Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Adam Thorowgood

Male 1603 - 1640  (37 years)

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Jane Chandler
Female Abt 1675-1700
Giles Brent
Male Abt 1671-1694
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Joshua Green
Male Bef 1671-1699
Mary Chandler
Female 1675-Abt 1710
William Chandler
Male 1678-1730
Richard Chandler
Male Abt 1680-1714
Anne Chandler
Female Abt 1683-
John Chandler
Male Abt 1685-1735
Anne Penn
Female 1691-1737
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William Chandler
Male Abt 1649-1685
Mary Sewell
Female 1659-1694
Richard Chandler
Male Abt 1650-1697
Elizabeth Burditt
Female Abt 1658-Bef 1697
Anne Chandler
Female Abt 1651-
Anne Thorowgood
Female 1630-Aft 1703
Jobe Chandler
Male Bef 1628-1659
Roger Fowke
Male Abt 1658-1680
Adam Fowke
Male Abt 1661-Abt 1661
Mary {Unproven} Fowke
Female Bef 1686-1725
William Newman
Male Bef 1685-1714
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John Lenoir
Male Bef 1686-1725
Gerard Fowke
Male 1662-1735
Mary Lomax
Female Abt 1666-1686
Anne Fowke
Female 1690-1739
Robert Alexander
Male 1685-1736
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Frances Fowke
Female 1692-1744
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Catherine Fowke
Female 1694-1718
Ebsworth Bayne
Male 1689-Aft 1734
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Elizabeth Fowke
Female Abt 1695-Aft 1745
Henry Sewell
Male Abt 1690-1722
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Philip Lee
Male 1681-1744
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Chandler Fowke
Male Abt 1696-1745
Mary Fossaker
Female Bef 1700-1783
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Roger Fowke
Male Abt 1697-1728
Anne Stone
Female 1700-1761
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Sarah Burditt
Female Abt 1665-1746
George III Mason
Male 1690-1736
Sarah {Unproven} Mason
Female Abt 1694-Abt 1720
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Anne Thompson
Female Bef 1682-1762
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Elizabeth Mason
Female Abt 1693-
William Roy
Male Bef 1689-Aft 1738
Nicholas Mason
Male 1694-1716
French Mason
Male 1695-1748
Mary Nicholson
Female Abt 1700-Bef 1748
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Anne Fowke Mason
Female 1699-Bef 1764
William Darrell
Male Bef 1694-Bef 1715
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Thomas Fitzhugh
Male 1689-1719
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Thomas Smith
Male Abt 1700-1764
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Gerard Mason
Male Abt 1700-Bef 1715
John Dinwiddie
Male 1695-1726
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Mary Mason
Female 1704-1760
George Fitzhugh
Male 1690-1722
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Benjamin Strother
Male Abt 1700-1765
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Mary Fowke
Female 1667-1704
George Mason
Male 1660-1716
Thomas Dent
Male 1685-1725
Anne Bayne
Female 1687-Aft 1726
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William Dent
Male 1687-1695
Elizabeth Dent
Female 1688-1699
Gerrard Dent
Male 1688-1689
George Dent
Male 1690-1754
Anne Herbert
Female Abt 1694-1764
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Anne Dent
Male 1692-Bef 1700
Philip Dent
Male 1695-Bef 1707
Peter Dent
Male 1695-1757
Mary Brooke
Female 1709-1781
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Elizabeth Dent
Female 1696-1760
Richard Tarvin
Male 1691-1742
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Elizabeth Fowke
Female 1668-Abt 1704
William Dent
Male 1660-1705
Gerard Fowke
Male 1626-1669
Sarah Thorowgood
Female 1631-1658
Simon Overzee
Male 1627-1660
Elizabeth Michael
Female Abt 1676-Bef 1706
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John Michael
Male Abt 1649-Abt 1684
Anne Tilney
Female Abt 1653-Aft 1720
Symon Michael
Male Abt 1650-Bef 1686
Elizabeth Yeardley
Female Abt 1676-Bef 1735
George Harmanson
Male Abt 1673-Bef 1735
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Frances Yeardley
Female Aft 1672-
John West
Male Abt 1672-1719
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Sarah Michael
Female 1656-1697
Argoll Yeardley
Male 1644-1682
James Watts
Male 1686-1716
Mason Kendall
Female Abt 1690-Aft 1724
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James Dr. Watts
Male Abt 1651-1686
Thomas Maddox
Male 1651-Aft 1697
Hancock Custis
Male Abt 1676-1728
Mary Browne
Female Abt 1679-Bef 1725
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John Custis
Male 1678-Bef 1749
Frances Parke
Female Abt 1687-1715
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Henry Custis
Male 1683-1733
Anne Kendall
Female Abt 1693-1760
Sorrowful Margaret Custis
Female Abt 1690-Bef 1750
William Kendall
Male 1687-1720
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Thomas Cable
Male -Abt 1743
Elizabeth Custis
Female Abt 1684-1715
Thomas Teackle
Male Abt 1684-
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Thomas Custis
Male Abt 1680-1721
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Margaret Michael
Female 1657-Bef 1708
John Custis
Male 1653-1714
Adam Michael
Male 1663-1689
Sarah Littleton
Female Bef 1656-1720
Elizabeth Thorowgood
Female Abt 1633-Abt 1670
John Michael
Male Abt 1625-1679
John Thorowgood
Male Bef 1699-1719
John Thorowgood
Male 1661-1702
Margaret Lawson
Female 1675-1754
Adam Thorowgood
Male 1662-Bef 1709
Frances Lawson
Female Bef 1695-
Nicholas Cocke
Male Bef 1689-
Anthony Lawson
Male Abt 1696-
Anne Lawson
Female Bef 1698-
Lemuel Newton
Male Abt 1682-1721
George Lawson
Male Abt 1700-
Thomas Lawson
Male 1703-Bef 1735
Rose Thorowgood
Female 1672-1709
Thomas Lawson
Male Abt 1671-1703
Edward Moseley
Male 1661-1736
Adam Thorowgood
Male Aft 1638-1686
Frances Yeardley
Female Abt 1639-1686
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Adam Thorowgood
Male 1603-1640
Sarah Offley
Female 1609-1657