Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Samuel Goosey

Male Bef 1650 - Aft 1699  (> 51 years)

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  • Name Samuel Goosey 
    Born Bef 1650  Calvert County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender Male 
    Died Aft 1699  Charles County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location 
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    Father Family Goosey 
    Family ID F08109  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

  • Notes 
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      Thomas Barbery 4.519 I #8655 Aug 16 1677
      Appraisers: Daniell Ryplson, Samuell Goosey.
      Approvers: Henry Rigg.
      John Greyer 6.25 I CA #4143 Sep 12 1677
      Appraisers: Samuel Goosey, Nicholas Buttrum.
      John Brooke 4.238 A CA #28191 #35102 Sep 13 1677
      Mentions: administratrix's brother Edward Isaack, 2 orphans (unnamed).
      Bills received: Edward Isaac, Joseph Williams, John Sewell, Joseph Isaac, Samuell Goozey, Richard Bond, Henry Hill, John Dosset, Thomas Robinson, Thomas Arnold, Christopher Baynes, Thomas Sherridine, James Thompson, James Gardiner, Richard Crackbourne, John Wilson, William Singleton, Richard Dury, John Lawrence, Richard Webb.
      Payments to: William Clarke, Thomas Cosden, John Dosset, Richard Crackbourne.
      Isaac Vantricak (?) 6.305 I #8188 Jun 24 1679
      Appraisers: Samuell Goosey, Symon Wootton.
      Izaacy Vantry 7A.240 A Jul 26 1680
      Payments to: Mr. Samuell Goosey, Mr. Godard, Mr. Robert Hith, Mr. Thomas Cosden, John Scott, Thomas Tasker, Bernard Johnson, Timothy Gunton, John Wright, Thomas German, Mr. Creycroft, Nueman Barber.
      Administrator: Jockem Kriestede.
      Daniel Goldson 6.252 I #12970 Jul 2 1679
      Appraisers: Samuel Goozey, Francis Huttchins.
      List of debts: William Brown, James FluckPenny, William Sedgwicke, Thomas Cannon, Richard Fountains, John Greece, Christopher Thomas, Dorman Magrough, Thomas Morrice, Thomas Boulton, Henry Webb, Samuel Lester, John Allen, Arthur Nuttwell, Thomas Chappell, Roger Blackhurst, John Cassell, Gabriel Trustze, David Loyd, Benjamin Harrison, Dorringo Gambrell, William Moffett.
      Charles Gosfright 6.631 A CA *22646*52830 Feb 13 1679
      Received from: Mr. Richard Hill, Mr. Carrew, William Jones, James Williams, Francis Collier, Peeter Burges, John Dossett, Bernard Johnson, Thomas Norman, Joseph Dawkins, Samuell Goosey, Col. Henry Jowles, Mr. Weatley, Henry Cole, William Lyle, John Muffett, John Manning, Tidua Magruder, John Price, Peeter Archer, James Gardner, Thomas Sprigg, Simon Edwards, James Rumsey, Thomas Greenfield, William Jones, Thomas Ellis, James Keech, Samuell Taylor, Capt. Beale, Cornelius Watkinson, John Chittum, Andrew Tonehill, John Bowling, Jonathon Goosey, William Wadsworth, Patricke Dew, John Smith, William Needham, Jone Jenkins, Paule Buesey, Samuell Griffith, Edward Prouin, William Parker, James Thompson, John Johnson, Robert Lashley, Simon Stasey, Thomas Blandford, William Collinwood, Robert Standley, Nathaniel Stanton, Theophilus Twiford.
      Payments to: William Bolter (servant), John Cotton (servant), John Chittam, Nicholas Painter paid to Thomas Tasker, Thomas Tasker, Col. Jowles, Mr. George Gosfright (father) by bill by Mr. John Ely master of Heron of London, Peeter Burges, Mr. Craycroft, sheriff's fees for arrests at suit of Dr. Lane & Thomas Tasker, John Rodgers, Thomas Tasker for serving 7 arrests at suit of John Rogers & Capt. Bolter & Dr. Jowles & John Chitham & Rodger Brooke & John Catten & James Harrison, William Calvert, Esq., Richard Marsham.
      Executors: Richard Marsham, George Lingham (also George Lingam).
      Charles Gosfright 7C.8 A CA #99033 #101699 Apr 14 1682
      Legatees: administrator.
      Payments to: Thomas Binck, William Herbert, Francis Spencer, John Atky, John CreyCroft, Maj. Charles Boteler, Francis Fookes, Joseph Dawkins, Daniell Godson, Samuel Goosey, Richard Smith, Michaell Allen, Nicholas Wilson, John Stone, George Bussey, Edward Gibbs on judgment vs. Michael Tenney, Michael Tenney, Francis Voginne, Peter Arthur, John Rogers, Simon Edwards, John Grover, John Sewell, William Marckes, Thomas Sturdica, John Feild, William Wood, Thomas Tasker, James Harrison, John King, Thomas Green, Dr. Samuell Lane, Jane Jenkins, George Lingam, Philip Lawrence, Francis Collyer, Henry
