Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties


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51  Hightower, Joshua (I074164)
52  Jenkins, William (I074995)
53  Thompson, Henrietta (I079221)
54  Abell, Alethea (I079587)
55  Simms, Mary Jane (I080813)
56  Thomasin, Barbara MNU (I082721)
57  Toppin, Samuel (I084175)
58  Bryant, George (I084716)
59  Hinds, Mary (I084729)
60  Prestridge, Sarah (I085974)
61  Cheshire, Jonathon (I086466)
62  Roberts, John (I088336)
63  Samuel, Mary MNU (I089846)
64  Strother, Elizabeth (I090005)
65  Helm, John (I091399)
66  Chandler, Stephen (I091777)
67  Thompson, William E. (I092855)
68  Pascall, Mary (I092948)
69  Alford, Thomas (I093453)
70  Hoskins, Unknown (I094035)
71  Smith, Family PG (I094966)
72  Mitchell, Priscilla (I096583)
73  Biscoe, Basil (I099642)
74  Tucker, Mary (I099751)
75  Lamb, John (I100458)
76  Chappelear, Rebecca (I102185)
77  Robey, Sarah Jarman (I102424)
78  Milstead, Chloe (I104329)
79  Gray, Sarah Eleanor (I104529)
80  Speake, Francis R. (I106006)
81  Bonsar, John Thompson (I112032)
82  McCarty, Daniel (I112175)
83  Lewis, Mary (I113623)
84  Beall, Martha Ellen (I125359)
85  Chiles, Agnes (I125385)
86  Hill, Dorothy (I128052)
87  Family F04161
88  Family F15496
89  Family F36776
90  Family F40352

Provincial Court Land Records, 1765-1770
Volume 725, Page 557

This Indenture made this nineteenth day of May seventeen hundred and sixty Nine Between John Rogers of Prince Georges County of the one part and Thomas Key of Saint Marys County of the other part Witnesseth that Whereas for the docking barring and extinguishing all Estates Tail and Reversions or remainders thereupon expectant or depending of and in the Lands and Appurtenances hereinafter mentioned the said John Rogers as Demandant did heretofore at the request Cost and Charge of the aforesaid Thomas Key prosecute and sue forth out of his Lordships high Court of Chancery his Lordships Writ of Entry sur disseisin en le post against him the said Thomas Key returnable and returned the provincial Court at Annapolis the third Tuesday of May instant whereby the said John Rogers did demand against him the said Thomas Key all that Parcell of plantable land being part of two Tracts of Land lying in Charles County in the province of Maryland one called Digges's Baltemore Gift the other called Digges's Addition which said parcell of Land is bounded as follows Beginning at the North East corner Tree of Mr Pile's Old Survey runing thence South west two hundred perches then North forty five Degrees West eight Perches then North Sixty eight degrees West twelve perches then North Seventy nine degrees West forty nine perches running down the branch to the head of the Creek then South seventy Degrees west fifty two perches then South eighty five degrees West twenty eight perches then South Seventy five Degrees West Ninety perches then North twenty Seven Degrees West fifty Seven perches beginning at the Mouth and running to the head of the Gutt called Stone Streets Gutt the remainder of the Courses running up the Swamp of the said Gutt to the Line of the Land belonging to M.r John Parry deceased thence North two degrees West thirty perches then North forty four Degrees East twenty eight perches then North seventy two Degrees East forty perches then North thirty degrees East Sixty four perches then North eighty eight perches then to the beginning Containing and laid out for three hundred and Sixty five Acres Also all those two parcells of Plantable Land lying and being in Charles County aforesaid heretofore Sold and conveyed by Thomas Parry to Philip Key deceased the one called Morris's Hope originally granted unto Richard Morris for the quantity of Seventy five Acres the Other called Batchelors Hope Originally granted unto Robert Page for the quantity of fifty acres both of which parcells of Land are adjoining together and Contiguous to the parcell of Land first above Mentioned and heretofore also Sold by Thomas Parry to Philip Key with the Appurtenances to which said Writ the said Thomas Key did appear in his proper person and vouch to warranty thereof the Common Vouchee of the same Court and such further and Other proceedings were thereupon had that the said John Rogers did by Judgment of the same Court recover his Seisin against the said Thomas Key of and in the Demanded premisses and the said Thomas Key did recover over in value against the Common Vouchee whereby a common Recovery of the aforesaid premisses hath been had and Suffered Now this Indenture that for the Settling and declaring the intent and use of the said Recovery and for and in consideration of five Shillings Current Money by him the said Thomas Key to the aforesaid John Rogers in hand paid the receipt whereof is hereby Acknowledged it is hereby covenanted Granted Agreed and declared by and between the said parties to these presents that the said Common Recovery so as aforesaid or in any Other Manner had and Suffered and the Execution thereof from and immediately after the Suffering the same or any other recovery or recoveries of the said Mentioned premisses or any part thereof was Meant and intended to be and enure and it is hereby declared to be and enure and that the recoveror therein named and his heirs should and shall stand and be seised of an din the recovered premisses and every part and parcell thereof to and for the only Proper Use and Behoofe of the aforesaid Thomas Key his Heirs and Assigns forever and to or for no Other Use intent or purpose whatsoever in Witness whereof the parties to these presents have hereunto interchangeably Set their Hands and Affixed their Seals the Day and Year first above written Signed Sealed and Delivered J Rogers (Seal) in the presence of us
John Davidson Thomas Key (Seal)

