd John Dowglass, father of the sd Benjamin Dowglass, by his PG deed, sold to sd Francis Collier, and whereas likewise, by PG deed dated May 27, 1701 between Joseph Dowglass of Charles County, Gent., of the one part, and the afd Francis Collier decd of the other part, sd Joseph Dowglass sold to sd Francis Collier, part of a tract of land containing 1050 acres of land called Cold Spring Manor, formerly granted to Capt Josias Fendall, bounded by a parcel of land that John Dowglass sold to sd Collier standing on the brow of a hill between the two branches of Fendalls Fresh, containing 100 acres. Now this deed witnesses that the sd Francis Collier, party to these presents, for 30 £, sells to sd James Edmonston, all the sd tract of land containing 550 acres, and all that other tract of land containing 100 acres. Signed - Francis Collier. Wit - Thos Dawson, James Kendall, Thos Owen*, Jno Hawkins Jr*. Received of Mr. James Edmonston (by the hands of Mr. John Hawkins Jr), the alienation fine. Recorded May 20, 1741.
      1642-1753 Rent Rolls Charles County, Maryland Hundred - Wicomico: Rent Roll page/Sequence: 287-31: DIGGES PURCHASE: 401 acres; Possession of - 401 Acres - Digges, Elizabeth (Madam): Surveyed 10 July 1683 for Col. William Digges near Hatch's Creek, the land formerly in 2 tracts in the possession of Josiah Fendall: Other notes - Resurveyed into Digges SETTLEMENT alias No Name 13 Jan 1713, folio 383,
      1642-1753 Rent Rolls Charles County MD Hundred - Port Tobacco: Rent Roll page/Sequence: 324-156: DANIELS MOUNT: 100 acres; Possession of - 100 Acres - Barton, William: Surveyed 16 July 1662 for Daniel Johnson on the West side of Wicomico River on the west side of Zachia Swamp: Conveyance notes - 100 Acres - Samuel Perrie from William Barton; 11 Nov 1713, 100 Acres - Alexander Hawkins from Samuel Perrie; 15 June 1738,30 Acres - John Miller from Samuel Perrie; 1 March 1742, 25 Acres - Barton Smoot from Samuel Perrie; 1 March 1742, 80 Acres - Charles Smoot from Samuel Perrie; 1 March 1742, ,
      1642-1753 Rent Rolls Charles County MD Hundred - Port Tobacco: Rent Roll page/Sequence: 324-159: LYONS DENN: 300 acres; Possession of - 100 Acres - Dawson, Nicholas: 100 Acres - Hutchinson, William: 100 Acres - Taylor, Widow: Surveyed 22 June 1663 for Daniel Johnson on the West side of the main fresh at the head of Josias Fendall.: Conveyance notes - 100 Acres - William Hutchinson from Nicholas Dawson; 17 April 1710, John Hutchinson from John Browne; 25 Dec 1720,300 Acres - John Martin from John Hutchinson; 6 July 1722, 140 Acres - Peter Wood from John Martin; 14 Aug 1724, 140 Acres - John Baptist Boarman from Peter Wood; 9 Dec 1736, 140 Acres - Henry Hawkins from John Baptist Boarman; 1 Feb 1736, John Martin from John Martin Sr.; 10 November 1737; John Hanson from John Martin Jr.; 23 Aug 1750
      1642-1753 Rent Rolls Charles County MD Hundred - Port Tobacco: Rent Roll page/Sequence: 325-169: GOATS LODGE: 150 acres; Possession of - 150 Acres - Hawkins, John: Surveyed 23 July 1659 for James Smallwood beginning at a bound tree in the woods being a bound tree of ZACHIA MANOR: Other Tracts Mentioned: ZACHIA MANOR; ; ; Conveyance notes - 150 Acres - Thomas Hawkins from John Hawkins; 6 Jan 1721,
      Prince George's County, Maryland - Land Owners at Time PGCo Was Formed - 1696: Tract Name: COOL SPRING MANOR; Owner: Fendall, Josias: Orig County = V {Charles = C, Calvert = V}; Patent Date: Jul 2, 1649 : Ref: Liber Q f 198 : Map Location: X-11

      Chancery Court Proceedings, 1673-74
      http://aomol.net/megafile/msa/speccol/sc2900/sc2908/000001/000051/html/am5 1--108.html