      Robert Rider 73.150 I CA #8632 Feb 28 1679
      Appraisers: Mr. Samuel Goozey, Mr. John Leech.
      Approvers: John Bigs, Andrew Bradey, Thomas Greenfield.
      William Parker 7A.128 I CA #102821 Mar 4 1679
      Appraisers: George Parker, John Rance.
      Mentions: Mr. Thomas Francis.
      List of debts: Francis Malden, John Gary, William Ireland, Charles Parvie, John Loftus, Samuell Goozey, Henry Mitchell, Henry Mitchell paid to Edward Husband, Nicholas Fumes, Henry Viney, Richard Pollard, John Boone, Capt. Samuell Bourne, John Sunderland, Samuell Holdsworth, William Barnet, John Kent, James Gilsthrope, Nat. Smith, John Hall, Samuell Garland, John Purnell, William Farmer.
      Administratrix: wife (unnamed) of Mr. Nicholas Painter.
      Gervise Shaw 6.522 A CA #9711 #10188 Nov 14 1679
      Payments to: Samuel Goosey, Charles Boteler, Col. Henry Darnall, James Ramzey, William Sedwick, John Bigger.
      Administrator: Bernard Johnson.
      Thomas Cosden 8.60 I CA #138604 Jun 19 1683 Jun 23 1683
      The amount of the inventory (#138604) is equivalent to £173.11.10-1/2. See also folio 322.
      Servants mentioned: Margarett Wise, Frances Rolls, Susanna Acton, William Olifant, Alexander Kanare, John Hall, John Barker, Edward Banks, Owen McDannell, Mary Maly.
      Appraisers: Richard Smith, Jr., Christopher Banes.
      Mentions: Mr. Parks.
      List of debts: Charles Boteler, Henry Brendt, George Keith, Richard Gohus, George Barker, Thomas Tasker, Richard Dawson, Christopher Kellett, Thomas Arnold, William Parker, Henry Hollis, Richard Crackbourne, Commissioners, Francis Collyer, Capt. Samuell Bourne, Bazill Waring, George Browne, Dr. Bourne, Evan Davies, John Bigger, Thomas Sturdica, Robert Smith, Col. Henry Darnall, John Griggs, Hugh Edwards, Edward Clarke, Joseph Haywood, Robert Spickewale, Nicholas Buttrum, William Howes, Jr., John Taman, Richard Melshans, Henry Viney, George Brissey, John Muffett, Richard Pelley, William Barton, Christopher Rousby, Nicholas Sewell, Richard Stallings, William Collens, John Dunkin, William Kemster, Thomas Tucker, John Holloway, Richard Bond, William Barnett, Jeremiah Simpson, Robert Mines, Thomas Symonds, Thomas Bincks, Benjamin Laurence, Francis Billingsly, George Coale, Henry Lowe, Francis Hyams, Henry Kent, John Boone, George Abbot, Francis Freeman, Samuell Holseworth, James Rumsey, John Manning, Henry Mitchell, Matthew Turner, Abraham Clarke, James Nuthall, Dr. Mullens, David Morgan, Joseph Dawkins, Samuell Vines, Thomas Robertson, Richard Broughton, Mr. Darcey, William King, John King, Francis Mawlden, Robert Webb, Ninian Beall, Charles Harrington, Richard Keen, John Scott, Francis Huchins, Vincent Farwy, Thomas Clegatt, Samuell Taylor, Thomas Cleaverly, Thomas Starling, John Creycroft, George Lingham, Roger Brooks, Francis Doringhton, peter Archer, James Crauford, John Locker, Yockham Kershad, Capt. Richard Ladd, John Loveday, John Rogers, Robert Jones, Jeremiah Johnson, Rouland Lolea, Robert Taylor, Richard Gardiner, William Browne, Peter Olson, William Melton, Samuell Holdsworth, Peter Burgis, Thomas Rogers, Richard Charlett, William Colewood, Richard Marsham, Michael Tawney, Andrew Tannehill, John Darnall, Richard Pollard, Nicholas Painter, Dr. Wooton, Christopher Person, Thomas Banks, Cornelius Watkinson, Richard Edwards, Richard Williams, Richard Swan, John Turner, Henry Orton, Thomas Brookes, William Turner, George Young, Symon Edwards, Capt. Roger Baker, Edward Batson, William Creed, Thomas Crowder, Samuell Goosey, John Grover, Joseph Baker, John Russell, Thomas Simpers, Nicholas Willson, John Bennett, Richard Sheredin, James Hithe, Henry Trueman, John Gaffe, Francis Fookes, Thomas Edwards, Mr. McCartney, James Bigger, George Johnson, William Marks, Nicholas Nichollson, Thomas Sedgewick, George Curwen, William Mitchell, Col. Henry Jowles, Francis Swinfen„ Charles Bathurst, Mordica Hunton, Mr. Fife, Dr. Crawford, Amos Bagby, John Powell, Marke Clare, Thomas Bloomer, Philip Coocksey, Edward Pack, Robert Fenwick, Robert Andrewes, William Wallis, Samuell Warner, Gustavus White, Henry West, Henry Devine, Robert Skinner, Edward Isaak, Nicholas Nicholls, Thomas Purnell, Henry Esterling, John Kent, James Duke, Arthur Young, Thomas Hillary, William