Andrew Bruce

On the back of the aforegoing Deed was thus Endorsed to wit

Received on the Day and year first within written of and from the within named Thomas
Key the Sum of five Shillings Current Money being the Consideration Money within Mentioned
to be by him paid to me J Rogers
Witness John Davidson
And.w Bruce

On the Nineteenth Day of May Seventeen hundred and Sixty nine Came before me the Subscriber one of his Lordships Justices of the provincial Court the within named John Rogers and Thomas Key and Severally Acknowledged the within Instrument of writing to be their
respective Act and Deed to and for the Uses intents and Purposes within Mentioned and the Lands and premisses therein mentioned to be the Right and Estate of the within named Thomas Key his heirs and Assigns forever according to the true intent and meaning of the same Writing and the Act of Assembly in such cases made and provided Before J B Bordley 19 May 1769
Recorded the 22.d Day of May 1769
Charles County Land Records 1799-1801; Liber IB-3 {Abstract by Mike Marshall}; Page 163.
At the request of George Mattingley, the following Deed was recorded March 18, 1800
Indenture made November 4, 1799; Richard Key Heath of Cecil County, Maryland, farmer, in consideration of 150 specie paid by George Mattingley has sold part of a tract of land called "Witton" containing 110 acre and which is now in the tenure of a certain (un-named) and which land was purchased by Philip Key (great grandfather to the said Richard Key Heath) of a certain George Ward as by deed bearing date April 13, 1748. Signed R.K. Heath in the presence of Edward H. Nearey, John Rumsey (JP's for Cecil County, Maryland)
November 4, 1799; Mary the wife of Richard Key Heath relinquished her right of dower.
Certified by Jo. Baxter, Clerk of Cecil County, Maryland Court. November 6, 1799

St. Mary's County Circuit Court
Land Surveys and Condominium Plats

Covent Garden, 200 Acres; Certificate
Developer/Owner: Key, Philip 1744 Patent Record LG E, p. 712 0 0 MSA S 1598-862
Covent Garden, 200 Acres; Patent
Developer/Owner: Key, Philip 1744 Patent Record PT 2, p. 117 0 0 MSA S 1598-863

Spend All, 98 Acres {lying in Charles County on Zachariah Manor surveyed for Benjamin Gardiner in tenure of William Beck. next to Richard Wilson, for the lives of John, Francis & Richard Key s/o Philip & Susannah Key}
Developer/Owner: Key, Philip 1744 Unpatented Certificate 426 0 0 MSA S 1598-3442
Spend All, Philip Key, 98 Acres 1745/08/17 Unpatented Certificate 426 3 0 MSA S 1228-431
http://msa.maryland.gov/megafile/msa/stagser/s1200/s1228/000400/000431/tif /dsl00431-1.jpg
http://msa.maryland.gov/megafile/msa/stagser/s1200/s1228/000400/000431/tif /dsl00431-2.jpg
http://msa.maryland.gov/megafile/msa/stagser/s1200/s1228/000400/000431/tif /dsl00431-3.jpg