      Idem ad S.d Henry Adams & Benj.a Razer Gentl to inquire after a parcell of Land Called Battins Dales Lying in Charles County and on the west Side of Wiccocomoco River and on the west Side of Zachiah Swamp being about a mile north from a parcell of Land Called Daniell's Mount Containing one thousand acres more or Less, in the possession of Josias ffendall as tis Said whether William Battin of Charles County Dyed possessed thereof & who was his next heir &c Ret Imediate Teste ut Supra
      Chancery Court Proceedings, 1675-76.
      http://aomol.net/megafile/msa/speccol/sc2900/sc2908/000001/000051/html/am5 1--168.html
      Chancery Court Proceedings, 1675-76

      Caecilius &c To the Sheriff of Caecil County Greeting Whereas it
      p. 140 (fol. I74) appeareth in the Records for Land Remaining in our Secretarys office that by our Grant under our Great Seal of o.r s.d Province of maryld bearing date the 7.th day of January in the 28th year of our Dominion Annoq Domini 1659 Grant unto Cap.t Thomas Howell now late deced all that parcell of Land Called ifarley Lying on the East Side Chesepeake Bay on the South Side of a Creek Called fendalls Creek Beginning at a marked Oake near the mouth of the sd Creek Respecting the Land of Josias ffendall Esp to the East Running South South west down the Bay for breadth three hundred Twenty perches to a marked Oake by the Bay Side Bounding on the South by a line drawn East from the Said oake for Length three hundred & twenty pches on the East by a line drawn North North East for breadth Three hundred Twenty five pches untill it Intersects a paralell drawn from fendalls Creek on the North by the Said Creek and paralell on the west by the sd Bay Containing and Laid out for Six hundred & fifty acres more or Less And the Said
      Thomas Howell (as we are Informed haveing Surreptitiously ob
      tained a patent for the said parcell of Land Contrary to our Con
      ditions of plantation of our sd Province We Comand you that by
      Good & Lawfull men of yor Bailywick you make known to the
      heirs of the s.d Cap.t Thomas Howell or the heirs of James Brown
      late deced that they be before us in our Court of Chancery y.e 8.th
      day of ffebruary next to Shew Cause if any they have wherefore
      the Letters patent of the Land af.d made ought not to be Revoaked
      & adnulled & the Same into our hands he Seized & further to do &
      Receive what our S.d Court Shall do or Grant to be done in this
      behalf And how you Shall Execute this precept you make known to
      our Said Court the day afores.d & have you there this writt Wittness
      our Self at our City of S.t maries y.e 11th day of Jan.ry in y.e 44.th
      year of our Dominioti &c Annoq Domini 1675

      Proceedings of the Court of Chancery, 1669
      Volume 51, Page 336
      http://aomol.net/megafile/msa/speccol/sc2900/sc2908/000001/000051/html/am5 1--336.html

      Josais ffendall ad q.d damnum of Charles County Sued out a writt
      of ad quod damnum directed to the Sheriff of Charles County to Sett
      a water mill upon the Runn of water near the wading place in
      wiccocomoco River Running Between Charles County and S.t maries County with Licence on that Side of the sd Runn of Water in Charles County to Sett the mill ret sine ditione Teste the 3.d November 1669
      The Same writt issued to the Sheriff of S.t maries County
      Provincial Court Land Records, 1676-1700; Volume 717, Page 25