Graves, Richard Edwards, Thomas Edwards, Edward Howard, Andrew Dickenson, Philip Lawrence, William Mitchell, Francis Dorington, James Crauford, John Hollen, Nicholas Painter, James Bigger, Nathaniel Sprigg, Francis Leafe, Peter Archer, William Ireland, John Rogers, John Griggs for Henry Orton, Robert Taylor, Dr. Crafford, Francis Swinfen, Edward Blackbourne, John Enolds„ Joseph Ireland, Richard Burk, Francis Collyer, Nathaniel Stanton, Thomas Bloomen, William Hill, Christopher Kellett, George Collins, Richard Williams, Nicholas Willson, John Broome, Christopher Person, John Sewell, William Dorington, Robert Sadder, William White, John Stewart, Thomas Symcoat, Edward Clarke, George Addison, Thomas Beason, James Kenedy, Henry Trulock, John Lane, John Yoe, Thomas Rumpus, Richard Bayley, Michaell Onely, Cuthbert Fenwick, Jonas Jourdan, Henry Mitchell, Rozer Rix, James Harrison, Richard Browne, Charles Parvie, William Willson, William Dury, Richard Robinson, Walter Boine, John Synckler„ George Adams, John Spring, Peter Evers, Samuell Styles, Meredith Jones, James Berry, William Sympson, James Garrett, John Laney, Spencer Hales, Joseph Newman, William Smith, Richard Swan.
      Administrators: George Parker, Mordica Hunton.
      Peter Archer 8.253 A CA £194.7.2 #51312 Nov 27 1684
      The inventory amount is equivalent to #46646, There are two folios numbered 254; for identification, the first is cited as 254A; the second, as 254B.
      Payments to: Michaell Tawney, Robert Read paid to Michaell Tawney, John Browne, Richard Burke, Richard Marsham paid to William Head, William Read, John Abbington paid to Edward Batson, Mary Powell, Col, Henry Jowles, Mr, Thomas Gantt John Scott upon account of John Darnall, John Taman, John Parker (cooper), Roger Brookes paid to Richard Marsham, Lawrence Knolls (merchant), Samuell Copeland, Samuell Copeland paid to John Scott, James Desborough, John Scott by order of George Slawes, Thomas Brooke, John Larkin, John Creycroft, Capt. Beall (one of the executors), Samuell Goosey, Maj. Charles Boteler, Thomas Tasker.
      Legatees: William Kid, Peter Chittam (son of John Chittam) (one of the executors), William Powell.
      Executors : Capt Ninian Beall, John chittam
      Robert Jones 8.345 I CA £41.4.10 Jun 11 1685
      The inventory also included #46378.
      Appraisers: Francis Freman, Bassill Warring.
      List of debts: George Hussey, Frances Swinfen, Symon Edwards, James Veitch, Richard Johns, Thomas Arnold, Thomas Courtney, Michell Lane, James Cranford, William Morgan, Maj. Nicholas Sewell, Frances Collier, William Mansfield, Peter Hack, Augustin Herman, Maj. Thomas Truman, Job Evans, Capt. Thomas Price, George Yates, Nicholas Territt, Thomas Guilick, Charles Partis, John Lewellin, Capt. Ninian Beall, Frances Partis, George Spicer, John Ring, Henry Jeffer, Samuell Goozey, Thomas Binkes, Nicholas Butrum, Maj. Charles Butler, George Parker, Thomas Bankes, Thomas Hinton, Thomas Hinton of head of Bay, John Brome, John Darnell, Esq., James Ellis, William Harris, Lawrence Bedinfield, Edmond Odwier, James Hale, Henry Brent, Thomas Hearn, William Barnett, George Hilland, James Picket, Col. Henry Jowles, Jacob Harnis,
      Mordecay Hunton 9#352 I CA £7.0.0 Jul 28 1687
      The amount of the inventory also included 420728,
      Appraisers: Basill Waring, John Broome,
      List of debts: Mr. John Broom, Thomas Sedgwick, William Ham, John Sawell, Henry Mitchell, Cornelius Nevill, Joseph Baker, William Jenkins, Stephen Latham, John Goddard, William Melton, Samuell Goosey, Maj. Thomas Trueman, Samuel Copeland, Edward Harlock, Mr. William Horsey, Mr. Hugh Elis, Mr. Simon Wotton, Mr. Francis Hutchings, Mr. George Hawes, Anthony the taylor, Richard Murgh, Thomas Harris, Jochem Kiersteed, Mr. Thomas Greenfield, Mr. Edward Batson., Mr. George Parkerr Mr. William Parker, William Barnett, Mr. Michaell Taney, Mr. Roger Brooke, Mr. Cornelius Watkinson, Mr. Andrew Tanehill, Mr. Robert Skinner, Mr. Thomas Greenfeild.
      Jonathon Willson 19,155 A PG £55,1,3 £66.2,8 Jul 14 1699
      Payments to: Richard Marsham and his wife Anne (administrators of Henry Brent), Col. John Bigger for judgment vs. Samuell Goosy in Charles County, James Kingsbury, Joseph Cacill paid to Mr. William Dent & William Bladen,
      Executors: Katherine Willson, Joseph Cacill.