Luckland, Phili Key, 200 Acres 1744/09/19 Patented Certificate 418 3 0 MSA S 1205-428 {part of Luke Barber's 1000 acres} renamed to Covent Garden. NW side of Wicocomio River
http://msa.maryland.gov/megafile/msa/stagser/s1200/s1205/000400/000428/tif /dsl00428-1.jpg
http://msa.maryland.gov/megafile/msa/stagser/s1200/s1205/000400/000428/tif /dsl00428-2.jpg
http://msa.maryland.gov/megafile/msa/stagser/s1200/s1205/000400/000428/tif /dsl00428-3.jpg

Gardners Landing, 100 Acres;
Developer/Owner: Key, Philip from Henry Neal 1751/04/19 Rent Rolls 7, p. 49 0 0 MSA S 1598-1388

Meltons Hope, 150 Acres; Certificate
Developer/Owner: Melton, Thomas 1668 Patent Record 11, p. 141 0 0 MSA S 1598-2388
Meltons Hope, 150 Acres; Patent
Meltons Hope Rectified, 144 Acres; Certificate {Originally 1667 patent by Thomas Melton, lies next to Boston and near Chaptico Warehouse
Developer/Owner: Key, Philip 1758 Patent Record BC and GS 11, p. 87 0 0 MSA S 1598-2390
Meltons Hope Rectified, 144 Acres; Patent
Developer/Owner: Key, Philip 1758 Patent Record BC and GS 8, p. 385 0 0 MSA S 1598-2391
Meltons Hope Rectified, Philip Key, 144 Acres 1758/07/01 Patented Certificate 432 4 0 MSA S 1205-440
http://msa.maryland.gov/megafile/msa/stagser/s1200/s1205/000400/000440/tif /dsl00440-1.jpg
http://msa.maryland.gov/megafile/msa/stagser/s1200/s1205/000400/000440/tif /dsl00440-2.jpg
http://msa.maryland.gov/megafile/msa/stagser/s1200/s1205/000400/000440/tif /dsl00440-3.jpg
http://msa.maryland.gov/megafile/msa/stagser/s1200/s1205/000400/000440/tif /dsl00440-4.jpg

The Weems, 517 Acres; Certificate {resuvey of James Brinner (1667), Clement Haley 400acs & contigous vacant land. lies next to Finchly}
Developer/Owner: Key, Philip 1758 Patent Record BC and GS 9, p. 456 0 0 MSA S 1598-3887
The Weems, 517 Acres; Patent
Developer/Owner: Key, Philip 1758 Patent Record BC and GS 8, p. 29 0 0 MSA S 1598-3888
The Weems, Philip Key, 517 Acres 1758/09/30 Patented Certificate 698 4 0 MSA S 1205-717
http://msa.maryland.gov/megafile/msa/stagser/s1200/s1205/000700/000717/tif /dsl00717-1.jpg
http://msa.maryland.gov/megafile/msa/stagser/s1200/s1205/000700/000717/tif /dsl00717-2.jpg
http://msa.maryland.gov/megafile/msa/stagser/s1200/s1205/000700/000717/tif /dsl00717-3.jpg
http://msa.maryland.gov/megafile/msa/stagser/s1200/s1205/000700/000717/tif /dsl00717-4.jpg

Barron Doe, 93 Acres; Patent {resurvey Joshua Millers, Hobsons & Edens Land
Developer/Owner: Key, Philip 1762 Patent Record BC and GS 16, p. 280 0 0 MSA S 1598-302
Barren Doe, Philip Key, 93 Acres 1762/03/25 Patented Certificate 71 5 0 MSA S 1205-75
http://msa.maryland.gov/megafile/msa/stagser/s1200/s1205/000000/000075/tif /dsl00075-1.jpg
http://msa.maryland.gov/megafile/msa/stagser/s1200/s1205/000000/000075/tif /dsl00075-2.jpg
http://msa.maryland.gov/megafile/msa/stagser/s1200/s1205/000000/000075/tif /dsl00075-3.jpg
http://msa.maryland.gov/megafile/msa/stagser/s1200/s1205/000000/000075/tif /dsl00075-4.jpg
http://msa.maryland.gov/megafile/msa/stagser/s1200/s1205/000000/000075/tif /dsl00075-5.jpg 
Key, Philip {land records} (I092860)

