Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Northern Neck Virginia Marshall


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  • Name Northern Neck Virginia Marshall 
    Gender Male 
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    Father Researching These Marshall 
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     1. Lancaster & Richmond Co Va Marshall,   b. Record for other Marshall's in Lancaster County, Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location
     2. King George - Essex County VA Marshall,   b. Record for other Marshall's in King George - Essex County, Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location
     3. Westmoreland & Northumberland Co. VA Marshall
     4. PWC-Fairfax-Loudoun Co. Va Marshall,   b. Record for other Marshall's in PWC, Fairfax, Loudoun, Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location
     5. Stafford Co. Va Marshall
    Last Modified 17 Sep 2020 
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  • Notes 

    • Stafford County was erected in 1664 from Westmoreland; King George was taken from Richmond County in April, 1721; Prince William, embracing parts of Stafford and King George, was made a county in March 1731 ; and Fauquier County was erected from Prince William on 1 May 1759.
      Early Virginia Immigrants Page 218
      Marshall, Wm., 1643 by William Ewins, James City Co.
      Marshall, Mrs. Tho., 1650, by Sr. Tho. Luntsford, Kt., and Barronett, ____ Co.
      Marshall, John, 1642, by John Sweete, ____ Co.
      Marshall, John, and two children, 1650, by Mr. James Williamson, ____ Co.
      Marshall, Henry, 1649, by Richard Kemp, Esq. (Sec. of State), ____ Co.
      Marshall, John, 1646, by John Hill, Norfolk Co.
      Marshall, Edw., 1648, by Thomas Woodhouse, James City Co.
      Marshall, Edward, 1638, by John Batts and John Davis, Charles River Co.
      Marshall, Jno., 1644, by James Taylor and Lawrence Baher, James City Co.
      Marshall, Henry, 1638, by Geroge Higgin, Charles River Co.
      Marshall, John, 1636, by Joane Bennett, Charles River Co.
      Marshall, Thos., 1635, by Capt. Adam Thoroughgood, ____ Co.
      Marshall, Anne, 1653, by John Jaliffe, Isle of Wight Co.
      Marshall, Wm., 1653, by Major John Westhrope, Charles City Co.
      Marshall, John, 1656, by Lewis Perry, ____ Co.
      Marshall, Hen., 1638, by Capt. Christopher Wormley, Charles River Co.
      Marshall, Walter, 1639, by John Well, Charles City Co.
      Marshall, Anne, 1642, by Christopher Boyce, ____ Co.
      Marshell, Jno., 1653, by Frances Emperor, Hugh Gale, and Edward Morgan, Lower Norfolk Co.
      Virginia Wills and Administrations, 1632-1800
      Page 282 (Marshall's)

      Accomack, Chas. 1745 inv.; Mary 1757, will; Wm. 1761 will; Peter 1766 will; Solomon 1766 will; Jno. 1767 inv.; Danl. 1775 will; Skinner 1775 will; Chas. 1779 will; Danl. 1784 will; Peter 1784 will; Thos. 1785 will; Wm. 1787 will; Kinner 1790 inv.; Patience 1791 will; Danl. 1792 inv.; Wm. 1794 will; Sophia 1795 will; Stephen 1797 will; Patience 1799 inv; Chas. 1781 inv.;
      Albemarle, Richard 1799 will.
      Amelia, Robt. 1767 will; Wm. 1772 will; Judith 1790 will; Jno. 1785 will.
      Brunswick, Jno. 1733 will; Matthew 1742 will; Geo. 1751 inv. Campbell, Wm. Sr. 1784 will.
      Charlotte, John 1771 will; Jno. 1773 will.
      Chesterfield, Alex. 1771 will.
      Culpeper, William 1772 will; Elizabeth 1779 will; James 1783 will; Margaret 1784 inv.; Thomas 1794 will; Zanner 1797 will.
      Cumberland, William 1769 will.
      Isle of Wight, John 1688 will; Robert 1698 will; Humphrey 1711 will; Joseph 1728 inv.; Mary 1739 will; Humphrey 1741 inv.; Humphrey 1744 will; Robert 1757 will; James 1761 will; John 1766 will; John 1782 inv.; John 1784 will; Dempsey 1794 inv.
      King George, Wm. 1749 inv.; Hudson 1757 inv.; Edwd. 1763 will; Wm. 1772 will; Benj. 1778 adm.; Geo. 1785 will; Geo. 1789 will; Rush 1789 adm.; Jno. 1794 will.
      Lancaster, Wm. 1676 inv.; Thos. 1690 will; Sackfeld, 1710 will; Jas. 1718 inv.; Jno. 1727 inv.; Thos. 1728 inv.
      Louisa, John 1790 inv.
      Mecklenburg, Jno. 1740 inv.; Mary 1742 inv.
      Northampton, Thos. Jr. 1687 will; Thos. 1704 will; Geo. 1713-114 will; Wm. 1716 inv.; Jno. 1720 will; Mary 1724 will; Jno. 1750 will; Jacob 1752 will; Thos. 1753 will; Thos. 1761 will; Patience 1768 will.
      Northumberland, Richd. 1750-1 inv.
      Orange, Mungo 1758 inv.
      Powhatan, Francis 1781 will; Josiah 1790 will.
      Princess Anne, Saml. 1693 adm.; Jno. 1746 will.
      Richmond, Abraham 1709 will.
      Stafford, Thos. 1730 inv.; Anne 1740 will.
      Surry, Robt. 1727 inv.
      Westmoreland Thos. 1704 will; Jno. 1752 will; Jas. 1751 inv; Jno. 1751 inv.
      Resolutions of the Patriots of the Northern Neck of Virginia, 1765, Against the Stamp Act

      "Roused by danger and alarmed at attempts, foreign and domestic, to reduce the people of this country to a state of abject and detestable slavery, by destroying that free and happy constitution of government under which they have hitherto lived, ___We, who subscribe this paper, have associated, and do bind ourselves to each other, to God, and to our country, by the firmest ties that religion and virtue can frame, most sacredly and punctually to stand by, and with our lives and fortunes to support, maintain and defend each other in the observance and execution of these following articles . . ."

