Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Johanna (Joan) Porter

Female 1627 - 1690  (57 years)

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William Neville
Male 1652-1700
Mary Ashford
Female Bef 1677-Aft 1748
John Critcher
Male Bef 1662-Bef 1702
Margaret Barry
Female Abt 1744-1817
Harrison Manley
Male 1740-1772
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Edward Barry
Male Abt 1662-1748
John Ashford
Male Abt 1710-1765
Elizabeth Stonestreet
Female 1714-Bef 1775
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Michael Ashford
Male Bef 1723-1804
Jane Conn
Female Abt 1746-
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George Ashford
Male Abt 1723-1814
Anne Ashford
Female 1725-1798
William Ashford
Male Bef 1727-1779
Margaret Reagan
Female Abt 1736-
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Michael Ashford
Male Abt 1680-1734
Anne MNU Ashford
Female Abt 1684-20 Mar 1734/35
Rachel Dowden
Female Abt 1699-
Henry Thickpenny
Male Abt 1695-1728
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John Dowden
Male 1703-1772
Mary Gore
Female 1705-1794
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Michael Dowden
Male Bef 1711-1759
Rachel Ryon
Female Bef 1715-Aft 1782
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Thomas Dowden
Male 2 Jan 1711/12-Aft 1767
Mary Davis
Female 1723-Bef 1778
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James Gore
Male 1707-1784
Esther Ashford
Female Bef 1683-
John Dowden
Male Bef 1679-
Rachel Neville
Female 1658-1701
Michael Ashford
Male Bef 1660-Aft 1714
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John Neville
Male 1616-4 Feb 1664/65
Elizabeth Hagan
Female Abt 1700-Aft 1757
John Blanford
Male 1709-1770
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William Hagan
Male Abt 1700-1752
Mary Price
Female Bef 1708-Aft 1752
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Mary Hagan
Female Abt 1703-1779
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James Hagan
Male 1671-1749
Mary Bowling
Female Abt 1702-Bef 1733
William Simpson
Male 1698-1784
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John Bowling
Male Abt 1703-1723
Thomas Bowling
Male Abt 1704-1775
Mary Green
Female 1702-1790
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William Bowling
Male Abt 1707-1789
Mary Boarman
Female 1711-1769
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John Bowling
Male Bef 1711-1735
Mary Langworth
Female Abt 1682-Aft 1753
John Bowling
Male 1673-1711
Joseph Routhorn
Male Abt 1682-Aft 1756
Mary Hussey
Female 1662-Bef 1690
William Langworth
Male Abt 1658-1694
Elizabeth Hussey
Female Abt 1665-Abt 1747
John Gardiner
Male 1653-Abt 1683
William Luckett
Male 1711-1783
Charity Middleton
Female 1717-Aft 1781
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Benjamin Luckett
Male 1716-1750
Samuel Luckett
Male 1718-Aft 1751
Thomas Luckett
Male 1720-1795
Mary Griffin
Female 1732-1803
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Samuel Luckett
Male 1685-Abt 1725
Anne Smoote
Female 1687-Aft 1750
Samuel Luckett
Male Bef 1730-Aft 1800
Elizabeth MNU Luckett
Female Bef 1736-Aft 1754
New chart
Thomas Luckett
Male 1688-1734
Sarah Boone
Female Abt 1692-Aft 1738
Elizabeth MNU Hobson
Female Bef 1719-Aft 1755
New chart
William Luckett
Male 1723-1759
Susannah Ware