In the summer of the year 1810, Joseph lived in Mason County, Ke ntucky. He moved to Boone County, Kentucky in the fall of 1810 . He lived near the Bullittsburg Baptist Church at Idlewild.
Joseph joined the Bullittsburg Baptist Church in December of 191 7. He studied for the ministry there and the church called him a s deacon on July 2, 1826. The church issued Joseph a minister' s license in December 1829. He began his career as minister o f the gospel in 1833. The Baptist Church ordained Joseph a prea cher on February 3, 1834. He served the Bullittsburg and nearb y churches until he moved to Hancock County, Illinois in the fal l of 1836.
Joseph was one of the founders of the village of St. Marys, Illi nois. Joseph was a farmer as well as being a preacher. At st . Mary's he organized the Baptist Church. Joseph's home was a h alf mile from the church at St. Marys. He walked to the churc h and was the pastor for forty years. He reportedly aided in th e organization of forty Baptist churches. He was an active mini ster for fifty years.

Source: John R. Botts

Joseph lived in Mason County, Kentucky until 1810 when he move d to Boone County, Kentucky near the Bullittsburg Baptist Churc h at Idlewild.

He joined the Bullittsburg Church in December of 1817. He studie d for the ministry there and the church called him as deacon o n July 2, 1826. The church issued Joseph a minister's license i n December 1829. He began his career as minister of the gospel i n 1833 and ordained by the Baptist Church on February 3, 1834. H e served Bullittsburg and nearby churches until he moved to Hanc ock County, Illinois in the fall of 1836.

Joseph was one of the founders of the village of St. Mary's, Ill inois. He was a farmer as well as being a preacher. At St. Mary' s he organized the Baptist Church. Joseph's home was a half mil e from the church at St. Mary's where he was the pastor for fort y years. He reportedly aided in the organization of forty Baptis t churches and was an active minister for fifty years. 
Botts, Joseph (I026856)

John Minor was a southern statesman who was a great friend of Ab raham Lincoln. President Lincoln reportedly wanted John Mino r on his cabinet but couldn't appoint him because John Minor wa s a southerner. The empty chair in Lincoln's cabinet was report edly for John Minor. Source: Beckie Botts

Member of Virginia State Legislature 1833-1839. U. S. Represent ative from Virginia 1839-1849. He was a political enemy of Presi dent John Tyler and a close friend of Henry Clay. He opposed se cession.

He was involved in dealings with Lincoln to prevent the War up t o the night before Lincoln's ships sailed to "resupply" Fort Sum ter which provoked the War.

First day of March 1862 Habeas Corpus suspended in Virginia an d marshall law effected. A hundred men under Captain Goodwyn, u nder General Winder (Andersonville), take John Minor Botts priso ner in solitary confinement in a small jail nearby.

"Auburn," located in Culpeper County, Virginia was deceded to Jo hn Minor Botts on December 10, 1862 as payment for legal counci l by Franklin Stearns.

John Minor was under confederate house arrest at "
Auburn" in virginia during the War. Auburn was the site where S tuart and 2,000 CSA Calvery narrowly avoided capture. Auburn i s close to the Culpeper Court House.