      Listed in order of the signatures on the document.
      Richard Henry Lee
      Will. Robinson
      Lewis Willis
      Thos. Lud. Lee
      Samuel Washington
      Charles Washington
      Moore Fauntleroy
      Francis Lightfoot Lee
      Thomas Jones
      Rodham Kenner
      Spencer M. Ball
      Richard Mitchell
      Joseph Murdock
      Richd. Parker
      Spence Monroe
      John Watts
      Robt. Lovell
      John Blagge
      Charles Weeks
      Willm. Booth
      Geo. Turnerville
      Alvin Moxley
      Wm. Flood
      John Ballantine, Junr.
      William Lee
      William Sydnor
      John Monroe
      William Cocke
      Will. Grayson
      Wm. Brockenbrough
      Saml. Selden
      Richd. Lee
      Daniel Tibbs
      Francis Thornton, Junr.
      Peter Rust
      John Lee, Jr.
      Francis Waring
      John Upshaw
      Meriwether Smith
      Thos. Roane
      Jas. Edmondson
      Jas. Webb, Junr.
      John Edmondson
      Jas. Banks
      Smith Young
      Laur. Washington
      W. Roane
      Rich. Hodges
      Jas. Upshaw
      Jas. Booker
      Thos. Chilton
      Richard Buckner
      Jos. Pierce
      Will. Chilton
      John Williams
      John Blackwell
      Winder S. Kenner
      Wm. Bronaugh
      Wm. Peirce
      John Berryman
      John Dickson
      John Broone
      Edwd. Sanford
      Charles Chilton
      Edwd. Sanford
      Daniel McCarty
      Jer. Rush
      Edwd. Ransdell
      Townshend Dade
      John Ashton
      W. Brent
      Francis Foushee
      John Smith, Jour.
      Wm. Ball
      Thos. Barnes
      Jos. Blackwell
      Reuben Meriwether
      Edw. Mountjoy
      Wm. J. Mountjoy
      Thos. Mountjoy
      John Mountjoy
      Gilbt. Campbell
      Jos. Lane
      A. Montague
      Rich'd Jeffries
      John Suggett
      John S. Woodcock
      Robt. Wormeley Carter
      John Beale, Junr.
      John Newton
      Will. Beale, Junr.
      Chs. Mortimer
      John Edmondson, Jr.
      Charles Beale
      Peter Grant
      Thompson Mason
      Jona. Beckwith
      Jas. Samford
      John Belfield
      W. Smith
      John Augt. Washington
      Thos. Belfield
      Edgcomb Suggett
      Henry Francks
      John Bland, Junr.
      Jas. Emerson
      Thos. Logan
      Jo. Milliken
      Ebenezer Fisher
      Hancock Eustace
      John Richards
      Thos. Jett
      Thos. Douglas
      Max. Robinson


      http://www.virtualjamestown.org/indentures/search_indentures.cgi?search_ty pe=basic&start_page=0&servant_ln=marshall&servant_fn=&servant_place=&serva nt_occ=&destination=&ship=&year-ops=&year=&year1=&agent_ln=&agent_fn=&agen t_place=&agent_occ=&result_order=&submit=Initiate+Search&db=bristol_ind

      Servant Information Agent Information
      ===================== ========================
      Name: William Marshall Name: George Brent
      Gender: male Gender: male
      Date of Indenture: September 30 1665
      Indenture Length: 7 years
      Destination: Virginia

      Name: Robert Marshall Name: George Brent
      Gender: male Gender: male
      Date of Indenture: September 30 1665
      Indenture Length: 3 years
      Destination: Virginia

      Name: Thomas Marshall Name: John Hankins
      Gender: male Gender: male
      Occupation: Occupation:
      Date of Indenture: July 26 1671
      Indenture Length: 10 years
      Destination: Virginia
      Ship: Katherine

      Name: Stephen Marshall Name: Moyses Jones
      Gender: male Gender: male
      Date of Indenture: August 2 1672
      Indenture Length: 4 years
      Destination: Virginia
      Ship: Trial

      Name: John Marshall Name: Moyses Jones
      Gender: male Gender: male
      Date of Indenture: August 2 1672
      Indenture Length: 4 years
      Destination: Virginia
      Ship: Trial

      Name: Thomas Marshall Name: Arthur Grant
      Gender: male Gender: male
      Date of Indenture: July 2 1675
      Indenture Length: 5 years
      Destination: Virginia

      Contributed by: James Hughes

      Marshall, John Servt to Barth Dameron ran away from 13th May to 14th June.
      To serve 18 month after time. 21 Aug 1678. 4.4
      Mr Jno Harris swears Tho. Marshall owes him 908 lb tobo. 17 Oct 1678. 4.8

      Fleet, Beverley,
      Northumbria collectanea, 1645-1720
      Baltimore: Genealogical Pub. County, 1961, 254 pgs.

      James Hughes 2005-06-21 20:50:28
      Early Virginia Immigrants Page 218
      Marshall, Thos., 1635, by Capt. Adam Thoroughgood, ____ Co.

      Throwgood, Capt. The mate of his ship, Tho Wills, in dif with Rev. Jno Rosier. 6 June 1655. p 196

      Fleet, Beverley,
      Lancaster County, 1652-1655
      Baltimore: Genealogical Pub., County, 1961, 113 pgs

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