Female Abt 1720-Aft 1800
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Rebecca Douglass
Female 1737-1790
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Ignatius Luckett
Male 1726-1783
Margaret McClane
Female Abt 1729-1800
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John Luckett
Male 1726-Aft 1779
Eleanor Maddox
Female Bef 1751-Aft 1779
Notley Luckett
Male 1727-Aft 1790
New chart
Elizabeth Luckett
Female Abt 1729-1777
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Anne Luckett
Female Abt 1730-
Charity Luckett
Female Abt 1732-
Ignatius Luckett
Male 30 Jan 1688/89-1735
Jane MNU Luckett
Female 1706-Bef 1774
Anne Luckett
Female 1722-Aft 1751
Jeremiah Adderton
Male Aft 1713-1779
New chart
Elizabeth Luckett
Female 1729-Bef 1795
John Jenkins
Male 1720-1769
Samuel Green
Male Abt 1730-Aft 1795
Elizabeth Price
Female Abt 1701-1738
William Rhody Luckett
Male Bef 1740-1779
Mary Anne Simms
Female 1740-Abt 1774
New chart
Sarah MNU Luckett
Female Bef 1750-Bef 1785
Eleanor MNU Luckett
Female Bef 1722-Aft 1750
Samuel Luckett
Male 1650-1705
John Hagan
Male 1727-1782
Mary MNU Shircliffe
Female Abt 1731-1790
New chart
William Hagan
Male Bef 1735-Aft 1794
Mary Clements
Female Bef 1739-Aft 1755
Mary Anne Hagan
Female Bef 1750-Bef 1771
Joshua Mills
Male Bef 1746-Aft 1772
Joseph Hagan
Male 1755-1816
New chart
Martha Hagan
Female Bef 1756-Aft 1772
Elizabeth Hagan
Female Bef 1756-1808
Monica Hagan
Female Bef 1756-1807
Aloysia Hagan
Female Bef 1756-Aft 1805
William Combs
Male Bef 1743-Bef 1805
Eleanor Hanson
Female 1707-1772
William Hagan
Male 1696-1772
John Wheeler
Male Aft 1730-1770
Clement Wheeler
Male Aft 1731-1796
Mary Dorsett
Female Abt 1725-Abt 1763
New chart
Lucy Brooke
Female Aft 1734-1797
New chart
Ignatius Wheeler
Male 23 Jan 1731/32-Aft 1803
Elizabeth Marbury
Female 1738-Abt 1793
New chart
Rachel Newton
Female Abt 1741-1803
Samuel Hanson Wheeler
Male 4 Feb 1733/34-
George Wheeler
Male 1736-Bef 1783
Jane Doyne
Female Abt 1725-Aft 1764
Edward Wheeler
Male 1738-Aft 1768
Sarah MNU Brooke
Female Bef 1735-Aft 1768
Leonard Wheeler
Male Abt 1740-1817
New chart
Martha Warren
Female -Aft 1817
Charity Wheeler
Female Bef 1748-1789
Elizabeth Wheeler
Female Bef 1748-1807
Mary Anne Wheeler
Female Bef 1748-Aft 1782
Eleanor Wheeler
Female Bef 1750-Aft 1782
Unknown Edelen
Male Bef 1750-
New chart
Sarah Wheeler
Female Bef 1750-Aft 1778
Joseph Crown
Male Bef 1755-1777
New chart
Elizabeth Hanson
Female 1708-1782
Leonard Wheeler
Male 1691-1764
John Hanson
Male Bef 1745-Aft 1798
John Hanson
Male 1710-1793
John Anderson
Male Abt 1765-
Walter Judge Hanson
Male 11 Mar 1711/12-1794
Henry Massey Hanson
Male 1747-Abt 1815
Anne Morris
Female 1774-Aft 1798
New chart
Samuel Hanson
Male 1758-Aft 1799
New chart
Elizabeth Tyler
Female 1713-1795
Oswald Clements
Male 1729-Aft 1783
William Mudd
Male 1723-1804
Charity Davis
Female 1748-Aft 1804
Anne Clements
Female Aft 1732-
Edward Clements
Male 1742-Aft 1776
Eleanor Clements
Female Aft 1750-
William Clements
Male Aft 1750-Aft 1768
Mary Anne Clements
Female Bef 1751-1834
Richard Edelen
Male Aft 1744-1815
New chart
Clotilda Clements
Female 1735-Aft 1785
Thomas Thompson
Male Bef 1735-1763
New chart
John Keech
Male 1736-1784
New chart
Mary Hanson
Female Abt 1713-Bef 1765
John Hanson
Male 1681-1754
Thomas Hussey
Male 1634-1700