      Calvert County Circuit Court
      Land Surveys and Condominium Plats

      Gooseys Lott, 50 Acres; Certificate
      Developer/Owner: Goosey, Samuel 1670 Patent Record 12, p. 317 0 0 MSA S 1583-628

      Gooseys Lott, 50 Acres; Patent
      Developer/Owner: Goosey, Samuel 1670 Patent Record 14, p. 174 0 0 MSA S 1583-629

      Gooseys Choice, 50 Acres; Certificate
      Developer/Owner: Goosey, Samuel 1678 Patent Record 19, p. 583 0 0 MSA S 1583-624

      Gooseys Choice, 50 Acres; Patent
      Developer/Owner: Goosey, Samuel 1678 Patent Record 20, p. 52 0 0 MSA S 1583-625
      Early Landowners - Calvert Co Md - Hall

      Barber, Thomas
      Barber's Neck 3/20/1665 — 150a's. L9/66 SR7351
      Location: North side of The Patuxent River beginning at Samuel Goosey's
      tract of land called Goosey's Lott beginning at his southernmost bound tree.
      Also adjoins the land of Thomas Hatton. Note: This is a certification. No
      patent found.

      Something 8/10/1695 — 220a's. B23i/250 SR7365
      Location: East side of The Patuxent River beginning at a bound White Oak
      in the line of John Taney's tract of land called Taney's Reserve. Also
      adjoins tracts owned by Alexander Magruder, now in the possession of
      Samuel Goosey, Alexander Magruder, and John Hance.
      Other persons mentioned: Land rights assigned by James Bigger.

      Bourham, Mathew
      Cuckold's Misse 5/4/1687 — 166a'a. WDi/17 SR7372
      Location: East side of The Patuxent River near Hallowing Point in the
      woods beginning at a bound Red Oak it being the northeast corner tree of a
      tract of land called Hard Fortune now in the possession of Samuel Goosey.
      Also adjoins Mrs. Sussanna Keene's tract of land called Chance.
      Other persons mentioned: Land rights assigned by Ninian Beall.

      Catterton, Michael
      Catterton's Lott 10/12/1687 — 182a's. NS2i/591 SR7371
      Location: East side of The Patuxent River on the south side of Hunting
      Creek beginning at a bound White Oak in the line of Mr. Goosey's tract of
      land called Goosey's Choice. Also adjoins Thomas Barbary's tract called
      Barbary's Delight.
      Other persons mentioned: Land rights assigned by Edward Batson

      Timber Neck 9/8/1666 — 200a's. L10/78 SR7352
      Location: West side of the Chesapeake Bay on the east side of The Patuxent
      River at Hunting Creek adjoining his own land and Arthur Ludford's tract
      of land called Ludford's Guift. Also adjoins the land of Samuel Goosley
      beginning at Ludford's southernmost bound Red Oak.