      This Indenture Made the Tenth Day of May in the second yeare
      of the Dominion of Charles &c over this Province and in the year of OurLord One Thousand Six hundred Seaventy Seaven Betweene Cap.t Josias Fendall of Charles County Gentl of the One part And Major John Dowglas of the Same County Gentl of the other part Wittnesseth that the said Josias Fendall as well for and in Consideracon of the quantity of Twenty Thousand Pounds of Tobacco and Caske paid before the Ensealing and Delivery hereof By the said John Dowglas whereof and Wherewith the said Josias Fendall doth Acknowledgehimselfe Satisfyed Contented and paid and thereof and of Every part and parcell thereof doth Acquitt and Discharge the Said John Dowglas hisheyres Exec.rs and Adm.rs and Every of them by these p.rsents as alsoe for divers Good Causes and Consideracons and Consideracons him hereunto moveing have Granted Bargained Sold Assigned Sett over and Confirmed and by these p.rsents Doe fully Clearly and Absolutely Grant Bargaine Sell Assigne Sett over and Confirme unto the Said John Douglas his heires Exec.rs Adm.rs andAssignes All that parcell or Tract of Land Scituate Lyeing and Being in Calvert County Called Cold Spring Manno.r Lyeing on the West Side of Petuxent River in the Fresh Beginning att A Marked Oake Standing neare A Fresh Runn Called Bowens Brooke and Running South and by West Downe the River forBreadth Five hundred and Fifty Perches to A Fresh Runn in A Marsh Called Fendalls Fresh Bounding on the South with the said Fresh Running West and bySouth for the length of Three hundred and Twenty Perches on the West with A line drawne North and by East from the End of the South and by West line for the length of Five hundred and Fifty Perches on the North with A Line drawne East and by South from the End of the North and by East line into A Brooke Called Bowins Brooke On the East with the said River The Patent bearing date the Twenty Fifth day of September in the yeare of Our LordOne Thousand Six hundred Fifty Eight in the Twenty Seaventh yeare of the Dominion of Cęcilius Containing and laid Out for One Thousand & FiftyAcres more or lesse All and singular which said parcell of Land togetherwith all and Singular the Pastures Feedings Comon Comons of PastureRange for Hoggs Woods underwoods Water Water Courses Fishings Fowlings Wayes Easements profitts Comodityes and Heradittaments whatsoever tothe said Land belonging or in any manner of Way Apperteyning To Have and to Hold the said parcell of Land and all and singular the premisses afore mentioned to be hereby Bargained and Sold with the appurtenances and Every part and parcell thereof whatsoever before named or Recited unto the said John Dowglas and his heires Exec.rs Adm.rs and Assignes for Ever Yeilding and payeing yearly the Lord Proprietaryes Rents for the said parcell of Land in manner and form as is in the Patent for the same Exprest And the said JosiasFendall for himselfe his heires Exec.rs and Adm.rs Doe CovenantGrant and Agree to and with the Said John Dowglas his heyresExec.rs Adm.rs and Assignes and Every of them by these presents that he the said John Dowglas his heyres Exec.rs Adm.rs and Assignes Shalland may Lawfully Peaceably and quietly Have Hold Occupy Possesse & Enjoy all and Singuler the premisses before by these p.rsents Bargained and Sold and Every part and parcell thereof with Every the Rights members and Appurtenances without the lawfull Lett Suite trouble Eviction Expulsion interruption or Demand of or by the Said Josias Fendall or of or by his heyres Exec.rs or Adm.rs or any or Either of them orof or by any other person or psons Lawfully Claimeing from by or under themor any of them or to theire or any of theire uses or By from or under theire Title Meanes or procurement as alsoe Acquitted and Discharged orwithin Convenient Time after Reasonable Request made well and sufficientlySaved and Kept harmlesse of and from all and all manner of formerother Bargaines Sales and Estates former Leasses Titles Dowers Rights or Titles of Dowers Joyntures Uses intailes Wills Rent Charges RentServices Arearages of Rents Statutes Recognizances Judgements ExecuconsTitles Troubles Charges and Demands whatsoever had made DoneComitted or Wittingly or Willingly Suffered by the said Josias Fendall hisheyres or Assignes or any of them or of or By any other person or psons whatsoever lawfully Claimeing By from or under them or any of them or to theire or any of theire Uses or by theire or any of theire Titles Estates meanes or procurement And the said Josias Fendall for himselfe his heyres Exec.rs and Adm.rs All and Singular the Before Bargained premises with theire Appurtenances and Every part and pcell thereof unto the Said John Dowglas his heyres Exec.rs Adm.rs and Assignes to the intent & meaning aforesaid Shall & will warrant and for Ever defend by these p.rsents In Wittnes whereof the partyes first above namedto these p.rsent Indentures have Interchangeably Sett theire hands and Seales the Day and Yeare First above Written Signed Sealed and Delivered Josias Fendall Sealed
      in the p.rsence of
      Hum Warren Richard Uvedale
      On the Back of the foregoing Deed was Written (Viz.t)
      Memorandum that this Day (to wit) the Tenth day of May in the
      Second yeare of the Dominion of Charles &c and in the yeare of Our Lord God One Thousand Six hundred Seaventy and Seaven Before Us Thomas Notley and Benjamin Rozer Esq.rs Justices of the Provinciall Court psonally appeared the within named Josias Fendall and Mary his wife (And the Said Mary being privately and Secretly Examined according to the forme of the Statute in that Case Provided) The said Josias did Acknowledge the within writeing to be his Act and Deed and the said Mary did voluntary and of her owne free will without Compulsion Consent thatthe p.rmisses within mentioned Should imediately passe from the Sayd Josias to the sayd John according to the Tenno.r force and Effect of the Within Indenture Taken and Acknowledged before Us according to the forme of the Statute aforesaid the Day and Yeare Abovesaid
      Thoma Notley
      Benj.a Rozer

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