Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Susannah Clarke

Female Bef 1658 - Abt 1695  (> 37 years)

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William Milstead
Male 1720-1742
Elizabeth Milstead
Female 1721-Aft 1746
Thomas Goureley
Male Abt 1716-1743
Richard Nalley
Male 1716-Aft 1761
Leonard Milstead
Male Abt 1745-Aft 1777
Anne Warder
Female Bef 1733-Aft 1810
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Joseph Milstead
Male 1722-Bef 1752
Teresa Green
Female 1725-Aft 1766
Susannah Milstead
Female 1723-Bef 1744
William Carpenter
Male Abt 1750-Aft 1793
John Carpenter
Male Abt 1723-1759
Elizabeth Adams
Female Bef 1761-Aft 1792
Richard Adams
Male Abt 1712-1761
William Milstead
Male 1685-1741
Sarah MNU Blanchet
Female Abt 1673-1733
Sarah {Unproven} Barron
Female Bef 1715-Aft 1760
Judith Townley Winter
Female 1743-Aft 1780
James Campbell
Male Bef 1735-1780
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Jane Campbell
Female 1755-1814
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John Winter
Male 1749-Bef 1760
Charles Bruce Winter
Male Abt 1752-1787
Elizabeth Mason
Female Abt 1756-1801
Ignatius Winter
Male 1753-1779
Eleanor Winter
Female 1755-1784
Catherine Winter
Female Bef 1761-1781
John Winter
Male 1761-1799
Elizabeth Mason
Female Abt 1756-1801
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John Winter
Male Abt 1712-1781
Elizabeth Bruce
Female Abt 1720-Bef 1780
Walter Winter
Male 1745-Aft 1793
Catharine Winter
Female Bef 1756-Aft 1790
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William Winter
Male Abt 1758-1788
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William Winter
Male 1713-1785
Elizabeth Elgin
Female Abt 1725-1785
Ignatius Winter
Male Abt 1714-Bef 1736
Anne Winter
Female Abt 1716-
Catherine Milstead
Female Abt 1689-1772
Walter Winter
Male 1662-1734
Richard Price
Male Abt 1687-1753
John Milstead
Male Abt 1691-1792
Charity MNU Covert
Female Aft 1708-1791
Elizabeth Purnell
Female 1783-Aft 1855
William Milstead
Male Abt 1747-1806
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Peter Milstead
Male Abt 1749-Aft 1727
Anne Milstead
Female Abt 1750-Aft 1783
Unknown Gambra
Male Abt 1750-Aft 1783
Eleanor Milstead
Female Abt 1758-
James Stewart
Male Bef 1758-
Barton Milstead
Male 1764-1838
Margaret N. Thompson
Female Abt 1768-1843
Edward Milstead
Male 1722-1783
Absolam Milstead
Male Bef 1749-Bef 1801
Samuel Milstead
Male Bef 1755-1830
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Thomas Milstead
Male Bef 1756-1824
Elizabeth Ratcliff
Female Bef 1764-Bef 1821
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Noah Milstead
Male Bef 1763-Aft 1805
Walter Milstead
Male -Aft 1705
John Milstead
Male -Aft 1805
Mary Milstead
Female -Aft 1805
Jane Milstead
Female -Aft 1805
Matthew Milstead
Male 1723-1805
Anne Warder
Female Bef 1733-Aft 1810
Frances Milstead
Female Abt 1730-Aft 1796
Unknown Hudson
Male Abt 1730-Aft 1796
Walter Coe
Male 1750-1819
Mary MNU Coe
Female 1754-Aft 1808
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Priscilla Coe
Female 1752-1824
Richard Davis
Male 1748-1824
Edward Coe
Male 1754-1815
Mary Jameson
Female Bef 1759-
John Coe
Male 1757-1807
Jane Bell
Female 1762-Aft 1807
Presley Coe
Male 1760-1837
Embley Coe
Female 1763-1838
Francis Langfitt
Male 1760-1847
Mary Coe
Female 1765-1820
George Payne
Male 1763-1799
Nicholas Grymes
Male 1766-1831
Jane Milstead
Female 1731-1805
William Coe
Male 1727-1792
Catherine Clinkseales
Female Aft 1755-Aft 1800
Joseph Dyall
Male Aft 1751-Bef 1800
William Clinkseales
Male Abt 1766-Aft 1796
Anne Gow Covert
Female 1770-Aft 1796
Anne Milstead
Female Abt 1732-Aft 1796
Adam Clinkseales
Male 1728-1795
Mary Franklin
Female Abt 1769-Aft 1806
Parimus Howard
Male Abt 1755-1793
Godfrey Bell
Male -Aft 1796
Nehemiah Franklin
Male Bef 1774-Aft 1823
John Franklin
Male Bef 1786-Aft 1806
Thomas Lloyd Franklin
Male Bef 1786-Aft 1809
Aquilla Franklin
Male Bef 1786-Aft 1810
Priscilla Boucher Franklin
Female Aft 1790-Aft 1823
Mary Mills Franklin
Female Aft 1790-Aft 1806
Elizabeth Franklin
Female Aft 1790-Aft 1806
Elizabeth Milstead
Female Bef 1744-1810
Hezekiah Franklin
Male Bef 1740-1807
Edward Milstead
Male 1695-1796
Catherine Barker
Female 1694-Bef 1768
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Susannah Clarke
Female Bef 1658-Abt 1695
Edward Milstead
Male 1658-1734
Roger Boyden
Male Bef 1654-