      Goosey, Samuel
      Goosey's Lott 3/10/1670 — 50a's. L12/317 SR7354
      Location: North side of The Patuxent River in the woods behind the land of
      Thomas Barberry called Morocco and his own land beginning at a bound
      tree of a tract of land called Stratford laid out for Edward Keene and now
      in the tenure of Francis Spencer.
      Other persons mentioned: Land rights assigned by James Thompson the
      assignee of Francis Swinsen

      Goosey's Choice 6/4/1678 — 50a's. L20/52 SR7361
      Location: East side of The Patuxent River on the south side of Huntington
      Branch behind the land of Thomas Barbary called Barbary's Delight in the
      woods beginning at a bound Pokehikary of his own land. Also adjoins
      Michael Catterton's tract of land called Catterton's Lott and Francis
      Spencer's tract called Stratford.
      Other persons mentioned: Land rights assigned by James Thompson

      Goosey's Addition 6/1/1685 — 151a's. IB&ILC/209 SR7368
      Location: East side of The Patuxent River beginning at a marked Oak by a
      marsh by the riverside in the north line of his own tract of land called Hard

      Hard Fortune 6/1/1685 — 162a's. NSBi/434 SR7370
      Location: East side of The Patuxent River in the woods beginning at the
      northeast corner tree of his own land called Goosey's Addition.
      Other persons mentioned: Land rights assigned by Robert Jones.

      Goosey's Come Again 8/8/1685 — 70a's. NS2i/123 SR7371
      Location: East side of The Patuxent River by Holloway Point beginning at a
      bound tree of his own land.
      Other persons mentioned: Land rights assigned by Edward Batson.

      Larranee, John, Planter
      Swinsen's Adventure 5/2/1666 — 150a's. L10/486 SR7352
      Location: North side of The Patuxent River at the head of Battle Creek
      beginning at a bound White Oak.
      Other persons mentioned: Land rights based on Swinsen transporting
      himself into this Province here to inhabit. Also, one hundred acres assigned
      by Samuel Goosey due him for transporting Daniell Young and Elizabeth

      Stratford 9/17/1674 — 150a's. L18/187 SR7359
      Location: East side of The Patuxent River beginning at a bound Oak of
      Thomas Coxe's tract of land called Coxes Choice. Also adjoins Samuell
      Goosey's land called Goosey's Lott.
      Other persons mentioned: Land rights assigned by Adam Weaver (50a's),
      William Jones (50a's), and Thomas Holmes (50a's).

      Sterling, Hugh
      Sterling's Perch 6/15/1681 — 300a's. CB2i/196 SR7366
      Location: East side of The Patuxent River in the branches of Fishing Creek
      of the Chesapeake Bay beginning at a bound Oak of his own tract of land
      called Sterling's Nest. Also adjoins Samuel Goosey's tract.
      Other persons mentioned: Land rights due Sterling for transporting Joshua
      Hanes, Sammuell Kirkman, Thomas Printin, John Ingersoll, and John
      Bird into this Province here to inhabit as appears on record. Land rights
      also assigned by Ninian Beale.

      Tawney's Ease 5/2/1668 — 60a's. L11/371 SR7353
      Location: East side of The Patuxent River on the south side of Hunting
      Creek beginning at a bound White Oak of John Hance and John Wynall's
      tract of land called Copartnership. Also adjoins his own tract called
      Tawney's Delight, Woodman Stokely's tract called Stokely, Timothy
      Gunton's unnamed patent, Griffin George's tract called Hardesty, John
      Little's unnamed certification and tracts owned by Alexander Magruder,
      Sam Gooey (probably Goosey), and George Bussey.
      Other persons mentioned: Land rights assigned by Francis Swinsen

      Webb, John and Susannah
      Barbary's Delight 10/26/1678 — 150a's. L20/95 SR7361
      Location: Calvert County beginning at a bound Cedar on a point it being a
      bound tree of Thomas Barbary's tract of land called Morocco. Also
      adjoins Michael Catterton's tract called Catterton's Lott, Samuel
      Goosey's tract called Goosey's Choice, and Edward Coodery and
      Edward Spencer's tract called Copartnership. Note: Originally surveyed
      for Thomas Barbary, now deceased, on 2/17/1678 (7361/45). The tract
      passed to his widow Susannah Barbary who married Webb who patented
      the tract in their names. Land rights assigned by Thomas Jones due him for
      transporting himself John Wilson, and Peter Watts into this Province

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