John Minor was the author of "The Great Rebellion, Its Secret Hi story, Rise, Progress and Disatrous Failure." 1866

He helped found Virginia's Republican Party, Source: David Bott s
VA Rep of Whig Party that tried to impeach President John Tyle r in 1843. He served six years in the Virginia legislature an d ten years in the U. S. Congress.
Lawyer, Congressman and Author 
Botts, John Minor (I026836)

Magruder, Ninian (I111158)

Gittings, Jeremiah 30
Colmore 14
Erasmus I
Jeane ................. 34
Virlinda. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. 15
Cavia 12
Liley....... 9
Cassandra 7
Jeane................... 5 
Gittings, Jane (I057761)

Assessment of 1783 Charles County- Maryland State Archives Maryland State
(Assessment of 1783, Index)
Charles County
MSA S 1437
John Dodson. 100 acres. CH 4th District, General p. 3. MSA S 1161-4-12 1/4/5/47
John Dodson. McDonalds Addition, pt, 100 acres. CH 4th District, Land p. 7. MSA S 1161-4-13 1/4/5/47 
Dodson, John (I102957)

HUMPHRY TABB, 50 acs. Eliz. Cittie Co, 25 Nov. 1637, p. 505. N. upon Harris his Cr., bounded by land of John Duckett on W. most side & running parallel to his own plantation. Trans. of 1 servt. called Richard Jenkinson.
HUMPHRY TABB, 100 acs. Eliz. Citty Co., 6 May 1638, p. 567. Beg. Nly. upon a br. of Harris his Cr. &c., runing to land lately belonging to Capt. Richard Stephens neare land of Ralph Fludd, W. Sly. adj. land leased to Elias Leguard, S. into the woods & E. upon that side of Harris his Cr. which James Vaberitt liveth. Due for trans. of 2 pers: Copeland, Richard Ball.
HUMPHRY TABB, 100 acs. Eliz. Citty Co., June 19, 1642, Page 824. Upon Harris' Cr. Due for his per. adv. & trans. of: Andrew Powlter, a servant.
HUMPHRY TABB, 150 acs. Elia. Citty Co., Jan. 6, 1642, Page 825. Adj. land of Dr. Calvert, bounding on Point Comfort Cr., & land of David Poole. Trans. of 3 pers: Robert Franke, Eliza. Woodbridge, Gyles Sallett.
HUMPHRY TABB, 1,000 acs. Northumberland Co., 9 Jan. 1651, p. 354. In Fleets Bay abutting N. upon Haddaways Cr. dividing this & land of Abraham Moone, W. Nly .along sd. Cr., S. upon another Cr. about 4 mi. from land of George Taylor, Ely. down sd. Cr. to the maine bay. Trans. of 20 pers: Robert Frank, Elizabeth Woodbridge, Giles Sallett, John Patriack, Glogs Bayes, John Guy, Thomas Parteete, John Fisher, Thomas Maw, Wm. Angell, Richd. Norton, Edward Barnes, Richd. Dobbins, Abra. Paternoster (?), Kath. Siliston, Richd. Albett, Wm. Benley, Henry Belling, Andrew Felton, Thomas Minstrill. Note: This patent renewed 22 Mar. 1694.
ANN TABB, 66 acs. N'thumberland Co., 28 June 1664, p. 208, (108). Beg. upon a marsh at a Cr. issuing out of Yeocomico Riv., extending N.E. upon land of Thomas Hayles, N.W. to land of George Tompson. Granted to Thomas Sheppard 5 July 1653 & by Rich. Flynt, Atty., assigned to Jno. Gamoll & Jno. Palmer 14 Sept. 1657; reassigned to sd. Flint 7 Dec. 1658, who assigned to sd. Sheppard & by him assigned to Ann Tabb 27 Dec. 1659.http://www.archive.org/stream/williamandmaryc02marygoog/williamandmar yc02marygoog_djvu.txt 
Tabb, Humphrey (I072528)

CAVALIERS AND PIONEERS; Patent Book 10 page 168
THOMAS WEST, 1615 acs. (N. L.), King Wm. Co., in St. John's Par; beg. at Capt. Nathaniel West, in Bull Sw; to Capt. Jno. Fox, on N. side of Bridge Br; to E. side of the Ferry Road; to Capt. Martin Palmer, by Col. Wm. Claiborn's line, in an old Indian field; near Capt. Thos. Claiborn; to Wm. Burrous' land, in Hollings' line; crossing the Long Br; to Jno. Higgason's lint; 23 Dec. 1714, p. 226. 7 Lbs., 5 Shill., & Imp. of 4 pers: Thomas Key, James Brown. Richard Wharton, Ralph Bowker.
WILLIAM CLAIBORNE (Claibourne), sonn of Col. William Clayborne, Junr., dec'd., & THOMAS CLAIBORNE, sonn & heir apparent of Mr. Thomas Claiborne, 545 acs., New Kent Co. 20 Apr 1682, p. 154. Beg. in the forke of Chichahominy Riv. where the Sw. ends, &c. Trans. of 11 pers: Tho. Bell, Robert Bowles, John Ireland, Richd. Pearson, Corn. Bushy (or Busby), Margaret Bright, Richd. Ely, Micha. Wardrope, Mary Poll, Ann Hicks, And. Hall. 
Claiborne, Thomas (I045400)

Charles County Circuit Court Liber M, Page 33
20 Apr 1686; Deed of gift from Richard Boughton to Sarah Pigott, d/o Bartholomew Pigott, physician, dec'd; a heifer; /s/ Ri. Boughton; wit. Edw. Potter
Charles County Circuit Court Liber N, Page 297
27 Feb 1687; Gift from Henry Bransoner, planter, to John Miller, s/o John Miller, a cow; /s/ Henry Bransoner (mark); wit. Edw. Potter

Charles County Circuit Court Liber N, Page 302
5 Nov 1687; Indenture from Edward Mings, planter, to William Pryor; a parcel granted 10 May 1671 to Edward Mings called St. Edward on the north side of the Potomac; bounded by St. Barbara of John Lewger; laid out for 100 acres; /s/ Edward Ming; wit. Francis Chummey, Edw. Potter; ack. by Jane
Mings, wife of Edward
Charles County Circuit Court Liber P, Page 63
8 Jan 1688; Indenture from Edward Ming, planter, to Phillip Lynes of St. Mary's County, merchant; for 2,500# tobacco; a parcel of land of 120 acres called Antwerp; /s/ Edward Ming, Jane Ming (mark); wit. Edward Potter, Henry Hardy, Cleborne Lomax
Charles County Circuit Court Liber P, Page 65
8 Jan 1688; Indenture from Thomas Lee, planter, to Phillip Lynes of St. Mary's County, merchant; for 4,000# tobacco; a parcel of land called Hall Spring on the north side of the Potomac; containing 150 acres; /s/ Thomas Lee; wit. Edward Potter, Hen. Hardy, Cleborne Lomax
Charles County Circuit Court Liber P, Page 174
11 Jun 1688; Indenture from Henry Frankam, planter, to John William, planter; a grant to James Lindsey called _ located 4 leagues above Nangemy; containing 250 acres; from Lindsey to Henry Frankam, father of Henry Francam; for 10,000# tobacco; /s/ Henry Frankam (mark); wit.
Wheeler, Tho. Whichaley, Edward Potter

Charles County Circuit Court Liber P, Page 180
16 Jul 1689; Deed of Gift of cattle from John Dansy to his wife Jane Dansy and her children by her former husbands, Rich'd Flower and Edw. Knight: Elizabeth Flower, Elinor Knight, John Knight, Rebecca Knight; /s/ John Dansy; wit. Roger Kemp, Edward Potter
Charles County Circuit Court Liber S, Page 404
l l Nov 1694; Indenture from John Smith of Calvert County, planter, and Elizabeth his wife, to Jervis Windsor, planter; for 4,800# tobacco; a parcel called Smith's Chance on the south side of Mattawoman Runn; bounded by Richard Brightwell; located in Manor of Zachia; containing 144 acres; /s/ John Smith, Elizabeth Smith; wit. Sam. Peter, Edw. Potter
1642-1753 Rent Rolls Charles County MD Hundred - Port Tobacco: Rent Roll page/Sequence: 316-107: SMITHS CHANCE: 144 acres; Possession of - 144 Acres - Windsor, Jarvis: Surveyed 5 May 1686 for John Smith on the South side Mattawoman: 
Potter, Edward (I044115)

John Ratterford 7.445 A PG 216.2.9 233.17.7 Jul 9 1726
Payments to: Thomas Gant, Mary Rust, Col. Haddock, Henry French.
Administrator: Samuell Magruder. 
Ratterford, John (I095010)

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